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Terraria Guide to Debuffs! Blackout, Broken Armor, and Cursed Inferno!



Hello friends and elements today we resume our Terraria debuff series and take a look at three new negative effects First, we?ll look at Blackout, then Broken Armor, and lastly Cursed Inferno. If you enjoy this series, please be sure to rate the video accordingly as it helps the channel, while new viewers should subscribe for more videos in the future. Let?s begin by looking at the blackout debuff. This is much stronger than the previously explored darkness debuff and is brought on by ragged casters in the post plantera hardmode dungeon. Your light vision is severely reduced, almost by 50%! Blackout has no weakness unlike its predecessor the darkness debuff, and can only be dispelled by waiting it out. The duration time is three seconds on normal mode, with six seconds on expert mode.

This still isn’t a very deadly debuff, but it can lead to some dire consequences due to the lack of light vision around the player. Proceed with caution, and you should be just fine. Next, we have the Broken Armor debuff which can be very dangerous since it can cut a player’s defense in half, making them extremely vulnerable. It can be inflicted by armored skeletons in hard mode, as well as blue armor bones, the brain of cthulhu, and its minions, the creepers. The duration time of his deep off has a wide range, since it depends on which mob inflicted it.

But the good news is, broken armor can be prevented with the following accessories: armor polish, armor bracing, the ankh charm, and finally the ankh shield. This debuff can pose a serious threat to players just entering hard mode, if you’re having a hard time, be sure to carry extra defensive potions along, like iron skin and endurance. They can help mitigate damage Finally we take a look at the cursed inferno debuff, which can be fatal at the wrong time.

This debuff does prevent health regeneration, while inflicting damage on the target. Damage from other players can last anywhere from three to seven seconds, with damage caused by the clinger staff lasting up to 45 seconds. Damage from mobs can last from 7 to 16 seconds, though this is a very short list. At this time, there is no immunity to cursed inferno, and it cannot be dispelled in water. Mobs that can inflict cursed inferno are: the clinger, vile ghouls, and spazmatism from the twin boss fight. I hope this video has informed some of you, and can help you with planning out accessories. As always let me know what you think in the comments section, I love to hear from you. If there’s something you would love to see, let me know as well, and it’s something I’ll take a look at. Thanks for watching, have yourself a wonderful day, and I’ll see you again next time! The video is over, but there’s more where that came from, be sure to subscribe for more terraria let’s plays, top fives, and other videos, as well as we cover different titles you can click on one of the videos here for more be sure to rate this video accordingly as it helps the channel out greatly have yourself a wonderful day and I will see you again next time

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