Item Hoiks! – Move & Separate Drops, Trawl Stars and More (Terraria


…in my experience dropped items cannot be moved unless the blocks they are destroyed/deactivated. – Honourable Forum Member …An Introduction to Item Hoiks. Hoik! LABORATORIES Clearly, dropped items CAN be hoiked, like ANY game sprite that collides with solid blocks. Accidentally discovered with cut wire, while working on shark hoiks. Hoik Demo World Items come in many intermediate sizes, but only 3 height categories determine hoik design: Size 3 – over two tiles tall (like players). Size 1 – under one tile tall. Whoops, bonus glitcht! Size 1 – under one tile tall . Size 2 – over one tile but under two tiles tall. Size 3 – over two tiles tall (like players). This means you can pick up drops selectively… Experimental jellyfish farm for demonstration purposes only. (Not a recommended build!) This example just makes the inventory management quicker. Size 1 items can be hoiked sidesways too… …But only in steps, and only to the right. Symmetrically identical leftwards does not work… And against floor does not work at all. Shark shredder – hoinking doubles throughpul (to 6 sharks/s) by moving sharks beyond the 3 mob spawn limit while they’re being killed. You can pull out just size 1 items, like so: A full stack of fins sells for far more than a diving helmet.

So this example also reduces inventory clicking. Unfortunately these crummy helmets can’t be burned. A couple of quick side-notes: [1] Active stone blocks are very cheap (free, even). Unfortunately they loose their shape if left inactive when reloading the world. [2] Both active block and actuated blocks are fine behind lava, but must be left inactive (off) to prevent the lava disappearing on world reload. (As of PC version A good application for size 1 hoiks might be moving health hearts and mana stars. However, there is no way to prevent some of these getting stuck, when spawned from statues.

(And the accumulation will block further spawns). However … You could use Scheper’s teleporter pad float glitch to freely suspend statues! No awkward ledge beneath. But be warned that this state is a little delicate … Size 1 items obviously can’t be hoiked up with just a solid structure … But alternating the teeth in an active ladder works. Because size 1 horizontal hoiks are selective they can remove hearts and small drops from a kill pit, even while mobs are in it. Size 2 up hoik. Can be solid after mounting. Ejects size 3 sprites to the side. Size 3 up hoik. Same spacing for players. Note: unlike with player, items are never lifted up by square actuated blocks. And actuating 2 high blocks does nothing. Down hoiks are a little trickier. Size 1 items can only fall down via gravity. And size 2 won’t hoik down from a standing start. They seem to need a horizontal run-up … Size 3 items go down player hoiks fine. … and we’ve already seen them going up.

Size 3 items work on all horizontal player hoiks, too. Hold <down>. Size 3 items work on all horizontal player hoiks, too. Figures A, C, E and J are “bottom” hoiks, pushing against the floor. Figure F is a “top” hoik, against ceiling. But there’s one exception: Size 3 items get jammed in RIGHTWARDS top hoiks. (Unless you fill the gaps with teeth too.) Size 2 horizontals are more limited, because the items are one block shorter. This category includes antlion mandibles and all banners. So you could use this hoik to collect drops in a desert farm… Edge of the world, screen stops scrolling. Although it may be more efficient to just hoik the antlions! While vertical hoiks must be size specific, you can build universal horizontals. Size 1 items still only work on rightwards top hoiks. Souls are the size 1 exception, pressumably because they are unaffected by gravity. Watch out for the ghost wall glitch: inactive sloped blocks (or platforms) against a wall negate collision detection. Examples of Item Sizes… Size 1 examples: Low value mob drops (including gel), coins, captured critters, souls, flower material, torches, small furniture, blocks and walls. (Unexpectedly small exeptions bottom left.) Size 2 examples: Common mob drops, mushrooms, all banners, fallen stars, potions, trophies, bigger furniture, rarer item drops, most swords, rods, staffs, bars. Look smaller – actuators.

Look bigger – death sickle. Size 3 examples: Rare – just a few high end weapons. Final notes: You can join different hoiks together… … to send item wherever you like. Or just spin them in loops! Wider size 2 items may gain/lose a step at the transitions. Hence seperating out. Slow motion comparison: Clockwise vs Anti-clockwise Wider size 2 items may gain/lose a step at the transitions. Hence seperating out. Fallen stars are a special case… They are the only item able to mount a hoik without any help. Embedding themselves in this type of bottom hoik, upon first striking ground. So you can collect ALL fallen stars, without any moving parts! So many things you could build with item hoiks… All footage shot in Terraria for PC. No mods or 3rd party content! Game IP belongs to Re-Logic. Music from Terraria Soundtrack Volumes 1 & 2 by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Resonance array). Video captured with Fraps, edited in trackAxPC

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