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Hello friend! And welcome to zuzucorn?s tips and guides for the Casual Terrarian! Last time, we defeated the wall of flesh and flew into hardmode! Today, let?s take down the destroyer, a mechanical boss! I’ll also show you how to get some good hardmode weapons I?m committed to entertain, encourage and give casuals a place to call home, so subscribe now and join the casual family! Firstly, let?s head over to the corruption to break demon altars using the pwnhammer. Doing so spawns hardmode ores in your world. In ours, we have cobalt, mythril and adamantite. You should break altars in groups of three.

The more you break, the more hardmore ore you have. Be careful though, wraiths will spawn when you break altars, so make sure to deal with those. Alright, with a spelunker potion on, let?s look for cobalt, the first tier of hardmode ore. Right, I see a vein of cobalt there, but the wizard is also here, so let?s go free him first The wizard is an NPC that sells things to make magic weapons of your own. But I?m mostly after the crystal ball, a crafting station. I?ll buy that now in case he dies or something. Right, so cobalt is this shiny blue metal. Just mine enough for the pickaxe, it?s not a very useful metal. Alright, with some cobalt ore, make the cobalt pickaxe. I?ll also make a cobalt repeater, just as a small weapon upgrade, since I do have the extra ore. So we?re back here for mythril. Mythril is this nice light green ore. Orihalcum, the alternative is a bright pink ore, just in case that?s what you have.

So with mythril bars, make a mythril anvil first. This is really important, because it lets you craft hardmode weapons. I?m actually not going to go for adamantite now, because it?s not that necessary. I?m going to craft an endless quiver, made from 4 stacks of 999 arrows, crafted at the crystal ball from the wizard. Now let?s get our first real hardmode weapon. In the corrupted desert, farm dark mummies for dark shards. You only need 2. After farming, we did find some trinkets like the megaphone and fast clock though. These are used for the ankh shield, a really good accessory we will slowly make our way towards. Ohhhh wow a rare spawn! This is a sand elemental, which has a chance to spawn during sand storms. It?s really tough though, 5 thousand health, I don?t think I can kill it though, i might actually die. Oh hohoho! It managed to get itself stuck! I can?t believe I?m cheesing it right now.

There we go! A sand elemental drops the forbidden fragment, which is used to make forbidden armour, which buffs magic and summon damage. Now, let?s farm some souls of night, from the underground corruption. I?m doing it here, in the underground corrupted ice biome, so that we have a chance at getting the amarok or the ice sickle, which are solid melee weapons dropped by enemies in the ice biome.

Killing these clinger monsters also give you cursed flames, which are useful crafting materials later on. So now, we can make the onyx blaster, from a shotgun from the arms dealer, souls of night, and 2 dark shards. It?s a solid hardmode weapon. I really recommend it, especially for beginners. Similarly, I?m going to make an endless musket pouch from 4 stacks of 999 musket balls at the crystal ball. Now, lets farm some unicorns for unicorn horns and some pixies for pixie dust. This is done in the hallowed biome, a new biome that appears in hardmode. Try to make your way into the underground hollow as well. Farm souls of light from monsters in the underground hollow. You?ll need quite a lot of them. By the way, fishing in the underground hollow has a 1/100 chance to get you the crystal serpent, a really solid magic weapon in hard mode.

I?ll try my luck to see if I get one, just to show you how it works. Oh wow, we got a zephyr fish, a pet obtained with 1 in 200 chance when fishing. Well after 20 mins, no such luck for the crystal serpent. Oh well, I?ll show you another time then. Now that we?re back, place a chest and put a key of light, made with 15 souls of light. This spawns a hollowed mimic, which we are hunting for a specific weapon. Careful though, they deal lots of damage. Oh we got a crystal vile thorn, a pretty alright magic weapon. It passes through walls though, so that?s a plus. Ah our second one got us a flying knife, a melee weapon that follows your cursor. We got an illuminant hook, a far reaching one that hooks up to 3 times at once.

Ah another crystal vile shard. There it is! We got it guys, the Deadalus Stormbow. This is a really good weapon, it summons arrows from the sky. Now, make some holy arrows using arrows, unicorn horns and pixie dust. I?ve only got 3, so I can make 600. But that?s more than enough for now. Make a mechanical worm using rotten chunks, souls of night, and iron bars. Now, let?s summon the destroyer using the mechanical worm. It?s a really easy fight with the Deadalus Stormbow and holy arrows, so I?m not even going to use buff potions. But if you want to, please go ahead, if it makes it easier for you! As you can see, the destroyer is getting well? destroyed! Just make sure to kill the droids as well, they drop hearts that heal you. It?s hard to dodge the lasers, so just tank through it. Just make sure you don?t get trapped inside the destroyer. There we go, the first mechanical boss defeated! Let?s grab the loot. Next episode, I?ll go through how to use the loot to make an even better weapon.

Let?s also take down the other 2 mechanical bosses! So make sure you subscribe so you won?t miss that episode of The Casual Terrarian! This has been Zuzucorn Games – By Casuals, For Casuals! Have a nice day, and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeeeee ?.

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