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Terraria Guide for Beginners 11! Terraria Progression Guide for Casuals! Terraria Guide Walkthrough!


Hello friend! Welcome back to Zuzucorn?s Tips and Guides for the Casual Terrarian! I?m zuzucorn and I?m committed to entertain, encourage, and give casuals a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the casual family! Last time, we made the best money farm in the whole game! We also manged to take down Plantera, unlocking new things in the dungeon! Today, let?s explore the upgraded dungeon and get some massive equipment upgrades! Maybe can take down Duke Fishron too! First things first, I recommend getting the shroomite armour, if youre following my gear progression quite closely. The Shroomite Armour is a strong armour that buffs ranged weapons quite a bit. This requires the Truffle NPC to move in, who will only do so when there is a house available in a surface level mushroom biome. So, to do this, we have to build a mushroom biome kind of floating in the air. A quick tip here, if you want to build in the air without building blocks from the ground up, buy an ice rod from the wizard.

This lets you place temporary ice blocks like this, which you can place proper blocks next to. It?s quite simple, just build mud blocks along the sky like this. That should do for now. Now we will need some mushroom grass seeds. Make your way into an underground mushroom biome and attack the mushrooms on the ground. These have a chance at giving you mushroom grass seeds. So just plant them back on the surface like so and build a house. I?ll go with something simple, nothing too fancy. There we go, that should do. In the meantime while waiting for the truffle to move in, I recommend exploring the dungeon. With plantera defeated, many new enemies will now spawn in the dungeon. They?re really tough, so be careful and be prepared. What we want from here is the black belt and tabi, loot from a monster called the Bone Lee I’ll explain why later. We also want some ectoplasm, dropped from dungeon spirits. Here?s our first bone lee, he moves at high speeds, but if you can lock him down with the megashark it should be fine.

Now, I want to point out the the dungeon is actually made out of 3 zones, and each zone spawns different types of enemies. I won?t go into too much detail, but the bone lee spawns in all zones. For this guided playthrough, we won?t be needing anything more than that, But if you are interested to know more, check out the wiki link in the description! There are many amazing and interesting new loot and enemies from the upgraded dungeon! Oh look we got an dungeon spirit, Oh another one.

See this blue thing? This is a dungeon spirit, which drops ectoplasm. Dungeon Spirits have a 1 in 12 chance of spawning after an enemy with more than a hundred health is killed. Ectoplasm on the other hand is used for the spectre armour, which is a really strong mage armour. We are more interested in the Naughty Present and Pumpkin Medallion, which are crafted from ectoplasm and used to summon the frost moon and pumpkin moon events respectively. I know you guys cant see, but theres a bone lee down there, hopefully we can get something. Oh nice we actually got the tabi, now all we need is the black belt. Using chlorophyte bullets are great if you can afford them, their auto target feature really helps in the dungeon. I haven?t found the black belt yet, but let?s check on the truffle, who has moved in. He sells some mushroom related things, but what we want is the autoahmmer, which is sold for 1 platinum. This allows us to craft shroomite bars. One shroomite bar is made form 1 chlorophyte bar and 15 glowing mushrooms, which you have to farm from glowing mushroom biomes. Well, here we are back at it again.

Nice we finally got the black belt. Now let?s craft the master ninja gear, an amazing accessory. First, make the tiger climbing gear, which is made from combining shoe spikes and climbing claws at the tinkerers workshop. These are found in wooden chests all over the world. By this time, you?ve probably found some already. Next, combine the tiger climbing gear, the black belt, and the tabi to create the master ninja gear.

This accessory gives you a chance to dodge attacks, basically giving you a free hit sometimes. Most importantly, this gives you the ability to dash by pressing the left or right direction twice in quick succession. This is an amazing mobility upgrade, and is almost essential for duke fishron. Now, let?s build a really simple truffle worm farm. Truffle worms are a rare critter that spawn in underground mushroom biomes. They burrow away when you get close, so you have to be quick to catch them. Fishing with truffle worms in the ocean summons duke fishron. To build this farm, you have to blow up a huge area In the cavern layer. I recommend using lots and lots of sticky dynamite. Right, then, build a nice long row of mud blocks, similar to what we did for the truffle, and plant mushroom grass seeds. If you want to, you can actually build another house in the surface mushroom biome and move the dryad there. When she lives in a mushroom biome, she actually sells mushroom grass seeds, so that?s a good way to get lots to plant. I bought a whole lot just to fill up the whole thing cause I?m lazy to wait.

So how this farm works is like this. Imagine yourself at the center. Monsters can only spawn between 60 tiles to 85 tiles from where youre standing on the left and right. This is the same vertically, but only between 35 to 50 tiles. By blowing up a huge area and clearing out every single block and wall, and by having only this 1 row of mushroom grass, enemies have no choice but to spawn on this row here. This means if there are any truffle worm spawns, it will only be here, making it easy for you to catch them. Basically, blow up a huge area, make a row of mushroom grass on mudblocks, and force truffle worms to spawn, allowing you to catch them easily. Right if you see, we already got one, just run along and swing your net at the right time, there we go.

Oh we got another one already, once again just run at it and catch it before it burrows away. As I mentioned, shroomite armour requires chlorophyte, so let?s get more. At the same time, we can hunt for more life fruits. Alright now that we?re back, let?s craft a naughty present from silk, ectoplasm and souls of fright from skeletron prime. Using this at night summons the frost moon, a difficult event with lots of great loot drops. Let me warn you though, this invasion really isn?t easy. So don?t be discouraged if you die. The frost moon goes in waves, and killing enemies increases the wave count. For the first 2 waves, you can safely hide in the afk farm we built awhile ago. However, once the everscream spawns, this wont work, because it can phase through blocks, watch. I recommend using the deadalus stormbow and holy arrows. I also managed to find the Magic Quiver, which drops from skeleton archers which increase the speed of your arrows. Enemies in the frost moon are tough and deal high damage, so keep your distance and rain arrows from above.

Upon defeating a present mimic or everscream, large amounts of hearts drop, which you can use for a quick heal. Ah our target has arrived. This is the Santa NK 1. This is a really tough enemy who has a variety of attacks. However, he drops the chain gun, a massive upgrade to the megashark. You can hide behind a solid block if you built your arena like mine, this blocks his bullet attacks, So similarly, bombard him with holy arrows using the Daedalus stormbow. So after a night of fighting, we actually managed to get the chain gun, let me show you. Look at that attack speed! It’s much higher than the megashark! This should also be the last few glowing mushrooms I need for the shroomite armour. Craft shroomite bars at the autohammer and make the armour. There are 3 types of helmets by the way, one for arrows, one for bullets and one for rockets.

I recommend the bullet one for now, since the chain gun is our main weapon for now. So to fight duke fishron, make two rows of platforms, one near the surface of the water, and one on top. What we want are the fishron wings and the Tsunami bow. To summon fishron, fish with the truffle worm as bait like this. I recommend the chain gun and chlorophyte bullets. Duke fishron will dash at you 5 times, so what you have to do is dash away from him with the master ninja gear. After the 5 dashes, he will fire bubbles which aren?t too much of a threat, or sharknadoes, which will spawn a tornado that shoots sharks at you.

These are extremely dangerous, because the tornadoes deal damage when it touches, and the sharks also fly towards you. This makes Duke fishron extremely challenging. At half health, he transforms, he will now do 3 dashes followed by the bubles or sharknadoes. I would actually think this is easier to doge because his dashes are the main problem, especially with leaf wings. Keep it up and you?ll eventually defeat him. Oh and make sure not to die to the sharknadoes after hes dead too. So I’ve farmed a lot of him and I still cant seem to get the tsunami bow.

Its been 20 minutes, still no sign of the bow. Night has fallen, many many fishrons slayed, still nothing. Man the RNG is horrible. Oh finally. That took an absurd amount of time. At least we finally got it. The Tsunami is a strong bow that shoots 5 arrows per shot. You know, let me show you how long that took me. Look at the amount of loot I got! 3 bubble guns, 4 razerblade typhoons, 1 tempest staff and a huge amount of flairons. There?s more that I didn?t bother picking up cause I ran out of space. Anyway, to show you how strong the tsunami is, I?ll summon a frost moon just to show you. Take note that I?m using wooden arrows. Look at that power! We are actually shredding through the enemies with each wave of 5 arrows, hence the name the Tsunami. Look how fast we take down the everscream! For maximum dps, I recommend holy arrows, which are crafted from unicorn horns and pixie dust. Look at that! All the pain we went through to fight duke fishron, and it?s all worth it! Next time, let?s challenge golem and possibly the lunatic cultist too! Our beginner guide series will soon come to an end! So make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon too! So you won?t miss the next episode of The Casual Terrarian! This has been Zuzucorn games! By Casuals, for Casuals! Have a nice day, and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeeee! 🙂

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