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TERRARIA EASY DREADNAUTILUS FARMING! Terraria Blood Moon Dread Nautilus Guide Easy Sanguine Staff!


Hello friend! The Dreadnautilus is a new boss added in Terraria 1.4, summoned by fishing during a Blood Moon! It drops the highly sought-after Sanguine Staff, which is an amazing summoner weapon, capable of carrying you all the way to plantera or even golem in some cases. However, it’s fast, challenging and hits so hard that it’s almost unkillable, especially when you need it drops the most, early on in hard mode. By the time you can comfortably kill it, you probably have something better than the sanguine staff already anyway. That’s why I’m here to show you an easy way to defeat the Dreadnautilus, even in master mode. All you need is a box and some life regen. I take no credits for this method. This method was first shown on YouTube on Arcwell’s channel. I’ll leave a link to the channel and the original video in the description below. so make sure you check him or her out. Let’s begin. All you need to do is simply build a box above the ocean and then finish it off using a trapdoor.

To boost your life regeneration, add a campfire, a heart Lantern and pour honey in a small section of the box. If you want, you can also drink a regeneration potion and also eat some food items like pumpkin pie, which gives you the well-fed buff. Next, remove one block so you can still fish from the safety of your box. During a Blood Moon, you can also use a sonar potion, which is crafted using water leaf and coral, to make sure that you only fish up the Dreadnautilus. To increase your odds of fishing it up, you can also use a Chum Caster, which is a fishing rod dropped from the zombie merman or the wandering eye fish. This rod has an increased chance to fish up an enemy, which will help you grab less fishing loot and more enemies instead. Once you see the Dreadnautilus, fish it up and the fight begins. The Dreadnautilus has many projectiles which will get blocked by the box, thus keeping you nice and safe. The only attack that can hit you is this circular dash that he does. However, when it hits you once, the Dreadnautilus will continue circling you, then move on to some other attacks.

This is where all the regeneration comes in. With all the life regen that you have, you’ll be able to regenerate enough health to sustain you through the fight. Even in master mode where life regeneration isn’t good enough, you can use a potion to tide you over. Just simply use a summon or something like the Daedalus stormbow or meteor staff to take it down. Note that many of its attacks make it invincible or allows it to reflect projectiles. That’s why the fight is so long and annoying, even with this method. To get a higher drop rate on the sanguine staff, you can increase your total luck. For extra luck, you can also place a garden gnome, which is obtained when a gnome meets sunlight. Gnomes are a rare enemy that have a higher spawn rate when you’re in front of living tree walls, so you can go to a living tree and hope to farm them from there.

You can also add some coral torches, which boost your torch luck in the ocean. Using luck potions crafted from pearls will also help. Pearls are obtained from oysters, which are fished up from the oasis in the desert. Having more luck will increase your odds of getting the sanguine staff and also boost your damage output by a small amount. Considering how rare the Dreadnautilus is and the staff’s 20% drop rate, I’m sure you want the extra drop rate. I really recommend you to boost your luck for this case. This method can be done right away in hard mode, even before any mechanical boss, so it’s a simple way for summoners to get an early sanguine staff, which is honestly one of the more reliable summons out there. I’m kind of disappointed that we have to resort to cheesing this boss, but the fact that it’s so rare, combined with an almost forced hit every time it spins, it’s a pretty unreasonable fight in the first place. If you want to do things the traditional way, go ahead. However, this box method is for anyone who finds the fight too difficult and doesn’t mind cheesing it.

Hopefully you can get an easy sanguine staff to aid you on your Terraria journey! If the video has helped you out, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too, for more Terraria guides and coverage! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day, and have a great week ahead! Byebyeee! :).

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