Close captions recommended! I stutter a lot QQ Lars Alexandersson is basically the only nice character in the entirety of the Tekken’s main cast. This military man has a fighting style that can easily be seen in anime, heavily inspired by various military techniques to disarm people. Lots of wrist based attacks that are weak, but plentiful in hits fill a majority of his attacks. He slides smoothly into two kinds of dashes with most of his moves:Dynamic entry and Silent entry. Lars is a character who lands impossible combos all the time, at the cost of not doing as much damage as most of the other cast and being quite vulnerable while doing so. Lars is a more offensive based character than a defensive based character. This guide will go over every single one of his moves and most of their applications.

All moves excluded in this video, are in my opinion, kind of unimportant, or lackluster, or they might be alterations of moves we already covered, or they’re just bad. We’ll start off with his basic moves, then move on to his Silent Entry moves, then his Dynamic Entry moves, and then finally his more advanced, unique attacks. So our first attack is about 3 slaps in a row, People love attacking after the second hit. Right there – they’ll start attacking. So that’s really all it’s good for, um gettting that first hit off y’know people usually fall for it-for that third hit. And um… It’s good for floor breaks too. Not very good in combos though… The full attack is unsafe on block. One-Two Combination is gonna be your main move-it’s extremely fast, it does a small amount of damage, but it’s safe no matter what you do.

Aaaand it’s great for starting off combos In-in almost every single video i start off [combos] with a One-Two combination before moving on to something else. Our next attack is a 1-2-3 style combo. Basically It’s 1 2 and then 3. This move is great for everything. Combos… It’s great for…just hitting somebody. And on block…well, people don’t usually don’t block the third hit. It is unsafe on block though-if they block all 3 hits though. If somebody’s really good you’re not gonna be using this very much but most people aren’t good enough To react to um…the last hit being unsafe. So You’re gonna be using this move alot in your combos and sometimes you’ll be using it on the ground. This move looks good on paper except the hitbox is super janky and misses alot. And the computer always ducks it in single player so even in… Even against bots it’s pretty bad. This is a standard kick to the face, however if you press down you will do a spin, downard into a crouch.

It’s great for mind games cause you can let go of the down… You can let go of the down as you spin and it’ll teleport you right back up to standing as you can see here. I let go of down and it just… Right back to standing. You can also stay crouched if you want to do that instead. So this is our first um…move that allows us to go into Silent Entry. Which is forward and 1 then 2. There’s also um forward 2 then 1 which also allows us to go into Silent Entry those are our main 2 silent entry moves they’re both punches and very fast. They keep you safe cause they’re two punches and they kinda just smoothly go into Silent Entry. Compared to most of Lars’s other Silent Entry entrances – I guess Is what you can call em? So the main thing about this [move] is the Silent Entry. As a combo attack – it let’s you go into Silent Entry It does land- Cuz Lars moves forward while he do-Lar-Lars moves forward while he does the attack so it’s great for combos too.

So! Our first Silent Entry move is this one. It is a forward thrust with Lars’s hand. It is unsafe on-on block so don’t use it if you haven’t hit them into a combo. But um As a – As a combo move it is a combo ender move. It does a lot of damage… It’s one of Lars’s more damaging moves. Your next Silent Entry move is um similar. It’s basically the same thing except it’s um a downward punch. I mean-maybe you’re going “why would you ever use it if it does less damage?” Essentially, it’s cuz of the hit properties if you hit them in the air.

It allows you to chase after ’em while they’re rolling on the ground as you can see she’s has to roll on her head for a second you can get a low off of that. Or maybe go for a mid. If they try to block low. And of course if they block the first two hits you can also do this one cause it’s safer on block. As you can see here here’s a comparison between both- So this one’s a low. If you landca-If you land it on counter it knock em actually over. Otherwise it’s just a normal low. Don’t use it too often or people will start blocking it during matches. In combos it’s good to um…it’s good in combos too because if you land it during a combo, it’ll actually pop em up for a second and you can keep-you can keep chasing after them.

Our next Silent Entry move is a actual- It’s actually a juggle launcher It’s unsafe on block, but however it hits them right in front of you. And it gives you enough time to actually input an input. So you can continue the combo It is a great luh- juggle launcher. However um due to it being a jump kick it is extremley dangerous and unsafe. So it’s a launcher – it allows you to start juggiling. Great move. If you can um…if you kno-if you learn to time it-it-there’s a little bit of a learning curve with this move cause you have to learn when to use it and when not to use it cause if-if you use it wrong, you get killed. This move Allows you to go toDy-Dynamic Entry.

It’s a The kick at the end is a bit slow. But usually people get hit by it because they don’t expect it after you’ve-after you’ve done um… This move so many times of the just 1 2. Adding that 1 2 3 at the end um…makes it just-just usually throws people off pretty badly. The kick itself is pretty strong it allows you to go into Dynamic Entry. And if they don’t-if they don’t get hit by the kick though You must-you have to put something in immediately. Or you’ll get hurt. You can also put in Dynamic entry completely raw, which is Lars’s other [dash] stance by pressing forward and- and um 3. However if you press down you can actually-um..stop it. And a great way to scare a noob is to just chain em together – as many as you can. Our first move for Dynamic Entry is one of his best combo moves. Let’s go and get a combo going right now. As it allows you to go into Silent Entry as you saw there. And it’s great for continuing combos cause it da-it keeps you like going forward as you can see.

Into Silent Entry. Here’s my main combo right here. As you can see we did 52 damage. And um… It’s just a really great move for Silent-for um-for combo continuations. Our next attack is a standard move. If you’re not using Dynamic Entry for um A combo, like this You press this button afterwards cause it’s-it’s SAFE. It’s your uh safety move. As you can see basicallyouca-basically you push her back far enough, so that by the time she recovers her character, you’re sta-you’re almos-you’re basically like 2 frames away from being recovered. By the way a frame is one picture. Since In this game runs at 60 frames per second, So you’re getting 60 pictures every second-that’s how the game runs smoothly. So-your recovery is almost about the same speed as the enemy. If ya hit them with this. And they’re pushed back so far away that ba-basically by the time they get them to hit you, you’re safe again and blocking the next attack. Rimfire is more of a combo move than anything. Um.. It’s good for keeping somebody up in the air if they start falling. It’s a mid, so that’s good. It can be used when they’re getting up.

Combo labbers are gonna love this move cause it hits em high up-it hits em vertically high up enough for you to keep going with a combo. This is a kick you can do. Um, it has a slow start up. It knocks them on their tush completely. And the way I like to do this kick is that I don’t really use it as a combo or anything-I don’t really like using it like that. I use it as part of this move right here-The one that allows you to go into Silent En-Dynamic entry with a kick or whatever. The one we discussed earlier. I immedatley input it to keep myself safe. Cause uh y’know it’s overwhelming it’s like tsu tsu! Y’know it’s just like-he starts spinning and feces and you don’t know what to do… [They’ll] Try to punch you as soon as the kick comes out annnd then they’ll get hit in the face.

That’s what happens – most of the time happens with me. and my experiences with Lars, at um, green ranks. Now This move, I have a love hate relationship with cause it’s an instant spin. Which is great. The problem with it is that it’s unsafe on block, it’s easy to whiff. Some people-people who like using Dynamic entry in their combo will like using this move. I don’t, so I don’t-I don’t really like this move. This is a 4 hit Lars combo. Great, cause people will never expect that last hit. It’s good against walls, it’s overall a good move. It’s unsafe in general. So you’re not gonna be using this move very often against better players but against um lower tier players they’ll usually get hit by the entire thing or the last hit. And yeah it is unsafe on block as it doesn’t knock em far away enough for it to be safe on block. This move comes out super fast-it’s like suddenly “Hello!” And it keeps em still in such a way That you can really exploit it and um Hit somebody.

Since, basically it leaves them standing right in front of you completely vulnerable. Not for very long though if you can actually land this move, if you land it in the air it pushes them backwards. It’s a great-it could be a combo ender. But most of the time it’s a combo starter. If ya can land it. Y’know like this. This is your main, um, spinning move. It’s a mid to a high. Most people don’t know how to duck the high-you can duck the high, by the way. And punish a Lars player with that. but um Basically if you land any LAUNCER* this will be one of your next moves after your one-two combination.

Into y’know the rest of your attacks. This is uh just a very good move… Easy to input, easy launcher. Doesn’t require a counter or anything-it’s a great starter for your combo. This attack is a kick into a backflip. Um The reason why this is so useful is because people don’t expect the back flip at all, they usually get hit by it like all the time. And even if they do [block] they usually do not react fast enough-it is unsafe on block I will admit. But um, if you do do it, you’re usually safe since you’re set back so far, and you’re spinning in midair people are usually intimidated But the higher up you go they less you’ll be doing this though. Your standard power absorb ba-absorption move. When someone hits you, you’re gonna take the damage but you’ll just walk right through that attack. as you can see right here. This move’s only good for wall – floor breaks in my opinion. It is a mid, that pushes them downward.

That’s the only reason why I ever use this move. This move really, is just extremely flashy. It’s alright, but they can block the second – the high as soon as it comes out as you can see right about here. Even if you land the low, they’ll be able to block the high, so there’s that. Which is unfortunate. Um… But if you land it whil-if you can juggle them, up If you can land uh, a launcher and then do it, um the camera goes crazy for a second it’s so disorienting. And it sets em right in front of your chest. So keep that in mind if you need to reorganize how the fight is going you have that-that attack right there.

Here’s this one: it leaves you vulnerable for a long amount of time and The more you spam it the more likely the person will be able to dodge it. The reason-I use it as a-as a um, instead of a combo ender, I use it to prevent people from getting up, I usually do this immedatiley. As they’re getting up and it usually hits them right back down. If they do block it um… It is unsafe on block so you need to be careful with how much you use this move. It is a good amount of damage for what you’re getting And it does look like he’s hitting the person’s stomach, so people usually block mid. For the first time they see it. There’s Lars doing the double dab again. Somebody really needs to stop him from doing that. This move is great for walls, that’s really all I really ever use it for.

In combos, it’s alright I guess. But usually, it um knocks them too far for what little damage you’re getting. This move is um.. The ultimate trickery move I guess. Cause it has like this slow kick that comes out afterwards. And you might be wondering “Why does that kick look so slow?” I found out while making this video so many times from having to re-record all the time If you hold it..

Lars charges it up… He looks like a doofus though-like-his It just looks so stupid while he does it Hang on… Like it looks like-like his mammary glands are just swallowing him, look at that. God forsaketh bro we-we get it you-you-you’re buff but like Curse word used to emphasize a negative emotion. Um.. The charged version I never use, I never used it before this video, but this is a great move for tricking people when you put it in. Sweep. Your standard sweep. If it gets blocked you get stunned. So be careful with um…with using it, it doesn’t come out super fast though so, there’s that.

It’s a sweep though. If you land it on counter they fall over. Essentially if you ever do a combo-if you ever do a combo where they roll on the ground like this: Follow up with a sweep as usually it’ll hit them. This move is my very favorite to spam as if you do it once they’ll block it, it’s unsafe and you do it again, Lars will like teleport back and do a forward punch.

I really like this move cause, um, it keeps you-it-it’s like safe in it’s own unique way. Where literally it keeps you safe by moving you away from the opponent and making you really really really really really tiny. For just a second and then you do a mid attack. It doesn’t do much damage though but it’s good for um, just getting so-a little bit a damage out there. It’s not a good combo move at all though. If-If someone’s moving too far away for your elbow attack you can do this one instead, that’s really it.

For your spin attack. I’m only mentioning this move because Lars hasis-has an art piece with him in it that looks exactly like this. Yea otherwise it’s a pretty poop move, in my opinon. I almost never use it unless I’m finishing a match- *the video cut this part up a bit by itself. sorry* It’s a kick move. It’s his best kick move. It’s unsafe on block. People usuallly don’t punish me for it, I have no idea why. I really don’t know…. I should be punished for this move but I guess people think they can attack faster For combos it’s a great move to keep your combo going, it does alot of damage it do-it hits them far away. Keeps you safe, and overall just a great move, it’s unsafe though so do be careful with how much you use it. If somebody knows how to punish it, you should never use this move though because *inhale* it’s punishable in almost every single way I can think of on block. This move is special. Aaaaas you can see it has a counter hit…ability. It’s a knee! so, like the elbow attack we discussed earlier, knees are good against Auska cause she can’t parry knees.

And if they ever bring out Jun for this game, she can’t parry knees either. However if you do land this on a counter hit- What I-What I did just right now is press all four buttons at once for a ki charge that gives me counter hit properties – I cannot block, but the first attack I do is a counter hit. Anyways… That outta the way. A counter hit will change how this move works completely. It essentially gives you a completely free combo and an awesome animation.

Use it wisely. I’ve-I’ve beat somebody, back in the old TEKKEN 6 days when first I started playing Tekken online, using this move, and one of the upcoming moves. I’m only mentioning this move because it looks cool. Um. It’s an old Lars move but, usually the wind-up and how it hits isn’t good enough anymore. I just use it to knock people away, just like on the-cause the-it would just knock people away even if they were on the ground, now it just spins them around. And… You can use it to spin them around as-as it’s intended purpose, most of the time you’ll miss unless you land it like on the first frames [of a stun attack] It is a cool move otherwise, it’s just-it feels like it’s supposed to be for another era of Tekken, not this era. This is your unblockable. It takes far too long. This is the other move I won that match with in TEKKEN 6 but um It’s far too long, it’s far too obvious, I never hit anyone with this unless they’re like one of those people who ALWAYS block after getting hit, and never do anything else until, y’know They block an attack and try to hit you.

I pause the game before I even explain this move to show you this. Lars crouches, in this move. Now you’re gonna be using this move for one, for umm, for basically one reason. In certain matches – Oh my god Lars, stop being mad at that kneepad. In certain matches people will punch you and then they’ll block your next attack. And then you’ll punch them and they’ll block that, and then they’ll punch you and you’ll block that. Basically what you’re gonna use this move for most of the time is a sudden poke that you know you’re gonnna let – get. In a match like that you’re gonna do this – you’re gonna do your 1 2.

And then you’re gonna do this. The reason why is because it keeps you safe from most highs, most of those people go for highs, um as an actual move itself for combos… It’s alright for your early combos if you know what to do next. I find it pretty hard to land though. Due to how risky it is and if you miss it, they can just get up and wait for you to land and hit you. So do be careful with how you use it again One of those moves that are extremley risky for a high reward. And if you do land it, always make sure to end it with a punch and a 4. Because that’ll just add a little bit more damage and it almost always hits – the 1 and the 4 while you’re crouching. Your orbital pops them up no matter how you hit them.

And if someone is approaching you, you can actually do it backwards. It doesn’t pop em up if you do it backwards though. But it does knock them down. So if it does-if you really wanna mix it up you can do it while going backwards. However if you’re going backwards you’re probably better of just blocking anyway. This move has multiple attacks, however they’re all extremely risky and unsafe, due to how early you have to input them. The only one that’s actually worth mentioning is the grab because the grab takes as about as long-it takes-it takes just about as long, to regain control of Lars as doing the normal flip by itself. And…. It’s jus-just an extra grab it doesn’t do much damage, it’s extremely risky extremely flashy. It’s not uhh-it’s not a move you’re gonna be using very much if at all. This is a combo launcher. Um.. You can launch em up-straight up. Most people will block cause y’know you’re approaching somebody and they’re gonna block if they see you moving forward. However if you do land it you can hold forward to go into Silent Entry behind them.

If your back’s against the wall, you can use this move to-do-reoirent your position or whatever hit them against the wall. Lars can do his running kick at very close range. It has it’s usage, if you wanna do a running kick. but. Other than that the ki-it doesn’t really do much. It’s not really good for combos either. Most of the time you’ll do this instead of the actual running kick you wanna do. If they guard that low though *MOVIEMAKERRRR* You get stunned.

For a VERY long time. So don’t use it excessively. Only use it every once in awhile to end rounds. Another low you can use to end rounds, it’s unsafe on guard. And it doesn’t even, um, knock people down. Basically you’re gonna be using this for absolute desperation last hit of a combo you cannot reach them with your speed, so you just do this instead. or you use it to end rounds again. Cuz two lows in a row. Oof! This move is great because of the bound at the end, however I never do it online cause the input is a bit odd and lag and…y’know internet and all that stuff gets mixed in with all-all the inputs and whatnot it gets a bit-it becomes a bit of a problem to land this move consistently.

And if you miss it and they guard it you’re RIGHT in front of them, I mean literally RIGHT infront of somebody if they guard both hits. Vulnerable. It doens’t knock em away enough, even if you land both hits. Lar-If you press this button while rising Lars will actually do a launcher. Alot of people don’t expect this, it’s great if you’re getting pressured while laying down you can get up and then do a crouch and do this. If you hold forward you can actually do Silent Entry so if you wanna do Silent Entry you can! The only problem with this attack is that if you do land it…

They will um turn around in mid-air, with their head facing you. Basically makes the juggle go backwards with their back facing you and their feet facing away. So it’s kinda-it’s kinda it’s intended to be used with Silent Entry but you can use it without, I usually find success with both options. I love doing this when I’m losing a round, I’ll just do-I’ll just crouch, I’ll hit em once and I’ll hit em twice. People don’t-never expect the second hit. I never use this in combos by the way but But getting that second hit in really resets the entire match really. It’s two mids so it’s great. Also I use it against people who are trying to get up, because, again, mid mid they’ll usually block the first mid, and then try to hit you while you’re doing the second attack. This is an extremely strong move. One thing I like doing is just um, I-I fall down I use the spin attack – I use the spin, to go down and I mash the A button by itself – I mean I mash 3 by itself to get that rising kick again, in the face.

Um It’s a bit situational tho-It’s a bit situational cause it’s a high. I like using it against bears and um, JACK and whatnot because a smaller character tends- a smaller character tends to miss it cause their crouch will go faster, y’know, they’re tinier. But um.. It’s a really strong move though, compared to Lars’s others, like. Lars’s unique crouching move. It’s two lows in a row. Do use it. If you’re sidestepping a jab or whatever, usually the second punch will hit you, this allows you to hit them before they can hit you. With your own attack. Cause Lars will keep-uh-will move around and smack em down. Does a good amount of damage, not really a combo attack though. Basically if someone’s laying down you can actually stomp on the-stomp on them to do some damage I love-I love using this move it does a good amount of damage for s-for a low attack. And if you do it-if you do it while you’re away from them, you can still do it anyway. You can get into Silent Entry very easily. It’s a great um, it’s a great offensive tool. You run up to them, you do this, you do Silent Entry and you can hit em with something else.

For your ten hit combo, it’s a great 10 hit combo. Most of the atta-most of the damage comes out at the end. However, there is a low. Then a High. Or a mid I believe, sorry. If that mid is blocked you cannot do the rest of the combo. I won’t show you the entire combo here, you gotta learn that one for yourself, I’m sorry. But um other-it is a great combo you can’t really use it in your actual, own unique combos to um, you can’t really expand upon it in your own unique combos, as an actual attack itself thought it is a very very very strong attack, and the low usually throws people off.

They’ll usually see the low, try to block low and then get hit by the mid. He has a uh super headbutt, which allows him to run forward and… It bounces em backwards. And it’ll keep you at a perfect distance so You can just keep chaning em together. It’s a great offensive tool, it just keeps them moving forward. It force people to guard and you can just land 2 in a row usually. The third one usually is missed. And you can do also-he has also-he also has a mid-air grab. You use this one by accident all the time when you’re trying to do a headbutt, that’s what usually happens, why you-when you try to do this. Actually, it looks like it’s supposed to be a ground grab actually cause of the way it -its starts the animation.

I guess they gave it to him just because like Some of the other Mishimas have a um… Air grab, but I mean Lars has one. It’s weak as feces, but he has an air grab. It’s time to go over some general strategies with Lars! If you’re um…if you’re using a dash attack, either one, ALWAYS input something. Never just do a raw dash attack, because, then you’re just leaving yourself vulnerable for no reason. Oh, goddamn it. When you play as Lars for the first time against the computer probably, you’ll realise he’s really really really really strong, and he almost feels overpowered. The only thing about that, is because you’re fighting the computer, the computer doesn’t really fight defensively, they fight too offensively most of the time.

When you go online you’ll realise Lars-Lars’s defensive options are not very good, his attacks usually leave him pretty vulnerable too. what the fuck Learning Lars’s defense is as important as learning his offense cause his defense sucks. You need to learn how to use his ok defensive tools to actually keep yourself alive when you’re getting pressured. Learning Lars’s defense is actually very dependent on your core mechanics, and your understanding of those core mechanics. Since his defensive tools are so…lackluster they really require you to, uh understand how blocking works, how often people side step, how crouching works, and etc. Because, again his defensive tools are just so mediocre. Lars’s lows are terrible. Be careful with how much you use his lows. Most of them end-most of his longer ranged lows end up-end up with him being stunned and his short ranged lows leave him vulnerable and minus on block. I like using throws alot as Lars cuz when all your flashy techniques are not working, and the oppo-opponent is just guarding all of them, just-just fucking throw them. Alot of people are like “Oh man you use throws and you use lows in a match, you’re so un-honorable” or, whatever who gives a shit? If you’re playing this game to win, you’re gonna play it to win man, lows are part of the game throws are part of the game.

You better use both of em to win as Lars cause Your fancyshmanchypanchy highs and mids will leave you vulnerable so mu-so much of the time its ridiculous. Lars’s rage art is shit. See that range? It takes awhile to start up, it leaves him open if they block it like all rage arts do, and i-its-it just has a really small range hang on lemme back up a little bit. Missed, completely whiffed. This is about-this is the starting entrance right? the starting position? missed again. You have to be very close to land this rage art. If you’re trying to combo into it it’s- it’s a challange all in of itself.

Fuck, see like I-I Oh I actually landed it wow. Lars’s rage drive, however allows him to continue the combo like crazy, like basically I seen some huge Lars combos with this, I can’t do them myself unfortunately. It’s bascially just his forward punch you know that we discussed um, the one that pushes people very far. It’s that on steroids as you’ll see right here. It also sets you up in Dynamic Entry again so that’s the reason why people do such big combos. Cause they’ll do-they’ll do this move which allows them to get into Silent Entry from dynamic entry, and then they’ll do the rage drive and then they’ll do that move again. As you can see you can just keep chaning it over and over and over again. When you learn Lars, you’re gonna be banging your head against the wall alot due to just how difficult it is to *chuckle* do damage. He really is a low damage character.

And I went through all his moves and none of them do that much damage, honestly. It’s very much a labor of love, you’re not gonna be doing this just because you wanna learn Lars on a whim or y’know like “Oh I wanna play as Lars to have another character to play as.” You’re doing this cause you like Lars, you like his fighting style, cause you like anime, whatever your reason is, you’re not just doing it like, y’know “I wanna play as LarsOAAAHH” No, nobody is gonna be doing that when they play as Lars. Lars is a very difficult character in my opinon, cause he’s just so different he’s does such little damage and he’s always so vulnerable he sounds terrible on paper the way I’m describing him right now and some people might find him terrible.

Some people will find him awesome like me y’know cause he’s fun to play as cause he’s always flying around the map or the-the arena. With that being said, I hope you pick up Lars I hope you give him a shot, learn how to play against him learn how to play as him. He might not be as scary as he looks, but he’s not to be underestimated either. And my final tip: make sure you equip the sword..

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