Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU and welcome to this Titanfall 2 video. In this video I am going to help you win in Attrition, the Pilots vs Titans vs AI Deathmatch. You can expect tips, tricks and a general look into this mode throughout this video. Let’s get started with the basics of this mode in case you are unaware. This mode as I mentioned just a moment ago features pilots fighting eachother for kills with titans available to be earned and AI that will be on the map fighting for both sides. These can be the in form of grunts, spectres and more! They drop into the map throughout the game and can be killed for points. Depending on their difficulty to kill and damage they can cause to pilots and Titans, the score they earn when destroyed varies. The score limit of attrition is 300 and there is a timer too. Now you know the basics, you’re probably want to know how you can improve, dominate and win in this mode. Well it all depends on your targets and their score plus your movement.

Movement is a key part of Titanfall and you can utilise it to gain a score advantage in this mode. There is always plenty of AI on the map and a lot less pilots therefore if you move constantly towards AI populated areas you will always have a stream of score to your teams total by killing them. This means instead of wasting time trying to find a higher scoring pilot, you can melt drops of Spectres and move on to another pack in less time. No let’s move onto scoring. Each of the enemies have a different score attached to their death. Here is a quick look at all of the enemies both player controlled and AI and their score values. Grunts and Spectres are the weakest and off 1 point per unit. Pilots and Reapers are 5 points each. Stalkers are 6 points and Titans are 15 if it has a pilot inside. I’d recommend using the low scoring AI to build up your Titan meter plus if you kill a few pilots you’ll be able to get that titan quickly. Throw grenades or projectiles into groups of AI to kill them quick so you can move on.

LMG’s also work, it saves you having to reload after killing a herd of AI and then getting into a gun fight with a pilot. You can also use your Titan to take out AI like the Reapers and other titans meaning your team will gain even more score. If you lose your Titan try and take out the other titans as a pilot as even if you don’t destroy or doom them, their health will drop and someone on your team get those points for the team soon. Thank you for watching this video.

I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video, goodbye..

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