TERA Console’s Glyph and Gear Setting System Explained


Hi everyone, I?m Saru and I want to quickly understand that players can now The skill font and brand gear presets used because I know how it works There is a lot of confusion, mainly because it is not really explained correctly. So let us let’s start. So let?s start with skill glyphs, this video won?t be too long, And straightforward. This is why you watch these videos. and so! Go to ” After the skill menu”, you will notice one thing: it only displays skill glyph settings 02, 03 or 01. Now, if you go, you might be wondering “What should I do?”. Go to Glyph points, you will be able to actually choose the desired settings. From there, You can also change the name of the tab, so if you want to name the skill glyph (Settings) and name it PvP, PvE or Slaying, no matter what name you want to use, it will Will be available. Therefore, I set mine to PvE and Slay, and then I can select the desired Any one, then press O to save and close.

As you can see in the “PvE” section , And then I can switch to Slay first, and then switch to PvP. It’s very Simple, only suitable for skill glyphs. But, move on to the gear preset… It’s a little different. So you will notice that if you press the big button, you can continue Then actually select a gear preset. You can also name these names, so for this name, I will Called the normal name. You will see that I can delete the content on my “General” item (“Settings”), No matter what you do, it will be saved. Then you want to buy 10,000 gold coins Gear presets. You must use TERA Coin to buy the remaining coins, but it may Will be available at a later date (through an event). So you can use the gear set Switch back and forth, if you want to be in normal mode, PvE, PvP or whatever gear you want to call To switch between, I will refer to this gear preset as “PvP” here.

So if I Switch to the “PvP” section and press O to save it, you will find that I have nothing. Because there is no PvP in this game. No, I’m kidding. guys! please! Don’t cancel me #CancelSaru… I need a break. and so! I hope it helps. I know there is a How it works, so hope can help if there are any questions about this whole system Please let me know in the comments below, I will try to help you the best, I have many questions were able. Thank you for watching. Make sure to subscribe and click the cute bell to know when to upload a new video, If you want to chat and hang out, don’t forget to join my Discord.

As always, Love a lot, until next time, friend..

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