TERRARIA SUMMONER PROGRESSION GUIDE 4! Expert Skeletron Guide! Fishing, Potions and Hardmode Prep!


Hello friend! Welcome to another episode of Zuzucorn’s expert Summoner progression guide! In this series, I show you a recommended gear and boss progression, so you can have a smooth experience of your own! I’m Zuzucorn and I aim to entertain you, encourage you and offer you a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the zuzucorn family! Last time, we took down the eye of Cthulhu and the bee queen, obtaining our bee armor and shield of Cthulhu. Today we will take down Skeletron, explore the dungeon and build many important farms and structures before we propel ourselves into hard mode. Let’s begin with a juicy Skeletron fight. It’s getting close to nighttime, so let’s see if we can build a quick arena to take him down. For Skeletron, the arena will be a few long platforms around here, then build upwards and continue like so. This episode will be mostly tying up of loose ends and hard mode preparation, so do bear with me. Right, we’ve managed to finish it at about 7:40 p.m., which is pretty reasonable.

Let’s buff up and summon him. I really hate the start, because everything is so wonky for a while. Let’s give it a while for the boss stabilize. Anyway, Skeletron shouldn’t be too difficult with a shield of Cthulhu and the specter boots. For expert Skeletron, the head has increased defense for each arm that is still alive, so we have to get rid of the arms first. It’s somewhat easy to dodge, just look out for the arms. They tend to wind up before they swing at you. The main thing to look out for is the head spin. This spin is fast and if you get caught up in it, it will stun lock you and you will probably just die. Just run along the platforms to stay ahead of it. If you run out of platforms, just use the rocket boots to fly over it then use a shield dash to create some distance. Okay that’s the last of the hands. I recommend you to take out both hands at about the same time, the moment you defeat one hand, the skull will start shooting skull projectiles at you.

These are kind of hard to avoid because they speed up and tend to curve towards you. By taking out both hands together, you can solely focus on dodging the skulls. There are many ways to dodge the skulls, but what I like to do is to stay under him and then use the dash to avoid the skulls. If you dash in the opposite direction of the skull, this usually lets you avoid them.

Well we’re almost done. Nice! Oh we’ve got Chippy’s Couch as well. That’s awesome, I really like how it looks. I am a chippy fan, so I’m definitely keeping this. Skeletron doesn’t give anything too interesting, especially for summoners. There’s a magic weapon you can get, but we didn’t get it. It’s not too relevant anyway. With Skeletron defeated, we now have free dungeon access. Before that, I actually want to do the new torch god event as well. I tend to use a lot of torches in the dungeon and I don’t want the event to trigger while I’m there.

If you don’t know, the torch god is a new event added in Terraria one point four point five and it allows you to have Auto biome torch placing, giving you maximum torch luck. I think I’ll use this granite biome. The event is difficult, especially early game, but doable if you just use rope. Just place a long line of rope down, clear out all the torches in the area, then place 100 torches down. It might take a few more torches to trigger it.

There we go, now let’s run over to the rope. If you notice, they’re doing lots of damage. To avoid them easily, just slowly scoot up and down the rope. I’m doing a horrible job here, but look, even with such a poor attempt I think it will work. If you need more information about the event, check out this video over here. With that done, we now have the torch God’s favor, which allows us to automatically place biome torches in the right biome. Just to illustrate this, look, when I’m in the dungeon the music changes and my normal torches become bone torches. When I’m outside, it becomes normal torches again. This is a nice new addition honestly. So the reason I wanted to get that out of the way is because what I like to do is mark the biome chests with torches, that way I can find them on the map later on. I’ve also found a bewitching table and the mechanic. The bewitching table is the main thing that we are after from the dungeon, placing it down and right-clicking it gives you a buff that increases your maximum minions. So with this we now have four imps.

It’s really important. Next we will also want an alchemy table, which has a one-third chance not to consume potion ingredients. That’s real nifty when we are crafting potions because we get more value per ingredient. Now this is the new desert chest which we have to take note of. This one contains a summon weapon. It’s quite interesting, so we’ll definitely farm for the key later on in our playthrough. Now let’s go for building and hard mode preparation. For the spider biome, simply build a box to keep you safe. Our summons can attack through the box, which will allow us to safely farm for our hard mode summoner armor and weapon. Next I want to build some fishing spots. Fishing is optional, but it’s very useful. Doing the anglers quests will give you some components needed for the cell phone, which is something I’ll be getting in this playthrough. It also gives you potion materials, notably the endurance potion requires armored cavefish and the summoning potion requires the variegated lardfish.

To build your own fishing spot, all you need is a water body with 300 spaces, that way you won’t get a fishing power penalty. Just simply make a 30 by 10 fishing spot. Keep in mind that this means that you need one side to be an extra block, so 31 by 10 basically. To fill in the water, just make a u-shape like this then grab one bucket of water and click on top of this block. By doing this, you’re separating the water without losing any, so you’re basically duplicating water. If you add another u-shape, it actually speeds up the process, so whatever works for you. With that done, we actually got a natural slime rain. This is actually great, we need the expert king slime accessory for the underworld, so let’s get this over with. To summon him all you need to do is defeat enough slimes. Once you do, king slime will spawn. At this point in the game with our gear, he’s not difficult at all. There we go simple and easy.

The thing we are interested from the treasure bag is the royal gel, which makes slimes friendly. The lava slimes in expert mode release lava when killed which is really annoying, because they will destroy our bridges when we make a wall of flash arena. However, having the royal gel will allow us to ignore the lava slimes completely. I’m just going to set up an ocean pylon as well. So I’ve actually built another fishing spot above the one that we just built. I’m going to add mud blocks and plant jungle grass on it. When the grass grows, this fishing spot will become a jungle fishing spot, which allows us to catch the variegated lardfish, a component in the all-important summoning potion.

The summoning potion gives us one more minion, so with our jungle fishing spot, we can get lots of that, bringing our total minion count to 5. I also want to introduce to you pumpkin pie. The dryad sells pumpkin seeds and planting them allows you to grow pumpkins. 10 pumpkins at the furnace will allow you to craft pumpkin pie, which provides the medium fed buff, increasing your regeneration and other stats. Life regen in expert is low and extremely poor, so being well-fed actually helps you out a lot. For fishing quests, it’s good to get into the habit of doing it every in-game day. Ours is a cloudfish today, which is caught from the sky lakes. This is great, I can show you how to find sky islands. All you need is a gravitation potion, using these allow you to flip gravity by pressing the up direction, and by falling up and down, you can look for sky islands.

Well we found one already, just make sure to land gently. In this one we’ve got a lucky horseshoe, which negates fall damage. Well that’s really useful, because now we can be a bit more reckless. It’s a little dark but we have found a sky lake. Fishing here gives you sky loot and sky crates so it’s not too bad. I recommend building a shelter so the harpies don’t annoy you. If you are curious on how to fine bait, we can find worms by breaking natural rocks, and catch them using a bug net. There we go, let’s turn it in. So he gave us the mermaid vanity set, which is nothing much. I’ve set up a mushroom pylon as well, which is near the underworld, so this is quite convenient for us.

I’ve also expanded our gem tree farm. Right now we’re getting about 10 gold per harvest, it’s not much but as expands even more, it will get pretty significant. Plus considering the low effort, it’s pretty good. A fishing tip here, you can actually catch more than one quest fish, all you need to do is throw it on the ground or put it in storage, then you can catch another one. I like to catch a few so that if the angler wants the same fish again, I’ll have some spares and I can just turn them in effortlessly. See this snail? It can be caught using a lava proof bug net. This is really important, we can’t fish in lava unless we have bait from the underworld, such as the magma snail or the lava fly. You can also use the hotline fishing rod obtained from the anglers quests, however that’s not a reliable way to do it. Lava fishing is slow, but with good rewards. In particular we want the lava charm for the Terraspark boots and the lava proof fishing hook, which will allow us to fish in lava with any type of bait.

These can be obtained from the obsidian crate, which will also always give you an obsidian lockbox, which contains an item from shadow chests. There are other ways to get the Lava charm as well, but it’s good to just set this up first. I managed to find the ice skates as well, which allows us to craft the frostspark boots. Now with this, all we need is a lava charm and we can get the Terraspark boots. To finish off, look this is the first fishing spot. When I fly up to our other one, the water color changes. The jungle grass has added the jungle biome to this fishing spot and now we can get variegated lardfish.

These are quite rare, but very important for any summoner. Combining this with moon glow gives us the summoning potion, giving us one more total summon. This episode is mostly filled with building and hardmode preparation, you don’t have to follow everything I did, but building some are definitely worth it, like the underground jungle fishing spot, which is very important for summoners. With many loose ends tied up, we can finally take down the wall of flesh and enter hardmode. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon too, so you won’t miss the next episode of our summoner progression guide! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeee! :).

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