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TERRARIA 1.4 MARTIAN SAUCER FARM! Easy Martian Saucers! Terraria 1.4 Martian Madness Event Guide!



Hello friend! With the new Terraria 1.4 update, the martian madness event got some changes. The most noticeable change is the fact that now, martian saucer lasers will pass through blocks. In previous versions, one could easily farm the invasion for its wonderful loot drops within the safety of a box. This used to protect you from everything, meaning that you can farm the saucer using something like a meteor staff or the daedalus storm bow. Well, in 1.4 that doesn’t really work anymore, even if you have crazy amounts of defense and regeneration. The laser now passes through any blocks that come between you and the saucer, that’s why i’m here to show you the new ways you can still farm the invasion safely and easily without taking a single point of damage. I’m Zuzucorn and I aim to entertain you, encourage you and offer you a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the Zuzucorn family! Firstly, if you’re new, you might not even know how to summon the invasion. To summon the martian madness event, first you have to defeat golem. Once you have done that, martian probes can now spawn. If you go near one, they will detect you and attempt to escape. Once they escape, the invasion will begin.

If you’re not ready for an invasion, make sure you defeat the probe before it leaves. Martian probes are relatively rare, so there are a few things we can actually do to speed up the process of finding one. Martain probes have a higher chance of spawning in the outer two-thirds of the world, and also in the space layer, which is high in the sky. So to get one easily, just build platforms up into the sky. Alternatively, you can use an ice rod from the wizard to just start building from anywhere. Add a water candle to the setup and you’ll find one in a matter of minutes. Now that you know how to summon the martian invasion, let’s go through the different methods to farm the invasion in Terraria 1.4. In general, a box and lava farm setup is still extremely effective against most of the invasion.

Even for the saucer, you’ll be able to block almost all of its attacks, minus the laser of course, which will pass through the blocks. So i still recommend a basic box setup. To set this up, all you need to do is dig a hole like so in the middle of the world. This is important, make sure it is near your original spawn point. Invasions tend to swarm the middle spawn point, so if you build this anywhere else, the invasion might not come. Next, cover it up. Now, using actuators bought from the mechanic, place those actuators on the top layer, minus the two corner blocks. This ensures that the enemies won’t jump out of the box. Next, use an actuation rod crafted with actuators, wire and gold to turn off the blocks. Alternatively, you could wire them to a switch and turn it off. To finish it off, pour a bucket of lava into the trap and the farm is now complete. For Terraria 1.4, what you want is a nice long passage, this will help you deal with the lasers. Now wire a teleporter to the bottom chamber here so that we have a way in and out.

I also recommend placing player crafted walls, so that random enemies won’t spawn in the tunnel, which would be really bad. I will now show you several methods to deal with the saucer. Almost all the methods require you to do damage via a weapon like the daedalus stormbow, the meteor staff or using summons, as those weapons are able to do damage even when you’re safe in the farm. The first method requires teleporters.

By wiring teleporters at each end of the chamber to pressure plates, you can simply run over them to teleport. This allows you to easily avoid the saucer’s lasers, and only require some simple wiring. Since the laser is chasing you, just run to a teleporter to avoid it. This gets more difficult to do when the saucer goes into the second phase, which thankfully only happens in expert and master mode worlds. If you can master the teleporters, it’s a really solid method. It’s honestly actually easier to do it without the teleporters for the second phase, all you need is a dash and you can avoid it by going left and right. The next method requires a hook of dissonance from the queen slime. The queen slime is a new boss who is summoned in the hollowed biome using a gelatin crystal, which is a shiny crystal found in the underground hollow.

It looks substantially different from normal crystal shards, and also changes colour, so it’s not too difficult to find. The hook of dissonance drops at a 33% chance and has a special property of allowing you to teleport to the hook’s location. I’m sure you can see how it’s going to work now. By simply hooking to the opposite side of the laser, you can blink to the target location and avoid the laser. You can also do this with the rod of discord dropped from the chaos elementals, but that requires health and it won’t be sustainable for the second phase, where the laser becomes extremely rapid. If you can get the hook method down, it’s pretty good as well, although it does take more mechanical skill to do it flawlessly. The third and my most preferred method only requires a dash, meaning you either need to have the shield of cthulhu from expert eye of cthulhu, or the master ninja gear, or simply its tabi component. This method makes use of this long passage, which basically just means outrunning the lasers.

Hermes boots or any equivalent is vital as well. When the laser comes, just simply run to the opposite side. Even in the second phase, this works fine. The dash is there so that you can change directions fast. When the laser comes, just simply run to the opposite side. The laser always comes after the saucer’s missile attack, which is also easily avoided by turning the actuated blocks on again. After the missile attack, the saucer will go to the opposite side of you and then start using the laser from there. But once you get used to it, you can simply run all the way down the long corridor and not take a single hit from the laser. The dash is there so that you can change directions fast, which allows you to continually outrun the laser while dishing out damage using your meteor staff.

I like this method, most people like to acquire a dash item during their playthrough as well. With these methods, the martian saucer will be no match for you and you’ll be able to get all the amazing loot that you want. Be it the UFO mount or the influx waver for the zenith, it won’t be an issue anymore. It will still take time for you to get used to the mechanics though, but well this is a solid method and it works great. If you enjoyed the video, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too, for more Terraria guides and coverage! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeee! :).

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