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Hello friend! Are you a terraria casual looking for tips and guides? Well, welcome to The Casual Terrarian, where I?ll show you tips, tricks and other information to help you on your own terraria Playthrough! I?m committed to entertain, encourage and give gaming casuals a place you can call home, so subscribe now and join the casual family! Today, we will set out to defeat the Wall of flesh and propel ourselves into hard mode! But before that, there are some preparations we should take for a smooth transition, so let?s cover them now! First of all, I recommend separating your jungle from the corruption. Corruption spreads really fast in hard mode, so I recommend using dynamite to separate the Jungle from the Corruption. You need to create a distance of least 6 blocks. That way, the jungle won’t get corrupted. Unfortunately, this world started with a slightly corrupted jungle, so I have no choice but to try and slow down the spread a little.

Alright there we go, its not 100% protection, but it definitely will slow down the corruption sufficiently. Next, I recommend building a proper arena. I?ve terraformed the area a little, just so I can get a nice build. If you don”t want to do this, You can just build platforms and still be fine. So, what you want is a large arena, because hard mode bosses really aren?t a pushover anymore, so investing in a proper arena is definitely worth it. Why I recommend doing it pre hardmode, is because tougher monsters spawn in hardmode, which are more annoying and difficult to deal with, when you try to build your arena then. I?m using stone slab walls, stone slabs blocks, and marble platforms, just in case you’re curious.

Make sure you have campfires too, they increase your health regeneration, which is very useful during a boss fight. So there we go, looks good! Make sure to put your banners too, they give damage increases towards the respective monster, which is useful in your arena. I?m also going to turn this part into an AFK farm in hard mode. We will need a hard mode npc for it, so just dig a hole and cover it for now.

I?m also going to take the time to finish up a few more rooms of our castle. You can also use a bone wielder from the dungeon to make bone walls and bone furniture like what I’ve done for this room here. A nice demonic worship room. Nice huh? Lastly, build a house in the jungle and place the witch doctor npc in there. You can do so by clicking the housing menu and reassigning him into the house. He spawns after queen bee is defeated. We are doing this so we can get Wings the moment we transit into hard mode. Right so now lets fall to the underworld to mine hellstone. To do so, you have to make obsidian skin potions, which are crafted from bottled water, waterleaf, fireblossom, and obsidian.

Check out the last episode for the potion guide that I?ve covered. Now that we?re here, lets drink the potion and dive into the lava to mine hellstone, which is found below among the ash blocks. About two potion duration worth is enough. Okay I’ve done two potions, the second one is ending. Check the duration you have left from the buff window at the top left. I?ll finish up this vein and go back. Now, with a hellforge from the underworld, craft hellstone bars from hellstone and obsidian. From those 2 potions alone we?ve got a little less than a hundred and fifty bars. Now, craft the molten pickaxe. If you have the reaver shark, you can skip this one. If you only have the nightmare pick, you have to make it.

Next, make the molten armour set, it offers more defense than the meteor armor. For the wall of flesh, you can also bring along some ironskin potions, which increase your defense, and swiftness potions, which increase your movement speed. So the technique to fight the wall requires lots of platforms. Build a long path across the underworld using wooden platforms like this. If you?re unsure if what you?ve built is enough, go abit further. The worst thing that could happen to you is to run out of road to run on when the wall is about to die. That could ruin the entire fight. Just build though the houses, if any. Alrght I think this is more than enough. I?ve gone and built about halfway though the left side of the world, which is more than enough on a normal world playthrough. So when youre ready, drink your buff potions using the B key, and throw the guide voodoo doll into lava.

There it is, the wall of flesh has awoken! Using the bees knees, aim for the eyes of the wall. The eyes have low defense, so the bees will deal large amounts of damage. And if you noticed the lasers are doing 1 damage, thanks to the iron skin potion. Dodging the lasers can be abit tricky, but basically just fly up and down to avoid them. Just like that the wall is already at half health. You can also kill the hungries which are these floating things, or the worms that it spits out. They drop hearts with you can use to heal for 20 health The wall also speeds up as its health gets lower.

Well its almost dead, keep aiming the eyes. Well there you have it! Congratulations, you have defeated the wall of flesh and have released the ancient spirits of light and dark. You are now in hardmode! Grab your loot drops, most importantly the pwnhammer. Look, we immediately got a hardmode enemy already, a rune wizard. Look how tough he is! He only drops a vanity set, so that?s fun. I?m actually going to farm the wall a few more times for his drops. Alright now that we?re back, let me go through his drops. The pwnhammer is a hammer that you need to break demon altars. Breaking those will spawn hardmode ores in your world, which you need to progress and get better armour. We got a laser rifle which is an upgraded space gun.

Let me just wear the rune wizard set for fun. Hahaha looks good huh, nice running effect too. So most importantly, the wall of flesh drops emblems, which increase damage. There is one for melee, one for ranged, one for mages, and one for summoners. So the first significant upgrade you can get are wings, which allow flight. Run over to the jungle at night. The witch doctor sells leaf wings at night in the jungle biome. So buy the leaf wings for 1 platinum, which you should be able to afford if you follow my money farm guide. Now you can fly just by holding space. You should remove your double jump accessory too, to allow you to have smooth flight. See, now just fly wherever, whenever you want. Wings also negate fall damage, so you can fall all the way to the underworld without receiving damage. Next episode, we will go for our first hardmode upgrade, and maybe take down a mechanical boss as well, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too so you won?t miss it! This has been Zuzucorn Games – By Casuals, For Casuals! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeeee! 🙂

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