TERRARIA SUMMONER PROGRESSION GUIDE 5! Expert Wall of Flesh Boss Guide! Easy Hardmode Spider Armour!


Hello friend! Welcome back to Zuzucorn’s expert summoner progression guide! In this series, I offer you a recommended boss and gear progression, so that you can have a smooth experience of your own! I’m Zuzucorn and I aim to entertain you, encourage you and offer you a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the Zuzucorn family! Last time, we tied up lots of loose ends, preparing for our transition into hard mode! Now let’s defeat the wall of flesh, which will be a challenge for summoners.

Let’s start with building a wall of flesh arena, this arena is simply a path spread across the underworld. Just simply place platforms or solid blocks along the underworld like this. There are pros and cons to both. The good thing about platforms is that your attacks can pass through them, allowing you to hit the wall of flesh more consistently. However using solid blocks not only blocks your attacks, but also the wall’s lasers, which are difficult to avoid. So I would probably recommend you to use solid blocks instead. I’ll just use platforms here because it’s faster, but it’s probably not a good idea.

Now for expert mode, you really have to make this long. When I say long, I mean at least half the world in length. For summoners especially, the longer the better. Personally, I’m not a fan of sentries, which is why I’m not using any tavernkeep weapons, but as a summoner, you can still use some sentries, especially the ballista one, which will make your life so much easier. If you’d like, you can use the royal gel accessory from king slime as well. Lava slimes release lava when killed, which will damage your platforms. If you use solid blocks, it will run along all the blocks as well, so it’s a good idea to have a few drainage points or gaps once in a while, so that this won’t bother you that much.

The royal gel will make these slimes friendly, however minions still attack them regardless, so it’s not very useful if you’re using your summons. I also want to introduce you to more potions for this fight. I recommend regeneration potions, iron skin potions, mana regeneration potions and endurance potions. You can use some heartreach or lifeforce potions as well, if you manange to find some. And don’t forget the summoning potions as well. Another thing that you can do is to pour some honey in small pockets along your bridge. Honey improves life regeneration, so as you run through them, that will boost your life regen by a small amount. My bridge is about half the world and I don’t think it’s long enough, but I’ll just give it a try.

Let’s buff up and throw the guide voodoo doll into lava. This is the first time I’m doing the wall as a summoner in 1.4, so I’m not sure what’s the best approach. Previously, the way to do it would be to summon the imps over and over after targeting the wall. This would repeatedly fire off an imp attack. However, with the introduction of whips, I’m not too sure if it’s better to whip the wall instead. I’ll try the traditional method for this one. Okay so it’s at half health and I’ve pretty much used up all my road already. It’s pretty difficult because when the hungries are released, whipping them in self-defense ruins the minions targeting, so perhaps this isn’t the best way to do it now. Well I’ve run out of road. I think that’s about it? Yep. Dead. Okay so it’s a good thing that I’m doing it first so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

So first thing you should do, build your path out of solid blocks instead. Being able to block the lasers is a lifesaver. Another thing that you can do is to add campfires to boost life regen even more. I skipped this step just now just to see how far I could push it. If you’re using beenades or playing as a ranger or mage, you usually can compromise a little, but as a summoner, not really. If you can, add some heart lanterns as well. I’m going to try this again, but purely using the traditional summoning method. Okay so it’s not working out too well, for some reason my right clicks aren’t really working and the imps aren’t targeting the wall.

So after looking through my video footage, I realized that my smart cast was on, meaning that my right clicks for targeting simply turned the campfires on and off, and also open and close doors. No wonder they didn’t do anything. So second lesson here, turn off smart cast. I’ve expanded the bridge even more, it’s about 65 percent of the world now. I’ve turned off smart cast. Let’s give it one more try. So one thing I’ve noticed this time, if you focus on taking out the Hungries, although they respawn, this gives you a lot more breathing room. At the same time, your imps tend to stay behind the wall, which allows their attacks to hit the wall more consistently. Perhaps this is the better method to use. This is a lot more manageable and simpler, and we’re doing pretty consistent damage to it. Just make sure you target the eye every opportunity you get.

It’s below half health now, things are going pretty smoothly, the lasers are a pain, but if you used solid blocks, it’s probably better than what I have here. Having our imps behind it is really helping out, we still have lots of road left. Just be careful, because it speeds up a crazy amount as it’s about to die. Things can go south really quickly. Use your dashes to stay ahead of it. Oh it’s almost catching up to me. It’s almost dead though, just a little more… there we go! Finally. If you’re trying this in master mode, you probably have to use the traditional way combined with solid platforms and some tavernkeep sentries as well. With that done we are now in hard mode, hopefully we can get the new whip as well. Nice, we actually got it! An unhappy firecracker. We didn’t get a summoner emblem, but that’s fine.

If you don’t get the Firecracker, it’s okay as well, there’s a better one that we can get pretty easily. The demon heart is an exclusive consumable that actually gives you the sixth accessory slot. This is game changing. With our firecracker reforged, let’s get our hardmode summoner set. It’s pretty simple to get- Oh hello the wizard is here! I almost didn’t notice! Anyway, because we’ve prepared this beforehand, all we need to do is summon our imps through the wall. These are black reculses and they are insanely tough and do high damage.

They can also immobilize you, which is why we are farming them from the safety of our box. It’s not difficult, but it does take time. They drop the spider fangs, which is used to craft our summoner weapon and armor set. You will need 76 fangs in total if you want it all. I recommend making the summon once you have 16, it will help to speed up the farming by a large amount. With that done, make the spider staff, a really strong summon. Make the spider armor as well, which is a huge upgrade from the bee armor. If you want, you can also craft the Queen spider staff, which is a sentry. I’ll make one just to show you, but I’m not a fan of sentries. In addition, the tavernkeep’s ballista staff is probably better than this one.

Just to finish off, let’s gather materials for our hard mode whip upgrade. You can skip the firecracker entirely if you didn’t get one. During a rainy day, head over to the ice biome. Ice golems will spawn. They are really tough and have high health, but all you need to do is build a box, then summon your spiders onto him. They’ll stick to him and do lots of damage. Iice golems drop frost cores, and all you need is one of it. Next we will need eight souls of night and eight souls of light. Souls of lights are obtained from the underground Hollow, and souls of night from the underground crimson or corruption. With your spider summons, damage shouldn’t be an issue. However, please be careful, because things can still kill you in a few hits.

While you’re in the underground Hollow, these enchanted sword enemies might spawn as well. If you’re lucky, you can get a really rare summon from it. I don’t recommend farming for this, but if you get lucky, then feel free to use it, it’s pretty good. Well there we go! With that, all the materials for the cool whip has been gathered! Now all we need to do is mine some hard mode ores and we can make our cool whip. Let’s do that next time and also take down a mechanical boss! Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon too, so you won’t miss the next episode of our summoner progression guide! This has been Zuzucorn Games! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeeee! :).

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