Wait, the next Tekken 7 came out in PC as well? NEAT I have not touched a Tekken game since the arcades in the 90s. Maybe you are trying to play this game on a system that is a bit outdated or slow and you need a bit of an extra performance? Well you have come to the right place. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer the show where we explore ways of downgrading games to increase their performance on computers under their minimum requirements and while it is still early in the release window of Tekken 7 I know of at least one substantial tweak that might help you get this game running. Tekken 7 is a recently released fighting game running on the 4th generation of the Unreal Engine.

It requires an Intel Core i3-4160 and at least a gtx 660 or 750ti. Which is why I will be using this Intel Celeron G1840 and its included IntelHD. You know, basically the same thing. Initial reports of the game´s performance are really encouraging and after lowering all the options to a minimum and a resolution of 720 I did get almost 30 FPS, which is really impressive for a recently released AAA game on this hardware. But this is practice mode and we want to play online, so here is how to make it better.

You need to go into the configuration file located in your hidden local app data folder, then tekkengame, saved, config, windowsnoeditor and the file is called Engine.ini In here you can disable shadows by looking for a section called engine.rendersettings (or adding the section if it does not exist) and adding the command r.shadowquality=0. Both these things will be in the description You will notice the lack of shadows right away and just with this the Intel Celeron setup was pushed to 35 fps , so it does provide a very nice boost. The other thing I wanted to point out is that if you add a custom resolution in your GPU´s control panel you will not see it in the game´s menu, but if you specify this resolution in the GameUserSettings.ini file in the same folder you can get the game to run it full screen.

I wanted to see if this would be enough to actually get the game working online, so I decided to do a little test. Hmm, what character should I pick for this online match? I can’t remember any of those… Wait, give me a second… Are those… what I think they are? Oh my god, she even has a tail. This is going to be a disaster, isn’t it? Oh, she has chainsaws for hands.

Oh god, this is going terribly. Oh, this is going terribly. Well, that didn’t last long. That actually worked! Ok, focus, I know I can do this. Agh… This is hilarious. So, that’s why I stopped playing Tekken, I could never figure this thing out… That is all for this episode and I think the first time I have ever covered a figthing game. Remember to reach out on social networks or the LowSpecGamer subreddit if you have any further tweaks to share.

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