The World of Magic Ranger Equipment Guide

The World of Magic Ranger Equipment Guide by seobaby

well.. just to help the newbies..(and being bored)

ranger equipment (>lvl 5)
lvl 7 leather gloves- village leather craftsman npc, 5heavy leather(if im not wrong)
lvl 13 sturdy leather glove- testing woopas
lvl 16 pirate gloves- broom, pirate skeleton
lvl 24 snake leather- lh2 npc(pugnus) 80snakeskin leather, 3blood threads, 1 ancient sap.
blood threads and ancient sap can be gotten by trading blood stem(lh4 drop by blood flower) you can get >1 of either item, or both
lvl 32 desert mercenary gloves- sand donguri

lvl 5 leather boots- village leather craftsman npc(10heavy leather)
lvl 5 boots of speed- beach radin npc(100 woopa scales or 100 hard scales. woopa scales is said to have a higher chance of 5%)
lvl 20 shoes[shukshuk]- beach shukshuk npc(traded from crown, dropped by turtle/turtlezzz at beach)
lvl 23 snake leather boots- lh2 pugnus npc(60snake leather, 2 blood thread, 1 ancient sap) blood threads and ancient sap can be gotten by trading blood stem(lh4 drop by blood flower) you can get >1 of either item, or both
lvl 29 desert mercenary boots- not sure, probably from sand doguri also.

lvl 10 Guardian ring(hp, fire resist)- dropped by guardian imp
lvl 12 ring of soul(2dex)- given after completion of edvant(lh1 npc) quest

lvl 8 old hat dex- mushroom marshland lost phantom npc(finish his quest)
lvl 15 pirate hat- dropped by pirate ship(dungeon) boss. different colour for different stat
lvl 18 Donguri Leaf Hat- lh2 mystica npc(50 donguri leafs, dropped by marshland donguri, in lh1. 5 fantastic powders, traded from sleepy kooii dolls in village npc)
lvl 22 Blood-Flower Stem Hat- lh2 npc[minister](1 blood stem, dropped from blood flower in lh4, 20crystal spider silk, dropped from crystal spider in wingfril temple)
lvl 26 Snow Flower Stem Cap- crafted at temple npc[name unsure](7 snow flower stem, 20 crystal spider silk)
lvl 30 Hat Of The Wind ? castle skinny npc(20 thread of wind, 70 cotton cloth, unsure of how to get items yet(im not that high lvl), thread of wind is made from 5 sand tree leaf, dropped by desert beholders)
lvl 34 hat of blitzkrieg- castle skinny npc(20 thread of magic, 70cotton cloth, thread of magic dropped by susu and suuk and their lanos counterpart)
lvl 38 Dezourba hat- castle skinny npc(70 special cotton cloth, Dezourba design, special cloth dropped by sand plains mobs. unsure about design)

lvl 5 sparkling(1crit)- dropped by mushroom king in marhsland(rare drop)
lvl 14 raven(>20 hp advised)- Santiagon NPC crafts at Lanos Plains
lvl 15 pirate(2crit)- dropped by pirate shiip boss

lvl 5 cloak of health(hp 0-20)- dropped from mushroom flower or white bat
lvl 5 bulldozer cloak(2 arm)- dropped from bulldozer or bulldozer brother(rare drop)
lvl 20 cloak of death(uber stats[3arm 50hp 3crit?])- dropped lvl lh3 bosses(very rare drop)

lvl 10 sturdy leather- dropped by spiders
lvl 16 spider silk bone- lh2 npc(80 bolts ofspider silk[convert spider silks at vill npc], 80 pieces of bones)
lvl 23 lizard leather- dropped by snaketail lizard in lh3
lvl 26 sturdy yeti -unsure how to obtain(sources state that its dropped by blacksky, miniboss of wingfril temple)
lvl 34 scout jerkin- castle skinny npc(thick leather 100 cotton cloth 20)
lvl 38 dezoruba?s tunic- castle skinny npc(thick leather 200 special cotton cloth 30 dezourba?s tunic design 1)

lvl 9 madgar belt- obtained after completion of revenger siro?s quest
lvl 20? belt of regeneration- unsure how to obtained. my guess is from lh bosses.

lvl 10 Longbow:Woopa
lvl 14 Composite Bow: Mutant Woopa/Woopa-Roopa Chief
lvl 17 Swirling Bow: BlackSkull, Grey skeleton, Sleepy kooii
lvl 20 Great Bow:Spector
lvl 23 Battle Bow: DongDong, Dan Dan, Dung Dung
lvl 27 Hunter Bow:Mummy Fighter
lvl 30 Wing?s Wing Bow: crafted at temple npc( 3 ancient feathers, 10 ancient leathers, serungs tear, leather and tear dropped by wadangka, tear has to be traded at npc, unsure about feather)
lvl 32 Horn Bow: Buzss and bizizi
lvl 35 Battle Bow: unsure(possibly stealth and its siras counterpart)
lvl 38 Dezoruba?s Bow: desert assassin, and its siras counterpart

thats all i have for now.. tell me if theres any mistakes..
thanks alot for helps and updates

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