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Terraria – Rarity Levels in Terraria Explained



Terraria – Rarity Levels Explained This tier of items contains quest items. They are from the Angler and Dye Trader. The reason why they are below Grey as -2 is because if you add a positive mod to Amber items… They become Grey rarity. Grey tier items are fishing junk, like the Tin Can, Seaweed and Old Shoe from fishing with low fishing power. You can also get it from a bad modifier on white or blue tier items be it by RNG or by the Goblin Tinkerer. White is the default tier in Terraria. It comprises most items including basic crafting, materials, and drops. Early-tier armor, weapons, ores, and items are generally white rarity as well. Vanity and decorations are also White [rarity]. Most white items also burn in lava, with a few exceptions like the Fireblossom herb. This is the highest tier that burns in lava. Blue items are like white but a little harder to craft or obtain. They are generally a bit more powerful and are less basic.

They can also be found in surface or skychests, and are still pretty easy to obtain within a few minutes of starting. Most green-tier items are looted or purchased. They drop from mid-prehardmode bosses like Skeletron or bought. Some items that are crafted are the Star Cannon, Sunglasses, and Necro Armor. You can also get it on good reforges for lower tier items. Orange-tier items cap off prehardmode, with Hell items and Jungle items capping off pre-hardmode. Rather interestingly, some early hardmode items like the Crystal Ball are orange-tier, despite being hardmode.

The Light-red tier consists of mainly early-hardmode items made from the hardmode ores and hardmode drops. Stuff like the K.O. Cannon, Pwnhammer, Clockwork Assault Rifle, and the hardmode ore sets are all Light Red. Most Light Red tier items are obtained before the Mechanical bosses as drops, crafts, or purchases. Oddly, the Slime Staff and Golden Bug Net are Light-Red rarity, despite being obtainable early-prehardmode. This is likely due to how hard they are to obtain. This tier consists of many items obtained after defeating a Mechanical boss, but before Plantera. items like the Flamethrower, Optic Staff, Megashark, and Clentaminator would fall into this category. This tier is a very small tier, and only includes rare pre-plantera items as a base rarity. This includes the Coin Gun and Ankh Charm, among others. Items obtained around the chlorophyte-tier and some items after Plantera are part of the Lime-tier rarity. Examples include the Chlorophyte items, the Ankh Shield and the Temple Key. Also weirdly, pre-hardmode items Cell Phone and Frostspark Boots are Lime, despite being as early as Pre-Hardmode.

Yellow-tier items are obtained after Plantera, in the Dungeon, Frost and Pumpkin Moons, and Duke Fishron/Betsy. Examples include the Tsunami, Solar Tablet, Elf Melter, Candy Corn Rifle, North Pole, and other endgame 1.2 items. All mounts are Yellow, even though some are early game. Cyan has many items from 1.2 and starts to include new items from the Lunar Events, like the fragments. Developer sets are also all in Cyan Rarity, even though they can be obtained as early as early hardmode from bags.

Some Moonlord drops like the Celebration or Starwrath are Cyan rarity despite being endgame. Red… the last naturally occuring rarity. It comprises everything in the Lunar events and most Moonlord drops… In fact, it is the final rarity that items will have as a base rarity. But, there’s a rarity you can get with reforges that’s higher… If you reforge a Cyan or Red item, with a good reforge you can reach Purple Rarity! This is the highest rarity ingame.

Rainbow items are expert only, and obtained from boss treasure bags in Expert mode. it’s meant to be a bonus for expert players. Please subscribe!.

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