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NEW 1.4 MONEY FARM DESIGN! Finalised Terraria 1.4 Money Farm! Step By Step Semi AFK Money Farm Guide



Hello friend! Remember the pre 1.4 AFK money farm that could yield crazy amounts of platinum in an hour? Well, due to pathing changes to water enemies, it stopped working for a while in Terraria 1.4. I created a working interim measure in some other video, but today I present you the finalized design that basically restores the AFK farm to its former glory! I don’t claim any credit for this design, since a few commenters actually suggested this way of editing the farm, so to those guys, good on you! This video will show you how to build the farm step by step so you can get this working in Terraria 1.4! To begin, head over to the ocean, whichever side is fine. Now go outwards until you see the edge of the world, we will be building it around here. Start by building a row of mud blocks or lihzard bricks one tile above the water surface. This is important, make sure it is one tile above the surface of the ocean. Next, find a spot four spaces wide and mark it. Under the mark, build two columns of mud blocks such that you’ll still have a four block space.

Then, build a floor under you such that the water is high enough to drown you. This is really important as well. Using a few buckets made from iron bars, scoop out the water, bucket by bucket, until the water just stops drowning you. Next, build a zigzag pattern outside of this, making sure that the bottom is slightly wider, at six blocks. After that, simply remove the two outer blocks here and hammer the two inner blocks to form a triangle pointing downwards. Hammer the zigzag into a smooth slope as well. You can also add a water candle to increase spawn rates and complete the box using mud blocks or lihzard bricks. If you used mud blocks, plant some jungle grass seeds. Once they grow, you add the jungle biome to the ocean, which allows arapaimas and piranhas to spawn. Cover the entire ocean floor with mud blocks as well and plant jungle seeds on those too. That will stop sharks and jellyfish from spawning. Finally, at a tiny nib to the edge here and hammer that into a downward slope as well.

Do this for the other corner as well. To finish it off, clean up the bottom design into what I’ve done here, and add a few platforms within the trap. Now, enemies who swim past will aggro towards you and get caught in the trap here, while those who come from the side will funnel into the trap because of the sloped blocks. For this farm, you will need the slime staff and the lucky coin, two of the rarest items in the game. Lucky for you, I have videos on how to get those right here, easily and AFK. For the statue lava farm, take note that only the slime statue works in 1.4. Most other statues no longer drop loot when killed by lava. So reforge a slime staff to broken, because we want as many weak and rapid hits as possible. The lucky coin is an accessory that generates coins when enemies are hit, so a slime staff is perfect. A finch staff on the other hand doesn’t work as well, because it flies around. But the slime staff will stay put and attack rapidly and continuously. This allows us to generate lots and lots of coins. Grab some summoner armor like the tiki set and a pygmy necklace, and use a bewitching table if you want to as well.

These allow you to summon more slimes, increasing your farming speed. So just let it run and look, the farm is now back to its former glory. Well, at the very least close to what it used to be. Within two to three minutes I’ve got one platinum already, so you can tell how efficient the farm is. The only issue here is that at night, wraiths can still spawn and attack you, but that can be dealt with easily using a summon specially to with it, for example the Xeno Staff.

Apart from that, this farm is amazing and I have to recommend it. For those of you out there who think that this is an exploit, it is not. We are using items the way they are intended to be, and are only using creative building to reach this type of efficiency. If you rather dupe or cheat your money, go ahead. I don’t support exploits or hacks, but I’m not gonna tell you how to play. I’m sure I’ll still get comments like “just use the seashell glitch” but well, they got patched, just like I said from the very beginning.

For those of you who want an efficient, semi-AFK money farm in your proper playthroughs, well here you go! I hope this video has helped you out. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon too, for more Terraria Guides, Gameplay and Coverage! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeee! :).

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