TERRARIA SUMMONER PROGRESSION GUIDE SERIES! Terraria 1.4 Expert Mode Summoner and Whips guide!


Hello friend! Welcome to Zuzucorn’s expert summoner guide and progression for Terraria 1.4! In this series, I’ll show you tips and tricks for playing summoner in expert mode and offer you a suggested gear progression guide to help you out I’m Zuzucorn I aim to entertain you, encourage you and offer you a place to call home! So subscribe now and join the Zuzucorn family! For this summoner guided playthrough, I’ll be doing it in the journey mode world This is purely for block convenience during building. I will not be using the starter wings and I’ll also not be duplicating money and other things that significantly affect the expert mode experience. Of course, I’ll be playing in expert mode difficulty right off the bat for the most authentic experience there is. Let me explain the issue with playing a pure summoner class in terraria 1.4. In 1.3, the only summon weapon available at a start of the game was the slime staff, which has an absurdly low drop rate However, using the reaver shark, summoners could skip directly to hellstone, allowing them to craft the inp staff as their first weapon Which is a decent summon weapon for pre hard mode.

In 1.4, the reaver shark no longer mines hellstone, so that method doesn’t work anymore. Although 1.4 add a new early game summons, there is no real reliable way to get them. The Finch staff is one of these new weapons, However, you have to be lucky enough for your world to generate living trees, and hope that the living tree chests within contains the Finch Staff. If your world doesn’t generate a Finch staff, you’re somewhat stuck. The next weapon is the vampire frog staff Which is dropped from two enemies during a Blood Moon. These two enemies have a chance to appear when fishing during the Blood Moon The main issue is, these enemies are really difficult to kill early on. I wish the developers had added a more common starting summon weapon Perhaps something that could be crafted using gems or ores If you want to do a pure summoner playthrough, you can do a seeded playthrough, Meaning that you use a world seed that you know contains a Finch staff.

Even looking for one. Here’s one right here Pause the video and copy it down if you want to Well now that you know about early game summon issues, That’s the reason why I created a journey mode character. Journey mode characters always start off with a Finch staff Meaning that it will at least give us a summon weapon to work with Especially if we can’t find a Finch staff in this world So as always start out by chopping some trees and building a house. In 1.4, the game favors having different towns This means that building a huge apartment isn’t good anymore. By having only two or three houses in each biome, NPCs who are happy will sell you a pylon, which allows you to teleport between these biomes So the way to build houses will now be a few houses all around the world Compared to a huge apartment near where you started Summoners also have a new class of weapons called whips, which allow you to deal some damage directly, as well as tag the enemy, Allowing your summons to target them and do a little more damage.

Our game plan for today will be to get the zoologist to move in who sells the first whip we can acquire. Let’s also explore the world and do some spelunking as well. You can actually skip this first whip, but I’ll cover that later We will also try to set up some pylons by building houses in different biomes We can’t afford them yet, but setting it up first gets it out of the way Make sure you collect as much ore as you can as well. Any armor is good armor for now. At this stage of the game, zombies are pretty difficult enemies, So just be mindful of them for the ones with the sticks, you can’t really beat them using swords.

If you go near, they can hit you, see? Lots of damage. Just let the guide deal with it, or make your own wooden bow. I will be allowing myself to use starter weapons, at least until we get our first whip. There we go. A simple set of houses. I I recommend getting clay as well so we can make clay pots for herbs. Potions and herbs are really important in expert mode, because they give you the boost that you need to conquer the difficult bosses. Alright, we’ve made our way to the desert here. So let’s build a quick house. There, simple and ugly! I’ll decide whether to use this in the future since the desert here is pretty near our base. Ooh, we’ve come across our first underground house! With a mace in it. This is an interesting weapon You can actually combine this with 99 tortches to make a flaming mace, which has a chance to burn enemies. It’s a pretty solid weapon early on Just a little more to the right and we’ve actually found the jungle already. It seems that in this world, The jungle is really near the middle.

So that’s pretty convenient for us. If you can, try to get some gems for a gem hook as well, that will help you with mobility and it’s pretty important. Ah, this is new to 1.4. This is a fairy, which is a small creature that will lead you to treasure like a life crystal or a chest. Looks like this one led us to an underground house. That’s nice. Be careful though, Sometimes they lead you to a chest that’s rigged with traps and explosives So just be careful and scout out the area before you open the chest. Nice, our first life crystal. That will get the nurse to move in. Now that we’re back, look the merchant is already selling the forest pylon. If even more NPCs move in, he might get unhappy and stop selling it. We can’t buy it yet, mostly because I keep dying and losing money, But yeah, at least it’s set up.

The target now is to get the zoologist to move in, which requires 10% of our bestiary to be filled up. This means that you have to kill many different enemies. You can keep track of this with the bar below here She will sell a whip when you’re bestiary is 15% filled So now you have two choices, either you faithfully fill up the bestiary and try to get this whip that she sells, Or brave the underground jungle for a stronger whip. Personally, I would rather go for the jungle one straight and it’s what I recommend doing but for the sake of the zoologist method I’ll explore the world a little and set up a few more pylon spots. For our world, It seems that the ice biome is already corrupted by the crimson. For filling out the bestiary, Visiting each biome to defeat a few enemies and critters is the most efficient way to do it. Here we are in the oasis desert. I’ll set up a pylon spot here By the way, for flails in general, after you release it, if you click again, you can make it fall on the ground like this this is good for dealing lots of damage to slower enemies.

Oh, our world has living trees. That’s nice. But will we be lucky enough to find a finch staff? Oh here it is. Let’s grab the living. Loom – oh Oh nice, we actually got a finch staff. That’s nice. It has a pretty good modifier as well. Let’s replace our old one with this one. Great. We are now set with our first summon weapon. So I guess if you want to do a seeded playthrough, you can use this world as well. Alright, we are now in the jungle. Our bestiary is almost at 10% I think with this frog we’ll be done Nice, there it is, 10% filled! Now the zoologist will move in. Just keep it up if you’re going for the leather whip that she sells Now personally, I prefer braving the jungle for the snapthorn, a whip that is stronger than the leather one. The snapthorn is crafted from 12 stingers, 3 vines and 3 jungle spores. Vines are obtained from the man-eaters which are horribly tough at this stage of the game You have no choice but to damage it slowly. Touching it can kill you in two to three hits.

So always keep your distance You can also hide in a box or a house and summon the Finch outside to damage the enemies However, the finch is undeniably pretty stupid and misses its mark half the time This method will take a really long time, but it does keep you safe. I prefer avoiding crowded areas and pick off any lone enemies Stingers are obtained from Hornets, but they fly around and shoot poisonous projectiles at you. So they are kind of tricky Jungle spores are these glowing things, so just mine them.

They are pretty common and easy to find. Alright, that’s our last vine This should also be our last stinger. Nice, we’ve got the 12 stingers that we need. Let’s hurry back to craft the whip. Head over to the anvil and craft the snapthorn. We’ve got a pretty bad modifier on it though. But this is both good and bad. The thing about whips, is that the slower the speed, the longer the range. So a sluggish modifier, which decreases speed Actually gives you the longest range on your whips. But well, losing out on damage isn’t that good. But it’s what we have for now. Well, we have managed to grab our own Finch staff and also gotten our first whip, the snapthorn. We are now set for progressing Next time I’ll show you how you can grab hellstone easily at this point of the game, to grab the imp staff Which will help you out greatly pre hard mode So make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon too, for more Terraria guides and coverage! This has been Zuzucorn games! Have a nice day and have a great week ahead! Byebyeee! 🙂

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