Position:88% Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo. Kyle Shire is not here today, but we have Gllty. -Hey! How are you doing today? I’m doing well, how are you? I’m doing great. Today… this is actually pretty interesting. You’re going to show us the new character Menat. Is that how you pronounce it? Menat something like that. Menat, Menat, Mena, doesn’t matter I guess… I don’t know. Menat. -Okay. This is actually my first time seeing this character. So I’m super excited. Can you show us some… can you show us and everyone else like the basics of the character? Yeah, I mean if you ever played Guilty Gear, she’s kind of a familiar to the Guilty Year players because she has this like a orb thing which is kind of like the yo-yo that Bridget would have where like you put the yo-yo out and you can call it and it’ll always come back to you.

So, here, you can kind of change the trajectory -Oh! And she’s got three versions of this; the like close one, medium one and the far one. Far one’s at kind of a weird angle. So like… if you’re like throwing fireballs like trying to set your like V-skill up… -Yeah. …and like shoot at me. Try that. -All right. -And I can kind of… -Oh! …you know, hit you in the back of the head… Yeah. …and do other stuff. Especially for a turtle character, that’s great. -So it… she’s got to reflect too… -Oh. …and I think it comes out like 14 frames or something and she can cancel it like… yeah, into the… -Oh. …like orb recall, not the actual like, you know, fire sending it out, but… So if you have it out, you can cancel and bring it back? -Yeah. That’s dope. And then she’s got like Rose’s Soul Throw, but a lot of it is like a… that’s like a combo ender and it’s just like a universal entire.

-Hmm. So I’ll try jumping. Oh. -Oh. Sorry. Sorry. -There we go. -Whoa! But she can’t do that one with her crystal balls out. So when the crystals balls out, you have to do like that or something. Got you. She’s got really Dhalsimy normals too. So this one, this is actually kind of something like Bridget’s, so is this one right here. -Wow! Like, you get a cross counter with this one. You get a crush counter with this one. You get a crush counter with this one too. This one does an anti-crush counter, I don’t think… but this one does. -Wow! And it’s got like a huge range on it. So like if you’re just standing here, you can totally control the space. So she has a little shorter range than Dhalsim, but has like the same basic idea. You got a slide, you got a drill… her drill seem kind of comparable to Dhalsim’s. Oh, yeah, even has like the same kind of motion too. Yeah, it’s pretty similar. But I think it’s a little higher set kind of like Yoga… Yoga Mummy was. Yeah. And also unlike Dhalsim, she has a three framer.

This one right here, you can do like two buttons into reflect whenever you… oh! No. You got to go with the crouch. -Like that. -Yeah. And also, if you have this out… Oh. Got that wrong. Okay, boom, boom. Oh, yeah. No, no, no. That’s the other thing about, is one of you have to ball out. You don’t have the same range. -Oh! So you can only do like one move or one life, but then, you know, you get other stuff after it. That’s pretty crazy that the ball is off screen too. So you can like lose track of it of you’re in the corner. It’s always there and if there’s like… say, it’s like Frosty Boulevard or like the [inaudible] stage. It’s pretty hard to see. -Yeah. [CHUCKLES] [inaudible] pretty well, I think. Like if you shoot like a V-Skill Sonic Boom at me like that two-hit one…

Like I can reflect it back at you. Whoa! So its really useful, I think, for characters like Guile and Akuma. Like, Akuma goes in with the fireball… -Yeah. …but you can just like do that and send it back to him. -Oh! -Oh! But if you have the ball out, then it becomes self-absorbed. Oh! I don’t actually know if it works against the two-hit projectiles. So we’re about to find out, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. So you absorb those, and it stays out… actually, yeah, I think it does stay out because I was paying against [inaudible] earlier… -Yeah. …and if you do this, you catch both of his place and shots. What? And you absorb that and give yourself the V-Trigger which the V-Trigger seems like all kinds of garbage. [CHUCKLES] The punch… all those like correspond with the move.

The light ones are at the top, the medium ones in the middle, the heavy ones on the bottom. Oh, Okay. Kicks are closer to the opponent, punches are away. So if you negative edge it, the button, and release it, the V-Trigger will come out… -Hmm. …and also if you double tap it, it’ll send those out. So you can do stiff like… if you want to dive kick… -Oh! …that …that kind of stuff and then like those, in the air, come out really delayed. So… what button was that? There you go. Yeah. So you’re pointing it to find the way, get in the air and like do stuff.

Oh. Yeah. Some one’s crossed up opportunities for that. Yeah, she’s got a lot of garbage. [CHUCKLES] And then… yeah. So those are some pretty interesting basics. Do you have like a combo that you’ve already figured out that maybe… -Honestly… …can you show us? …a lot of it hasn’t been like combos. For me, it’s been like neutral spacing, like this. -Hmm. This move is just so good. Like… okay, here’s… here’s something I’ll show you. Like, set up your like… yeah, your V-Skill Sonic Boomers. -Okay. -It doesn’t count. -Oh. It just goes straight through. -Like… -Wow! …so, like you can just… Yeah, you could space out so easily. It’s almost like you’re playing like with Vergil and you got like a big sword or something like that, right? -Yeah. You just go through… like she’s… let’s see here. Like all of her combos are pretty simple, at this point anyway. Like that kind of stuff, like the EX orb. It’s kind of a command throw if you hit him with it. So there’s that one and then the… this one, you actually get a follow up on it and the… How much was the start…

Like the recovery frames from that? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s punishable. So if you want to block and just like press… I think it’s like crouch jab or something… -Yeah. …all right. That one’s pretty safe, I’m pretty sure. Yeah. Because… because it seems like it was a good set up. -Yeah. -Hmm. Okay. So… and then the other one is this. So if you actually have someone in a juggle state… you might have to jump at me. All right.

Yeah, try again. -Oh! One more time. -All right. And mash it out… oh, shit! Oh, sorry. I can’t… -That’s all right. It’s cool. It’s a new character. That’s what happens. It’s tough. Okay, fail. Try again. [CHUCKLES] Okay, never mind. Anyway, jump. Yeah, there you go. -Whoa! That’s what I was going for. Yeah, you can juggle off of this, but this is a really… there you go. There it goes. Wow! It’s got a really awkward time on it. And then I think you can… yeah, you can also hit with Soul Throw if you juggle at that. Wow. That move, that one is really… like really good. I mean crush… it crush counters… it crush counters too, right? Actually… yeah, it crush counters and if you crouch, it’ll still hit you. -Hmm. Like… so, these kind of moves a lot of times, they don’t like…

You know, you can dock under it. -Yeah. But this one, if you’re close up right in her face, like they can’t get away from it and then you get like a full combo. Wow. -Pretty sure I messed… -So… so she has the tools to… and also be in your face and just… -Yeah. -Wow. So, like this one, I can do this and then just dive in their face.

I’m pretty sure anyway. Like, just dive kick because people want to throw… hit throws… let’s see here. Like in that situation, I think a lot of people would want to… you know, they’re pulled in towards you. -Yeah. So they want to throw or they want a V-Reversal. So either way, you’re just dive-kicking… -Hmm. …seems like a good option.

Yeah, getting your space up too when you’re tearing them off with that kick. She can also do reflect off of her three-frame. -Whoa! So she doesn’t have to spin on it. Unfortunately, I haven’t loss a round with the V-Trigger all that much. Yeah. You know, I only have like an hour with the character before I had to come here. But, like, it really seemed… from the air, it seems pretty strong because it just gives you, like, cover. -Yeah. -You can do it from like a… but… -Those are fast. Yeah, I don’t like the fast one. I like the, like, slower air one. So that gives you time to like set stuff up. -Hmm. But like I saw… they’re doing like combos where like… oh, shit. Yeah, those actually go at an angle if you’re crouching. So you have to stand whenever you fire them all. -Yeah.

-Oh. Yeah. I’ll have more… more tricks in time, but this is day one. -Yeah, of course, yeah. I mean, definitely, thank you so much for the tips for Menat. Like… like I said, this is my first time seeing… I’m already sure it’s some… I’m excited to see what kind of combos especially you come up. I’m sure you’re going to bring them to Wednesday Night Fights and… [CHUCKLES] … surrounding people. But, yeah. That’s going to do it for us at the Hitbox. Thank you so much, Gllty. I really do appreciate it. -Absolutely. Thank you so much. We’re going to check you guys later. Make sure you hit the subscribe button. Hit the like. Tap the little bell. You know, let us know what other characters you want to see on the Hitbox. But that’s going to do it for us, and make sure you follow Gllty online too.

We’ll check you guys later. See you. Thank you. [MUSIC].

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