EASIEST TERRARIA PIRATE INVASION AFK FARM! Terraria Pirate Map Farming Guide! Lucky Coin Farm Guide!


Hello friend! Welcome to Zuzucorn’s guide to a simple afk pirate invasion farm! The pirate invasion is a hard mode event that drops amazing loot! One of the drops, namely the lucky coin, is one of the rarest and most coveted items in the whole game! It allows you to build the best money farm in the entire game. But the pirate invasion isn’t easy, not unless you build this amazing afk farm! To start off, make a nice flat surface and dig a hole. About that will do. Now cover the top. I’ll explain why later. Next, talk to the mechanic, which you can unlock after you save her in the dungeon. Buy some actuators, wire, a wire cutter and a wrench of your preferred color.

Get three switches as well. I recommend crafting an actuation rod from fifty actuators, ten iron bars and ten wires. This lets you turn actuators on and off without the need for a wired circuit. Now place actuators on the top cover of the hole, but make sure not to place any on the two top most corners. Now use the actuation rod to turn the blocks off. If you do it right, there will be a small corner poking out just like this.

Next, place a switch on the wall and draw a wire using the wrench, carefully connecting the switch and the actuators that you have placed down just now. Now, when you flip the switch the blocks should turn on and off. Then, buy a pair of teleporters from the steampunker, who moves in after a mechanical boss is defeated. Place the first wherever you desire, and the other one in the hole. Make sure you place switches too. Now using the wrench, carefully join the two teleporters and the switches together in a circuit, making sure not to touch the wires we drew previously. Alternatively, you can use a different colored wrench. With that done, make sure you test it out. There, flipping the switch teleports us nicely. Now build a solid row of blocks across like so. Now our trip is complete! Monsters will drop into the hole and get trapped there. If they try to jump out, they’ll hit this corner and get blocked.

That’s why we purposefully left this block unactuated. To finish off the farm, we will need an automatic way to kill them. What better way than pouring a bucket of lava? So the whole point of actuating the top layer is so that you won’t fall in as you’re running along here. Just turn the blocks back on after you’re done and you be safe. Now, this farm is cool and all, but what about the pirates? How DO we summon them? The pirate invasion is summoned using a pirate map. Pirate maps have a 1% drop chance from any enemy near the ocean.

Well that’s actually quite absurd, considering how you need quite a lot of invasions to get all the loot from the Pirates. That’s why I’m here to introduce you to a nice trick. This trick involves the eater of worlds, who has 50 body segments in total. Firstly, place 200 ebonstone blocks in the air. You can use an ice rod bought from the wizard to summon temporary ice blocks, so you can place them directly in the air. Now that that’s done, we have added the corruption biome to the ocean! Now we are able to spawn the eater of worlds here. This can be done using worm food crafted at a demon altar, using vile powder made from vile mushrooms and rotten chunks dropped from corruption enemies.

So when you’re ready, summon the eater of worlds! Oh that one flew in from above, that’s interesting! Anyway look, every segment of the eater of worlds has a 1% chance of dropping a pirate map. With 50 segments in total, this means that on average, every two eater of worlds will yield one pirate map. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to farm pirate maps, because it’s as if you’re killing 50 enemies in a short period of time! So just find a nice spot where you can kill him segment by segment.

I recommend using a yo-yo and just farm him like this. Oh we actually got a pirate map already! You can’t really see it with all the monster guts, but I saw it for a split second. Right it’s dead let’s collect the loot. There it is! We got one pirate map already! Using this method, you’ll soon have more than enough pirate maps to use. So when you’re ready, teleport to your nice safe area here and summon the invasion using the pirate map. You can build a platform across like this too, so you loot the drops immediately. After a while the pirates will spawn and run at you, only to be greeted by a nice warm pool of lava.

Simple as that! Nothing can hurt you from here because none of the enemies can attack through blocks. They simply die, allowing you to loot their drops! Even when the flying dutchman spawns, you can safely ignore it. It actually drops more pirates, so yay more loot! Well, now that you’ve learned how to farm the invasion AFK, let me quickly go through the loot drops, especially the rarest and most coveted ones! To start off we have some nice vanity outfits. We have an eye patch that’s quite hard to see, the Buccaneer set and the Sailor set.

Then we have the whole range of golden furniture. We have the golden clock, candelebra, table, piano, candle, golden lamp, sofa, golden bed, golden bookcase, workbench, bathtub, which is quite big, the sink, the dresser, the chair, the toilet, the golden door, the golden lantern, the chandelier and gold platforms. Most of these actually sell for two gold each, so you can actually make quite a lot of money farming the pirate invasion. Now let’s go over the usable ones.

We have the Cutlass, a high damage high speed sword. It’s decent, but I’m not a fan of swinging swords like this. Next, we have the pirate staff, a strong summon weapon that summons pirate minions. If you use a summoner set like the Tiki or spider set, you can summon more than one minion. They are fast and strong, and even if you’re not using a summoner loadout, you can still summon one minion, just to help you out a little. Then we have the very rare coin gun, a strong gun that uses coins as ammo. The more valuable the coin, the higher the damage. Platinum coins do 207 ranged damage, gold coins do 104, silver coins do 52 and copper coins do 26 ranged damage each. It might seem like a good idea to use platinum, which it definitely is, if you’re swimming in platinum. However, despite the insane damage from platinum coins, it’s more efficient to use copper coins instead.

Why is this so? It’s because one platinum coin can be converted into 1 million coins, which is why it’s way more efficient to just use copper coins instead. Lastly, let’s cover the really really rare ones. First, we have the discount card, which makes NPC shops cheaper. Then, the gold ring that increases coin pickup range. Lastly and most importantly, the lucky coin! This accessory makes enemies drop coins when hit, which means that every hit you do to an enemy, coins have a chance to drop! This in turn means that if you use a fast hitting, weak weapon on a tough enemy, lots and lots of coins will spawn! This is actually the basis of the best and fastest money farm in the entire game.

I’ll cover that soon in a future video, so make sure you stay tuned for that! If this video has helped you out, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too, so you’ll be notified when another Terraria video comes out! All the best in farming your own pirate invasion with this AFK farm! This has been Zuzucorn Games – By Casuals, For Casuals! Have a nice day, and have a great week ahead! Byebeeeee! :).

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