Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU and welcome to another Titanfall 2 video. In this video I am going to be talking about and showing you a different yet familiar game mode called Amped Hardpoint on the maps Forwardbase Kodai and Boomtown Multiplayer gameplay of the other modes and maps will be on my channel so if you’re yet to subscribe to my channel, make sure you do so you’ll never miss the Titanfall 2 videos! Let’s get started with the maps. I talked about Boomtown specifically in another video so I will only talk about Forwardbase Kodai before I talk about the game mode.

The map is symmetrical or if not nearly identical for each side. The interior is limited to corridors and there are spaces for Titan fights. The sight lines are quite long and straight so snipers or other longer range weapons excel on this map. I do like the colour scheme however it felt less unique compared to the other two. There will some gameplay on Boomtown as I did not get a full amped hardpoint game on this map. The game mode you are seeing is a new take on the classic hard point from Titanfall. If you don’t know the base rules here they are, there are 3 points, A, B and C. You have to take them to earn pints every couple of seconds.

So if you control a and C you will earn more points and get closer to the score limit. But, all that has changed in Titanfall 2 and Amped Hardpoint. Once you have captured an objective, you can amp it by having someone or yourself capture it again. This will earn double points so you effectively get the same amount as capturing another major point. You do have to stay on the point so you can’t leave if you want to earn Amped points however. I think this was really fun to do and changes the score a lot! I can’t wait to see insane come backs thanks to amped hardpoints! I will now leave you with the rest of the gameplay, I hope you enjoy it and have enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching and I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video.

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