BEST AFK TERRARIA MONEY FARM PRE HARDMODE! Quick Step By Step Guide! Beginners Guide! Early Game!


Money! Gold! Platinum! Don’t we all want to be rich in Terraria? Especially for this idiot right here… Well, money can be hard to get pre hard mode if you don’t know how! That’s why Zuzucorn is here to introduce you to an easy, efficient, AFK money farm to meet all your pre hard mode needs! To begin, build a nice long U-shape like this. Next, you’re going to need statues: Namely the Jellyfish statue or the Granite Golem statue. You can find statues in underground houses, but they’re most common in the dungeon and in the jungle! So all you have to do now is place them like so.

Now head over to the Mechanic, which you can unlock by finding her in the dungeon after Skeletron is defeated. Buy a wrench of your favorite color, it doesn’t really matter! And some wire. I’ll use a switch to show you how this whole thing works. So using the wrench, draw and place wires like this, connecting the statues together in a circuit. How statues work is that when they receive an input, they spawn the respective monster, like this, which you can then kill for loot drops! So every time I flip the switch, a monster will spawn. Now, the aim is to kill them instantly when they spawn, which is simple enough. Just grab some lava in a bucket and release it like this. Now every time I flip the switch, the jellyfish spawn and die instantly.

I can’t say the same for the granite golems though. To deal with that, just build a roof! Now, to make this farm AFK. I’m sure you don’t want to be there flipping the switch over and over again, now do you? Make some chain using iron bars, and head over to a table and chair. That’s right a table and chair. The table and chair is a crafting station for the gold watch, which is made with gold bars and chain. Now run over to an anvil and craft a 1 second timer. Now what a one second timer does is trigger every second, so turn it on and the statues spawn monsters every second.

And there you have it! The farm is now fully automatic! It works for the golems too! Now you might be thinking, how do I make money from this? Jellyfish drop the jellyfish necklace worth about one to two gold, and the golems drops night-vision helmets, which are worth two gold each. From one day of the jellyfish farm, I’ve amassed this much, and more glow sticks that I didn’t bother to pick up, which amounts to about 20 gold. Doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up really quickly over time.

One day of the granite golem farm gives me this much. But the bad thing is, granite blocks aren’t worth anything. I’ve already stored my money from just now. So this farm alone gave us… 50 gold exactly. That’s quite a lot! But do keep in mind that golems take a longer time to kill via lava. So congratulations! You now know how to build an efficient, pre hard mode money farm! If you want to check out the best hard mode money farm, check out this video by happy days! I’ll leave a link in the description below.

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