TERRARIA 1.4 TORCH GOD GUIDE! How to summon the Torch God event Terraria! Torch Gods Favour!


Hello friend! The most recent Terraria update has brought about a new event to Terraria 1.4! This event is none other than the Torch God Event! This event ties in with the new torch luck mechanics, and completing the event will give you a new feature which allows you to always maximize your torch luck. To begin, let me briefly walk you through what torch luck is. In Terraria 1.4, luck has now been added into the game. Having more luck will allow you to have slightly higher drop rates and will also boost your overall damage output by a small amount. One factor that contributes to your total luck is torch luck.

If you place the right torches in the correct respective biome, you will obtain torch luck and increase your overall luck by a little bit. For example, placing the jungle torch in the jungle will allow you to get a higher drop rate while you’re near the torch, which is pretty handy if you’re farming for something like stingers, vines or even turtle shells. So now that you have a brief understanding on why torch luck is important and how to obtain the bonuses yourself, the all-new Torch God Event actually gives you a new feature which helps you automatically place the right torches in the right biomes, allowing you to maximize your torch luck all the time. First of all, to summon the torch god event, all you need to do is place down about 100 torches in an area. It could be a little bit more or it could be slightly less. Right now I’ve placed 100 torches in an area that I cleared out, but the event hasn’t started yet. Just place a few more and look the screen glows dark for a while and all the torches you placed now starts shooting at you.

Every torch will shoot exactly once, then extinguish. So all you have to do is to survive the 100 plus beams. This can be done somewhat simply by circling around. But do take note that they do pretty high damage, especially if you don’t have good armor. If you’re a summoner, mage or any other squishy class, I recommend switching to melee armor just for this event. Melee armors tend to have higher defense stats, which will help you out just a little. I also recommend placing the torches compactly so that where they fire from will always somewhat the same, allowing you to dodge them easily without any huge movement. Wings would probably help you greatly as well.

With all your torches extinguished, you have now survived the torch god event. The torches will then relight and you obtain an item called the torch God’s favor. This is a new item which is a consumable. Upon consuming the torch God’s favor, you will now unlock a new feature that you can toggle, similar to the ruler and other features. This feature is actually called the biome torch swapping feature. With this on, any normal torches placed will automatically transform to the respective biomes torch. In fact, the transformation is permanent, and when you remove these transformed torches, they will remain in their new biome torch state. Look, right now we’re in the caverns, so there’s no special biome torch.

But when I fly over to the corruption, my normal torch automatically changes to the corrupt torches. This works for all biomes. Look, when I move just a little into the desert biome, the torch automatically changes to the desert torch. This is the same for the hollow, the jungle and many others. This is a great feature because you don’t need to worry about which torches are for which biomes, even for the mixed biomes like the corrupted ice biome, the torch God’s favor will choose the right one for you, allowing you to always be able to max out your torch luck. As you can see here, even when I’m in the underworld, placing normal torches makes them demon torches.

This is a really nifty feature to have. Well, that covers the basics of the new torch god event. If you can, make sure to challenge the events ASAP, because this feature that allows auto biome torch swapping is just amazing. You never ever have to worry about touch luck ever again! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too, for more Terraria guides and coverage! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeeee! 🙂

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