ALL OF TERRARIA IN 8 MINS! Terraria Progression Guide! Step by Step Guide for Beginners 2020!


Hello and welcome to Zuzucorn’s Terraria Progression for the Casual Beginner! I make videos By casuals, For casuals and I’m committed to give you as much information as I possibly can to help you out with your own Terraria playthrough. So subscribe now and join the casual family! Quick disclaimer here, there is no single way to progress and play Terraria! The progression and weapon recommendations here are what I personally feel will give beginners the smoothest experience for their first playthrough! If you want to use a different weapon, go ahead! The world of Terraria is in your hands.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in! First, cut some trees and build a house! Houses have to be at least 60 blocks, including the sides and the floor. Make sure it’s fully walled, has a table, chair and a torch! Or else NPC’s won’t move in! Explore! Use life crystals to increase your maximum health! Mine for ores too! Use a furnace and anvil to smelt and craft using metal ores. Use this to get your first pickaxe upgrade! I recommend getting ice blocks from the ice biome to craft frostburn arrows and a bow. Summon the eye of Cthulhu using the item you can find in chests, and take it down using the bow! Use bombs to break shadow orbs or crimson hearts, just one will do. Wait for a meteor to spawn and use bombs to blow it up! Dive down to collect the fragments afterwards.

Make meteor armor and the space gun. Take down Skeletron, Queen Bee and the Brain of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds for dungeon access, the bee’s knees and beenades, and the nightmare pickaxe respectively. Direct water into lava and mine obsidian. Make obsidian skin potions and dive into lava in the underworld! Use this to mine hellstone! Make Molten armor and the Molten pickaxe with hellstone. Throw the guide voodoo doll in lava and fight the wall of flesh using Beenades or the Bee’s Knees. Welcome to hard mode! Obtain the pwnhammer and break demon altars, three at a time, to spawn hardmode ores. Buy leaf wings from the witch doctor in a jungle house at night. Mine cobalt or palladium depending on which one you get. Make the pickaxe! Mine Mythril or Orichalcum depending on which one you have. Make the corresponding anvil to craft hard mode items, and the pickaxe too! You can make a repeater as well as your first hardmode weapon, or use the weapons from the wall of flesh. My recommendation now is to get dark shards from dark mummies in the corrupted desert, souls of night from the underground corruption of crimson, and the shotgun from the arms dealer to make the Onyx blaster, the first real hardmode upgrade! Alternatives include the Ice Sickle or the Amarok which drops from enemies in the ice biome! Or the crystal serpent, which you fish from the underground hollow! With four stacks of 999 arrows or musket balls, you can also craft an unlimited ammo pouch at the crystal ball, which is bought from the wizard.

Next, with souls of light from the underground hollow, make a key of light and place it in an empty chest to spawn a hollow mimic. These are tough so do be careful. Obtain the Daedalus Stormbow! It’s a really strong weapon. Farm unicorns for the unicorn horn and Pixies for pixie dust in the hollow biome. Make holy arrows! Craft a mechanical worm to summon the Destroyer, the first mechanical boss we will tackle. Summon the Destroyer at night and use the Daedalus Stormbow and holy arrows. Using the souls of might from the destroyer, shark fins from sharks in the ocean, illegal gun parts from the arms dealer at night, and the mini shark to craft a mega shark, one of the best guns in the game! Craft Ichor or cursed bullets using the loot from the underground corruption or Crimson. Craft the mechanical eye to summon the twins! Fight them at night using the mega shark.

I recommend taking down Spazmatism first, which is the green one, because of this flame attack which is really dangerous. Next, craft the mechanical skull and take down Skeletron prime! You can use the Daedalus Stormbow with holy arrows or the Mega Shark. With all three mechanical bosses defeated, make the pickaxe axe! Now you can mine chlorophyte in the jungle! Look for life fruits as well! Increase your maximum health to 500 using them. Find a Plantera bulb and leave it alone for now.

Make some chlorophyte armor if you want. I recommend making Chlorophyte bullets, which home in on the target. Clear a large space using dynamite and build an arena. Break the Plantera bulb to summon and fight plantera. Using the mega shark and chlorophyte bullets should make it a rather easy fight. Just kite it around! Now you have obtained the temple key. Enter the jungle temple and take on golem! He’s not too hard but be careful not to get trapped in the corner! Explore the dungeon for ectoplasm – if you’re a mage you can do this before the golem to get the spectre armor! With ectoplasm, you can make the naughty present or the pumpkin medallion to summon the frost moon and the pumpkin moon respectively. These events have nice loot drops so go ahead if you want to! Use the Deadalus Stormbow with holy arrows! They’re really effective.

Get a Martian invasion if you want to as well, Farm the Saucer easily by staying indoors and using the Daedalus Stormbow. I also recommend the master ninja gear, it allows you to dash, which helps a lot! I recommend fighting Duke fishron for the fishron wings and the tsunami bow. He’s hard, so don’t worry if it takes you many tries! With the UFO mount from the Martian Saucer and a tsunami bow and holy arrows, take down the lunatic cultist at the dungeon entrance. Once you do, the four space pillars will spawn! Start off by going for the pillar of your preferred weapon type. The solar pillar for melee users, the vortex pillar for ranged users, the nebula pillar for magic users and the stardust pillar for summoners.

Once you kill a certain number of enemies, the shield falls and you can attack the pillar! Loot the fragments! Craft the weapon of your choice at the ancient manipulator from the lunatic cultist. Take down the second pillar! And the Third! Take down the last one only after you’ve prepared for the moon Lord. There are many methods you can use to beat the Moon Lord, but I prefer using a long road of asphalt blocks.

With the last pillar defeated, the moon Lord will spawn in one minute. I recommend using ichor arrows or cursed arrows with a phantasm bow. Just run along the asphalt with lightning boots and stay ahead of the moon lord by a little. To defeat the moon Lord you have to kill all three eyes! The two on his arms and the one on his forehead. After that you can attack and defeat his core. Just stay in front of him, then fly upwards when he’s about to shoot the laser from the middle eye, then dash to the other side and run away! I recommend taking out all three eyes at once, because when defeated, the eyes can still attack you.

With the eyes gone, attack the core until he’s dead! Congratulations! You have defeated the final boss of the game for now! Who knows what Terraria 1.4 will bring! Feel free to do anything you want to do now! The world of terraria is now in your hands! Build something! Purify the whole world! Start a new playthrough using a different weapon! The possibilities are endless. You can even try mods if you want to! I hope this video has given you a rough guide on how to progress through this massive game. If you want a more detailed guide, don’t forget to subscribe and check out The Casual Terrarian! This has been Zuzucorn Games – By casuals, For Casuals! Have a nice day, and have a great week ahead! Bye bye! :).

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