Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU and welcome to another Titanfall 2 video. In this video I am going to be talking about and showing you Bounty Hunt, a new game mode in Titanfall 2 and the map Boomtown. Both of these will be playable in the upcoming tech test. Before I do, I just wanted to let you know more Multiplayer gameplay of various modes and maps will be on my channel so if you’re yet to subscribe to my channel, make sure you do so you’ll never miss the Titanfall 2 videos! Before I talk about the mode you are watching gameplay of, lets talk about the map that is Boomtown.

It is the least open map in the tech test and has a lot of pilot vs pilot fights within in the urban streets. You’re probably wondering what Bounty Hunt is also! This mode is not one we have seen before and is quite interesting. There are 3 waves of AI which you kill for points. In-between waves you can deposit your points and your teams score will rise. If you die, you lose half of the points so say you had 50 points and then die, you will Respawn with 25. If you die again without any kills, you will go down to 12. As a bonus at the end of each wave, a bounty titan that both teams have to try and take out.

The team that deals the last bit of damage earns a lot more points. I will now leave you with the rest of the gameplay, I hope you enjoy it and have enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching!.

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