TibiaME Secret Places Guide


TibiaME Secret Places Guide by UnDeRbLuE

hellows to all as i saw on forum that many people searching for secret places and unfound portals to get achievments including me , i thot this topic will be gud for all of us , so grab your shovel and come LOL!:lol:

and the nominees are :

?memorial volcano?
thanx to griimmw10 for posting
thanx to krog w3 to create this image

?left side of goblin hall(fabulara)?

location : south east fabulara
portal : ibexigen
hint :npc malordy?s house (goblin hall)
description: unlocked by gm-judigator i guess ?formly secret room? somethng like that on sign nothing much ,but at least 1st secret that revealed thanx u to gm whoever made this happen

?center of fire pool(fabulara)?
?south of jorge house (aurea)?
?north of broken portal(musco-banuna)?
?secret st.nivalis portal (thanx inferno)?
?white cappa cave yabutu(thanx shark)?

i will edit this post if i find new hidden places or find solution to open these hidden places if you know any secret places other then the list above , write here so i add them in the list , okiy thanx u , gud luck pai

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