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Hello friend! Welcome to the last episode of Zuzucorn’s tips and guides for the casual terrarian! I’m Zuzucorn and I aim to entertain, encourage and give casuals a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the casual family! Last time, we breezed through Golem, farmed the Martian invasion for the UFO mount and took down the lunatic cultist, starting the pre moonlord events! Today, let’s finally defeat the Moon Lord, bringing our beginner guide series to an end! So let’s get right into it! To start off, let me explain how the lunar events work. After you defeat the lunatic cultist, the four space pillars will spawn, each corresponding to a certain weapon class. When you defeat a pillar, it lets you craft a strong weapon of that class. Upon defeating all four pillars, the moon lord will spawn in one minute, so always leave one alive until you’re ready to face the moon lord.

I recommend doing the vortex pillar first, because we are largely ranged in this playthrough. So how pillar fights work is like this: it’s like a gauntlet style, where once you kill 100 enemies, the pillar shield drops and you can attack it directly. The vortex pillar features swarms of enemies which affects your flight when they hit you. So look, I got hit and I don’t know if you can see, but I’m swerving up and down, unable to control my flight. I recommend the tsunami with holy or cursed arrows. It’s fine if you die too, the pillar fights are pretty difficult. Alright so the shield is down, now let’s get the pillar. Alright it’s gone! Make sure you collect the loot, in this case the vortex fragments. Using the ancient manipulator from the lunatic cultist, craft the weapons of your choice. We only have enough fragments for either the phantasm bow or the vortex beater gun. I recommend the phantasm, as the DPS for that one is really high. So let me show you why. As you hold down the bow and continue attacking, the attack speed of the bow increases, see? This gives you massive DPS.

One more thing, I’ll go for the Nebula pillar just to show you what I mean. So if you notice, every time my arrows hit, white spectral arrows will spawn and hit the enemy. This makes the phantasm one of the strongest DPS weapons in the whole game. The nebula pillar features high damaging enemies which fly and teleport around. They do insane damage, so it’s fine if you die. Upon death, the monsters defeated does not reset. So as long as you kill 100 before logging out, it will still whittle down the pillars shield. By the way, if the brain suckers attach to you, attack above you to get rid of them. They do damage and also restrict your vision. The other enemies are pretty straightforward I guess. Oh, the pillar shield is almost down, nice. Let me swap to the phantasm to show you.

Just look at that! I’m using wooden arrows by the way, just to show you how insane this weapon is. We are absolutely shredding the pillar with wooden arrows! The spectral arrows are the one that really add a good deal of damage to this! Well congratulations! The second pillar is now defeated! Remember to loot the fragments, even if you don’t plan on making the weapons. Let’s go for the solar pillar next, which is melee based. The solar pillar features hard-hitting, tough enemies. It’s regarded to be the most difficult pillar to deal with, due to the flying centipede. If you fly above the ground, the centipede will come and attack you, see? Fly up, it comes. Near ground, it ignores you.

It’s largely invincible, other than the tip of its tail, which is difficult to hit, unless you’re a ranged class. This forces you to stay near the ground, where the tough enemies will continually bombard and overwhelm you. I recommend staying near the edge of the pillar biome like this, so you can spawn in a few enemies, then move away to deal with them first, before moving in again and summoning more enemies.

Another trick is to build a row of platforms in the sky, as platforms also count as solid floor, allowing you to avoid the ground enemies and not draw the attention of the centipede. However it’s not too necessary in my opinion, especially if you hug the border of the biome like this. So just keep it up, die a few times if you have to. But eventually, the pillow shield will fall, and take it down as fast as you can. Congratulations, the third pillar is defeated! Before killing the fourth, let’s build our moonlord arena first. There are a few ways to do it, but I will show you my recommended way first, followed by a way that’s cheesy and I highly do not recommend.

Remember that AFK money farm we built a long time ago? If you listened to my recommendation and added a slime statue, you’d have lots and lots of gel by now. Buy a blender from the steampunker and use it to craft asphalt blocks, using gel and stone blocks. Asphalt is a block that gives you a large speed boost as you run on it, stacking even with the lightning boots. So make lots of it. And by that I mean like 2,000 to 3,000 blocks. Now find a nice area in the sky, and built the long road of asphalt along the world. Use smart cast for an easier time. All right, I finished about 2000 blocks. This is what it looks like. This is somewhat sufficient, if you do things right for the fight. Okay so this is enough, I’ll show you how to use this later. Now let’s deal with the Stardust pillar, which is summoner based. This pillar mostly swarms you with hordes of enemies. But here’s a tip: See these stardust cells? When you kill them they actually make smaller cells, which grow into full sized cells to overwhelm you.

However, the full-sized cells count as a grown enemy, and it will add to the hundred enemy counter. So I recommend not killing the smaller cells, so they can grow and you can kill 100 enemies much quicker! Oh that was quick. Let’s get this pillar down. Loot the drops and prepare. The moon lord will come in one minute. Grab your buff potions and wait at the start of the asphalt road. I recommend using iron skin, swiftness, endurance, archery and lifeforce potions if you can afford those. I recommend using the phantasm with cursed arrows as well, for the high damage. As the one minute timer is used up, the screen gets more and more dissonant and blurry. The moment the screen glows white, dash and start running. See? By doing this, you can stay ahead of the moon lord, avoiding almost all of his attacks! Just look at how fast we’re taking down his left eye already! Watch the middle eye closely. It’s usually closed, but when it’s opened, it will fire a strong, high damaging laser.

Watch for the charging particles, then fly upwards and over his head to avoid it. Then start running the other way. This is exceptionally easy if you use the fishron wings, which have a high speed of ascend. So how he works is this, He has three eyes, one on his forehead, his left palm and his right palm. After defeating all three, his core will open and you have to defeat the core to kill him. The middle eye is only vulnerable during this period as well, so if you see it open, attack it immediately. Now, I recommend defeating all three eyes at once, so do not unleash them one by one. When you defeat only one, an invincible true eye of Cthulhu will spawn, which attacks you with hard to dodge attacks.

It even has its own laser! So by leaving each eye with a bit of health left, you can release all three eyes at once, making it much easier to dodge their attacks. With that, you can now aim his core. Continue running and flying a little, because the core usually lies below the road. But keep it up, stay ahead and eventually you will succeed! However, don’t worry if it takes you a few tries.

It’s okay to die! The moon lord fight is really quite difficult. I’ll show you how to summon him again later. So just keep it up, it’s almost there… and well there we go! Piece of cake! Congratulations! You have finally defeated the moon lord, the final boss of Terraria 1.3! With 1.4 coming out next month, who knows what new bosses we will get to fight? So loot his drops, which are the strongest weapons in the game! We got a star wraith and a portal gun, which is interesting for teleporting things around. The star wraith is a strong melee weapon that summons lots of high damaging stars from the sky. We also got luminite, which is used to craft the strongest armors and ammo in the game. But enough about that, let me show you the other method. This other method is a bit cheaty, as it uses the auto pause function. All you need for this one is to build a house in the sky just like this as per normal, and move the nurse inside. Try to use some platforms for the floor and the ceiling as well.

When it’s night time, the nurse will teleport and live there, if you move far enough. To summon the moon lord again, you can craft celestial sigil using all the fragments. Otherwise, you have to defeat the lunatic cultist and do all the pillars again. For this second method, what we need to do is open the menu, go to settings and turn auto pause on. This means that every time you open the menu or talk to an NPC, the game will pause. So look, even my fish isn’t even flying right now, because the game is paused, cause my menu is open. This allows you to use the nurse and heal up anytime during the fight.

I really can’t recommend this method, because even if you beat the moon lord using this cheesy way, let me ask you: Have you really beaten the moon lord? But for those of you who want to use this, please go ahead. So summon the moon lord using the celestial sigi,l which you have to put in your top slot now, since you turned Auto Pause on. There he is! Now look, if I open the menu, everything freezes. I can talk to the nurse to heal at any time I want. So all you have to do is just attack as per normal, get the three eyes and defeat the core, but whenever your health drops to about 200-ish, just talk to the nurse, which pauses the game, heal up and continue.

So make sure you have enough money for this. I can’t stress how I really dislike this method, but I’m here to give you as much information as I can, so here you go! Eventually, you will defeat him as per normal. So congratulations! The moon lord has many amazing drops, but I don’t think I’ll cover them. I’ll leave it to you to discover and experience how crazy and strong they are! And well, with that, I would like to thank you for sticking around for Zuzucorn’s tips and guides for the casual terrarian! Our beginner guide series has officially come to an end! I hope this series has helped you beat the game for the first time! But what now? Perhaps it is time for you to tackle expert mode? Well now, that’s an idea! So make sure you like, subscribe and hit the bell icon too! For the upcoming expert mode guide for the casual terrarian! This has been Zuzucorn Games – By casuals, for casuals! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeeee!:)

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