TibiaME Secret Places Guide

TibiaME Secret Places Guide by UnDeRbLuE hellows to all as i saw on forum that many people searching for secret places and unfound portals to...

TibiaME Ridley Quest Guide

TibiaME Ridley Quest Guide by Aegela Go to southeast of Ashmor swamp. You will find Ridley walking around the beach. Talk to him. He will ask...

TibiaME Monsters Complete Guide

TibiaME Monsters Complete Guide by Revelon Attention: If you do know anythink that would be intresting to add to the guide, just PM me or...

TibiaME Windows Mobile Installation Guide

TibiaME Windows Mobile Installation Guide by siulmagic so heres what you need first: the java emulatorCompatibility:wm2003,wm2005,wm6.1,wm6.5 (Smartphone or Pocket PC)WM6.5 has problems with sound emulations so...

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