Hello everyone my name’s AZZATRU and welcome to another Titanfall 2 news video of mine. In this video I will be talking about a few things ranging from some small details about Titanfall 2 from a leak on Amazon. Also, Vince Zampella who is the studio head at Respawn did an interesting Periscope live stream yesterday. We got our first look at the Data Knife in Titanfall 2 and more! If you’re yet to subscribe to my channel, make sure you do so you’ll never miss another Titanfall 2 News Update! So firstly, the Amazon listing is for a 7inch Pilot figure, most likely being made by McFarlane toys.

The price and release date are placeholders but they will release towards end of the year just like Titanfall 2. The description says Titanfall 2 will offer gamers revolutionary Titans, expanded Pilot abilities and deeper customisation. These are things we have wanted so it is good to hear! Let’s move onto the information Vince gave us on Periscope. Just for context, everyone who had worked at Respawn for 5 years, which was up until last year, received the gift and it was something they were really happy about! It included a stand, Data Knife, 5 year gen chip and if they had released Titanfall, a special coin. Joel Emslie who is the artist explains it is the one from Titanfall 2 which is awesome! Also, the company that made the knives are making the collectors edition, which Vince said they aren’t talking about that but us badass, apparently.

If you want to see the Periscope or Figure listing, there will be links in the description. That is all the news today, we are less than 5 days away from the reveal! Use the comment section below to discuss anything I’ve talked about in this video. Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure you click the like button! If you missed any of the 2 videos on screen, check them out! I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video..

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