The Settlers Online Troop Costs Guide by SidV

The Settlers Online Troop Costs Guide by SidV

Hi there,

i got several times the question about the troop costs, so i?ll share my calculation here with you

The prices of the resources changes often and of course the calc should be wrong next week? but the ratio between the troops cost is mostly the same. So you could say M is around 2,5R worth ? or S is around 10R worth and so on.

So its only a rough calc ? and a how to for you. Feel free to make your own calc with your own prices.

1) I listed all resources in a row. I inserted the price for 400 and calculated from them the price for 1.

2) Then i listed all possible troops and what they need.
For example 1 recruit needs 5 beer and 10 bronzeswords. I linked the cells with the pricelist and calculated then the costs for 1 troop and for 200 troops.

So thats it?? if i insert now the actual-daily-price for beer and bronze swords, i see automatically the price for 200R and can then compare it easily with other troops.

R = Recruits
B = Bowman
C = Cavalry
M = Milita
S = Soldier
LB = LongBowman
A = Crossbowman
E = Elite Soldier
K = Cannoneer

Have fun and see yu,

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