SUMMONER IN 10 MINUTES! Terraria 1.4 Expert Summoner Progression Guide! Summoner Loadout Guide!


Hello friend! Looking to play summoner in Terraria 1.4, but no idea on where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Zuzucorn’s Summoner Progression Guide in 10 minutes, where I show you a recommended gear and boss progression, so that you can have a smooth journey of your own! I’m zuzucorn and I aim to entertain you, encourage you and offer you a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the zuzucorn family! Before we begin, I want to mention that there’s no sole way of playing Terraria. I’m simply recommending what i think gives you the smoothest experience. Ssummoner has lots of choices when it comes to build, so feel free to use whatever you like. This video summarizes the entire game, but if you need detailed tips and advice, check out my summoner progression guide, which is what this video is based on! I don’t cover the tavernkeep weapons, because I personally don’t like them, but do use them if you wish. I also left out summons that need lots of farming like the blade staff, so even though it’s an amazing summon, not everyone might want to farm for it. So let’s go! As always, start off by cutting trees and building a house for npcs to move in.

If you started a journey mode character, you start with a finch staff, which honestly isn’t that good. Otherwise, you can also try finding one in living wood chests. You can go for this staff or the slime staff, but i recommend skipping both these summons and going straight for your first whip, which is a new summoner weapon in terraria 1.4. Personally, i recommend going straight for the snapthorn, which is the best whip pre-hard mode. This is crafted with stingers, vines and jungle spores from the jungle. It might be hard to brave the jungle at the start, but this whip is well worth it, and you don’t have to depend on your lousy starting summons.

Craft the snapthorn and use it as your main weapon. Explore the underground for life crystals to increase your maximum health, to a cap of 400. Get stronger ores for basic armor. I recommend crafting gold or platinum armor. Enter the crimson or corruption and break shadow orbs or crimson hearts. After breaking two of them, build a proper arena, check out the full series for a detailed guide. Break the third orb and take down the brain of cthulhu or the eater of worlds. All you need to do is break a few segments or defeat a few creepers, the segments and creepers drop pieces of loot for the nightmare pickaxe, so if you can’t defeat it fully it’s okay, you only need 6 shadow scales or tissue samples. If you can take it down, then good for you! Make the nightmare pickaxe and obsidian skin potions using herbs and obsidian.

Obsidian is obtained when water meets lava, so just direct water into a lava pool and mine away. Consume the obsidian skin potion and dive into lava in the underworld to collect hellstone. Grab a hell forge as well. At the hellforge, craft hellstone bars with hellstone ore and obsidian, and use those to create the molten armor and the imp staff, which is one of the most reliable summons pre-hard mode. Try to get some essential accessories like the hermes boots as well. If you get a goblin invasion, complete it to unlock the goblin tinkerer. You can take down the eye of cthulhu anytime you obtain the hermes boots. In expert mode it’s much easier after you obtain the imp staff.

Enter a hive in the jungle and challenge the bee queen, this rewards us with beeswax for our summoner armor you will always need at least two queen bees defeated for the full set. Craft the bee armor with beeswax and prepare for hard mode! Take down skeletron for dungeon access and find a bewitching table, which gives you an additional minion slot. If you find the desert biome chest, feel free to mark it out with torches. The summon from this chest is decent, but getting a desert key isn’t easy, so it’s really up to you.

Prepare a spider biome by building a box to protect you. This is really important. I also recommend building an underground jungle fishing spot for variegated lardfish, which is a component in the summoning potion, which once again gives you another minion slot. Build your hellbridge and challenge the wall of flesh. I found that getting rid of the hungries with your whip while your imps attack it is a pretty great technique. Otherwise, you can use the ballista staff from the tavern keep and keep your distance.

This fight isn’t going to be easy, but eventually you’ll succeed. Welcome to hard mode! If you’re lucky, you can get a firecracker whip or a summoner emblem, but the whip really isn’t important. Using the prepared spider biome, use your summons to farm black reculses, which are hard mode spirder variants. They drop spider fangs to craft spider armor and our very first hard mode summon. With the box and your imps, you can farm them safely. Craft the spider armor and the spider staff. Feel free to get the sentry as well. We are now strong enough for early hard mode. Head over to an ice biome in the rain for a chance to encounter an ice golem, who is easily defeated by boxing yourself in. Obtain the frost core, souls of lights from the underground hollow and souls of night from the underground crimson or corruption. If you’re lucky, you can get the blade staff as well, which is a really strong summon weapon from enchanted sword enemies. Use the pwnhammer to break demon altars to generate hard mode ores. Use a molten pickaxe to mine cobalt or palladium and then use the cobalt pick to mine orichalculum or mythril, to make the hard mode anvil. Then, craft the cool whip at the anvil using the souls and the frost core.

If you didn’t get an ice feather from the golem, farm more golems for one. After you’ve gotten one, head over to the sky island and farm wyverns for souls of flight, then craft the frozen wings at the orichalcum anvil. There are now two main options for you, you can try using the spider staff to take down the twins. It’s challenging, but doable. If you need tips, check out the full series. With the twins defeated, craft the optic staff using a black lens and souls of sight, this gives you mini twins, which are good for the destroyer. Your other choice is to farm the dreadnautilus during a blood moon, which is done easily if you follow this method over here. This rewards you with the sanguine staff, one of the strongest and most reliable summons in hard mode.

Using the sanguine staff will allow you to defeat the twins pretty easily. If you wish, you can also set up an afk desert key farm to get the desert biome key. Take down the destroyer using the optic staff. Craft the durandal if you want, which is a whip made from hallowed bars that gives you an attack speed boost. After defeating a mechanical boss, you can also hunt moths in the jungle to craft the butterfly wings. Check out this video for detailed wing advice. Also, obtain life fruits to increase health to 500. Take down skeletron prime as well. You can try to get the pirate staff, but it’s honestly not that good. By this time, if you still haven’t gotten the sanguine staff, you can consider getting it. It helps with plantera, golem and even the empress of light. Break a plantera bulb to summon plantera. It might be challenging, but manageable.

Eventually, with plantera defeated, you might get a pygmy staff. However it’s pretty horrible for airborne enemies, just look at them trying to hit a jungle bat. However, the pygmy staff is pretty decent for golem. Buy the tiki armor set and the pygmy necklace, which gives you even more minion slots. Explore the post plantera dungeon for ectoplasm and components of the master ninja gear. If you get a morning star whip, that’s good as well, the morning star has really high base damage and its summon tag allows the minions to crit. Craft the master ninja gear for a dash and chance to avoid hits. Next, enter the jungle temple with a wire cutter and deactivate any traps that you come along. When you reach golem’s chamber, make sure to destroy all the circuits and remove the spikes. Defeat golem easily by building a row of platforms near the top and just continuously moving. You can also try getting a deadly sphere staff from the solar eclipse after plantera is defeated. This summon is especially great against groups of enemies. I recommend you to summon a martian invasion after golem is defeated to obtain the xeno staff from the martian saucer.

And it’s much harder now due to the laser going through blocks. However, this video will show you how to farm it pretty easily and safely. I recommend farming duke fishron for the fishron wings, it should be manageable with the xeno staff. Any time after plantera is defeated, you can also try fighting the empress of light for the kaleidoscope, one of the strongest whips in the game. Using the pumpkin moon medallion crafted with ectoplasm, farm the pumpkin moon event. You can get things like the dark harvest whip, spooky armor, necromantic scrolls and papyrus scarabs, and a raven staff too. At the very least, get the necromantic scrolls. These can be made into papyrus scarabs and both accessories stack. Now you have the freedom to attempt the empress of lights in the day. It’s a difficult fight and you die once you get hit. However, if you can succeed you will be rewarded with the terraprisma, and you don’t need any other summons ever again. It’s not easy, but once again, I’ve got a video on that, so feel free to have a look. Tthis summon is completely optional, but it is powerful. Also, upgrade to the spooky armor if you wish.

Massacre the lunatic worshipers and defeat the lunatic cultist using the xeno staff. Pillar events are done in a gauntlet style, so after defeating enough enemies, you can then take down the pillar and claim your stardust fragments. At the ancient manipulator from the cultist, craft the stardust dragon staff. If you have enough, make the stardust cell staff as well. The stardust cell is basically a xeno staff upgrade, while the dragon is a monster with its high damage. I recommend using a mix of both for the other pillars. If you have obtained the terraprisma, you can just stand still and nothing will ever come close to you. Take down another two pillars. Defeat the third only if you are ready to face the moon lord, meaning buffs and arena prepared. You can opt to make super healing potions as well, using greater healing ones and one of each lunar fragment. I recommend using hallowed armor for the moonlord because the holy protection will help a lot. For expert mode players, you can use the soaring insignia with fishron wings. For normal mode players, you can build a long road of asphalt. Once the moon lord is summoned, fly or run in one direction, keeping enough distance to avoid attacks and for your summons to deal damage. Just be careful of the fast moving projectiles.

For the stardust dragon users, Just fly along and fly over the moonlord when the laser is fired. Try to get all three eyes out at the same time, but I get that it’s pretty hard because we’re using AI. Eventually you unleash all three eyes and the core opens. At this point, just fly or run along the world. You’ll reach a point where the dragon continually chases the core, which is great damage. Eventually, the moon lord will fall and you have finished your journey as a summoner! For terraprisma users, it’s mostly the same, but it deals extremely high damage to one eye and usually ignores the middle one. I recommend getting one eye out first. However, once the laser is fired, don’t go over the moon lord. This allows the terraprisma to take down the middle eye first. Eventually, things will go the same way and you will indeed defeat the moonlord! Your summoner journey is now complete! I hope you had a wonderful and smooth journey! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too, for more Terraria guides and coverage! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day, and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeee! 🙂

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