Hello, I am here to discuss the game mode in Titanfall 2 known as “Attrition.” According to Wikipedia, which as any internet savvy individual knows, is the only reliable source of information, Attrition Warfare is “the military strategy of wearing down the enemy by continual losses in personnel and material.” In Titanfall 2, Attrition gameplay revolves around murdering various kinds of enemies that have various point values until your team accrues 500 points And the other team says uncle. The various enemies you will encounter during Attrition gameplay are as follows: Grunts, the weakest and easiest to kill of the roster, are simply underpaid contract soldiers who are trying to feed their families. They typically arrive in drop pods or rappel onto the field via aircraft in groups of four. Killing a grunt will earn your team 1 point towards victory. While 1 point does not a match victory make, bear in mind that carving a path of carnage through a large number of grunts is relatively easy, and single points do add up in the long run. This allows players who lack the FPS currency known as “git gud” to still help their team toward victory.

Spectres are robotic footsoldiers. They are typically just as easy to dispatch, and are worth the same point value as grunts. Use spectres to ramp up your team’s point score without the guilt of slaughtering their human counterpart in droves, you monster. Stalkers are spectres but with a special module installed during manufacturing that increases their annoyance value by about 50%. Be prepared to mag dump these robotic assholes more than seems wholly necessary. Stalkers are worth 1 point as well. This means it might be best to just skip them if you’re not in your titan. Time is of the essence, and you can’t afford to sit around going dakka dakka for 45 seconds for one measly point. I hate Stalkers. Reapers are the car sized death robot equivalent of Chad from high school. He will knock you around and push you into the locker, but blowing him up with large scale battleship class weaponry always brings a smile to your face.

Then again my highshool was a bit weird. Eitherway, Reapers represent balance on the field. They are the logical step between stalkers and titans. They pose a significant threat to anything on the field, but also are large and common targets, being worth 5 points. Rain your emotional baggage upon them from inside your titan, or, if you’re feeling ballsy, go toe to toe with one while on the ground. Anti titan weaponry is effective, but anti infantry weapons can also do the trick… Eventually. Don’t try to melee them unless you are simply seeking the sweet release of death. Now for pilots! That’s you, by the way. Pilots are amongst the least common enemies on the field, but it certainly won’t seem that way due to their incredible potential for movement. These are controlled by other players, and are significantly more dangerous than any grunt. Bagging one of these will earn your team 5 points. If you are using the devotion or smart pistol, you will still earn five points, plus a bonus dose of salt in the chat.

Pilots are capable of using a myriad of tactical abilities that can aid them or hinder you in combat. If you’re a fairly new player, it’s probably best to just try to stick to grunts and the like for your first few games. Titans are the main attraction. There are a number of chassis to chose from but ultimately you can choose whatever you want because they are all giant death robots and that’s what really matters. Don’t let anyone shame you for playing a non-meta titan. Hopping into your titan for the first time will make you feel like an indestructible god. Hopping into your titan every time after that will make you feel afraid of anything smaller than you.

Remember that you are now one of the largest targets on the field. You WILL be feeling the pain if you don’t take some cover whenever you can. Killing an enemy titan will net your team a whopping ten points, and if the pilot fails to eject or gets terminated, that’s another 5 points free. Once you spawn in, run about murdering underpaid contract soldiers, overqualified giant robot drivers, person sized robots with guns, person sized gun having robots that refuse to die, car sized robots that were assholes in high school, and very large robots with people in them but also sometimes without people in them. ((and also also sometimes the people in the robots are not actually people but robots that used to be people)) Those are called simulacrums and are best left to lore focused channels. At the end of the match, the losing team is given an opportunity to escape the field via a magic teleporting cargo ship. And by the losing team, I mean just the pilots.

The poor grunts and all the robots are left on the ground, presumably to die horrible deaths. If you manage to escape on the extraction ship, you are given the same amount of post game XP as though you had won, and you also obtain a rare commodity known as survivors guilt. If you fail to extract, either because you are slow, or dead, or the ship was blown up, you are only missing out on 1 merit, so it’s not really the end of the world I guess. Anyway, have fun out there. And remember, if you’re doing well using an off-meta weapon, you are somehow trash.

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