Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU and welcome to this Titanfall 2 video. In this video I am going to show you how you can customise your pilot like never before. In Titanfall 2 you’re not only able to pick the gender of your pilot like the previous game but also now add a camo of your choice from the huge array of options available. On the multiplayer menu, select Pilot under customise and you’ll have access to all of your loadouts. Each loadout can have a different look so you aren’t restricted to just one which is awesome. Select the camo option and you can view all of the camos both locked and unlocked plus information on how you unlock them. Some camos are unlocked through levelling up and regeneration, others are challenge rewards and many others are advocate’s gifts. This is the loot box style system which is cosmetic items only plus some double XP thrown in. These gifts are given to you for playing. Some of the camos can be purchased on the black market for 150 credits if you don’t fancy trying your luck with the random gifts.

As you know each tactical ability offers a different pilot outfit and you may think your camo might have to be unlocked again for a different tactical but that is not the case. Once you have unlocked a camo it will be available across every tactical and if you regenerate you will not lose your camos either. Finally, you can also unlock new Kits which help you in a match. There is also Ordnance and these are damaging devices which are on the attacking side and Executions which are just to show off to the opposing pilot. Boosts are not part of your loadout however they are important in game so choose wisely. All of these are unlock through level up or purchased using credits. Thank you for watching this video. If you enjoyed the video make sure you check any of my other Titanfall 2 videos.

I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video, goodbye..

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