TSW Fist Healing Endgame Guide

TSW Fist Healing Endgame Guide?by Aela

While there are multiple viable healing builds at end-game, it is the general belief that the in most situations, fist offers the most powerful healing options for Elite and NM level healing.

Over the last few weeks, I have been testing out a number of different builds, including fist with Blood, AR, and Pistol. What follows is a general guide of what I have found that seems to work well.

(this is a work in progess that I will update as I complete additional portions)

Damage Based Building
The first set of builds includes use of a Damage builder, thus allowing faster building of duel resources.

The benefits of these two builds is (as previously started) that by building with a blood dps ability, it allows you to use two ability consumers, instead of just one.

There is some discussion of the viability of a damage based builder, however keeping it as an option is always good.

In my previous healing builds??My First 60 Healing??as well as??Elite Dungeon Healing??I used a similar strategy, however instead of Open Vein that I used previously, I replaced it with Bloodline.

I have decided that the extra healing given from the inclusion of bloodline/Culmination helps make up for the loss of healing from the direct healing builder. In conjunction with the use of two finishers, I have found these builds to offer more healing output.

Additionally, you can swap out Bloodline for Prey on the Weak (for a melee option that gives even more healing output, yet requires you to stand in melee range /shudder), or Safety off (giving a ranged ability and opening up one passive slot by removing culmination and making use of the healing sparks that is already slotted) which swaps out the Blood healing for AR. You would need to pickup an AR finisher to use Safety off.

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