Hey there pilots welcome to TitanTime, and a couple of months ago I made a video on the upcoming pilot abilities in Titanfall 2, and now that we’ve played the tech test, we know that cloak and stim have returned to the series, as we all pretty much expected. At the end of the video I spoke about the 6th ability, which still hasn’t been revealed yet, and my best guess was that it was ‘phase strike’ something similar to the titan ability Ronin has.

Now it looks like not only will there be a 6th pilot ability in Titanfall 2, but also a 7th. This post on the titanfall reddit forum from Scriptacus, who’s a Respawn developer stated. There are seven tactical, Gapple, cloak, stim, holopilot, pulse blade and two more. Now I’m still sticking to my original prediction months ago, that it will be phase strike, basically an ability to teleport. So first let’s see more evidence on the 6th ability, In the previous ability video, I was going to put some evidence for phase strike in, but there were a few reasons why I didn’t. Now the thing I wasn’t clear on at the time was this clip here. To me this didn’t seem like the holo pilot ability, as the pilot definitely teleports from one side of the room to the other, but there were 2 factors at the time of the first multiplayer reveal that went against my thinking. The first was that we had seen no footage at all of holopilot, so couldn’t definitively say it was’nt, and the fact that Titanfall official posted this clip on twitter stating that this was the holopilot ability.

But we’ve played the tech test, and we all know now that holo pilot looks nothing like this, therefore I’m confident in saying this teleport/phase strike ability will be in Titanfall 2. So take another look and pay close attention to the animation when the pilot activates this ability. See the warp bubble? This is exactly the same animation that happens when you phase embark into your titan, as you can see here. So I’m pretty sure this ability will be called either Phase Strike or Phase Warp, and maybe there’s a chance this ability can increase the effectiveness of the phase embark perk when both are equipped, helping you get into your titan quicker and from further away. Now onto this 7th ability, and let’s try to narrow down the options for what it could be. So currently there’s two that spring to mind, and i’ll go through my reasoning for each.

First let’s start with what I’ll call Boost. So if there are 3 phase abilities, 1 being phase embark, 2 being phase dash for Ronin and 3 being the phase strike or warp, maybe the same pattern of a pilot tactical, perk and titan tactical has been applied again by Respawn. And from what we’ve seen so far, the only other time this happens is with the hover perk, and the Northstar hover tactical. So perhaps the 7th ability allows you to launch yourself vertically much higher than a double jump, helping you traverse vertical terrain much easier,effectively stimming upwards into the air. If this is the case, then boost will be ideal for snipers, being able to launch into the air to get a great vantage point. That doubled up with the hover perk, would mean you could effectively launch into the air and stay up high for a few seconds each time. So another option which seems realistic is what i’ll call Repeat. This could be very similar to the Glitch ability seen in Black Ops 3, or Tracer’s rewind ability in Overwatch, where you can reverse back in time to a previous position, and to a previous health state.

We’ve already seen evidence of time travel in the Titanfall universe in the single player here, where on the wall to the left it states, unpredictable temporal anomalies…..so it’s reasonable to think that time travel elements will be in the multiplayer as well. So do you agree with our predictions, or can you think of any other ideas the new abilities could be? Let us know in comments and we’ll catch you next time

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