TSW NM Full Support Guide

TSW NM Full Support Guide?by Escalith

Hello and thanks for reading this guide. I know that alot of people are having problems with steadily clearing the Nightmares; especially full/partially clearing the newly released ones. Unlike the early ones; they resolve around techniques that have not been adressed and required previously.

Despite of this build being tailored for the new Nightmares; this can also work very well in the old ones, especially for lower geared groups due to the hefty amount of utility it brings and Tanks can focus on more dps to hold aggro; DPS can focus on more damage and Healers having their healing improved.

You will not pull astounding numbers; but you will be the person that ensures everything goes according to plan.

I also would not suggest running this build in a PuG Nightmare group without previously stating that you will do this and ask if everyone is alright with it.

The Build Barebone ? Singletarget


1. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Defensive Turret // (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Raging Bullet
2. (Pistols Tier 2) ? Cleansing Drone // (Pistols Tier 2) ? Bond, Strong Bond
3. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Striker
4. (Shotgun Tier 1) ? Breaching Shot
5. ??
6. ??
7. ??


1. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Shield Formation
2. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Punisher
3. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Hardcase
4. (Elemental Tier 2) ? Violent Strikes
5. (Elemental Tier 2) ? Social Dynamo
6. ??
7. ??

The Build Barebone ? Multitarget


1. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Defensive Turret // (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Both Barrels
2. (Pistols Tier 2) ? Cleansing Drone // (Pistols Tier 2) ? Wanted
3. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Fire and Forget
4. (Shotgun Tier 1) ? Breaching Shot
5. ??
6. ??
7. ??


1. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Shield Formation
2. (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Blast Corps
3. (HammerTier 2) ? Bullheaded
4. (Hammer Tier 2) ? Improved Blasts
5. (Shotgun Tier 1) ? Gunsmoke
6. ??
7. ??

Open Skill Slots ? ??

Breaching shot is chosen as the superior DPS buff ?

However in either build you have 3 open actives and 2 open passives that can be chosen and changed dependant on your group setup and dependant on your gear.

Suggested Skills:

(Shotgun Tier 2) ? Flak Jacket + (Shotgun Tier 2) ? Full Flak Jacket

-> This takes one active and one passive. a 10 second 15% damage reduction.

(Pistols Tier 1) ? Deadly Aim

-> A DPS increase; provided you do not need more survivability

(Pistols Tier 2) ? Greater Good

-> Provided your healer requires increased healing on your group! It is quite strong even without it?s passive.

(Pistols Tier 2) ? Backup Drone

-> Provided your healer requires increased healing on your tank!

(Shotgun Tier 2) ? Cleanup

-> Your bread and butter elite for cleansing, purging on the whole goup on demand. Essential in many fights.

(Blood Tier 2) ? Iron Maiden

-> If you require a personal DPS increase

(Fist Tier 2) ?

-> If your group requires a constant Affliction

(Chaos Tier 2) ? Fever Pitch

-> If you feel like you miss too much

(Elemental Tier 2) ? Magnetic Variance

-> A Passive Purge that triggers when you crit!

(Shotgun Tier 2) ? Invasive Measures

-> 10% chance to build an additional Shotgun resource when attack. Thus a higher chance to keep Shotgun Turret up and running.

(Fist Tier 2) ? Bloodsport

-> Takes care of any affliction needs for the group!

The Gear

Ideally, to bring as much damage as you can you will want to wear a full +AR gear. Of course, as usually a single health item can save your live.

The stat weights should be around 50/50 Crit and Penetration; with hitting Issues you can always add Fever Pitch to the build.

Why use this build?

While the tradeoff is simple ? you will do less damage than a proper DPS; you will gain the following:

+150 Crit Rating on the whole group
+150 Protection Rating on the whole group
-30% Damage Received for anyone hit
-21% Damage Received for your defensive target addtionally

On Demand:

+40% Crit Rating for the whole group
+40% Penetration Rating for whole group
+15% Healing for the whole group
+30% Healing on a single target
+15% Damage Reduction for the whole group
+Affliction State
+Cleanse on Demand/While fighting
+Purge on Demand/While fighting

But that is not all. This also allows your DPS to equip other damaging spells; your Tank to for example ignore Hardcase to get more defensive or offensive capabilities.
Your DPS for example can drop Afflicting and gain Subtlety or a different damage increasing abilities. Not only do you bring all that is requires; you can also help others to use stronger builds by doing what they require to function!

If the tradeoff is worth it is always dependant on your group; if your tank is too squishy, your healer undergeared; with this build you can help them overcome their shortcomings and ensure a smooth run!

Things to Note

You need to change your defensive target to use skills like Defensive Turret and Backup Drone on the proper target. In most cases it will be the tank; but make sure to switch and ensure you have the one selected in the group window.

Your skill choices are tailored towards your groups needs, not to what you think is more fun to use. The idea is to improve what is provided and lessen the shortcomings, if you want a proper DPS build this is not for you.

Last Words

I?ve tested this build personally and it?s fun to play and offers a new perspective to look at the game. You won?t have to split between 1 Tank, 3 DPS and 1 Healer anymore; but this allows your DPS to go full DPS, your Tank to get more damage for better aggro and your healer to heal easier by increasing his crit rating and lowering the taken damage.
Thus, the split will become 1 Tank, 2 DPS, 1 Support, 1 Healer.

I hope you have fun trying this out and .. good luck! =)

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