Hey there pilots, welcome to TitanTime, and in case you weren’t aware, Capture The Flag mode is back in Titanfall 2, which is great news because this mode was the main competitive play mode in the original Titanfall, along with Last Titan Standing. But Respawn have made a very significant change, one which I think is key to adding another layer of depth to the mode, so take a look here. Instead of automatically returning the flag once you touch it like in Titanfall 1, there’s now a timer, and it seems to take 3 seconds in close proximity to the flag to return it. Not that big of a change right? But let’s think about it, in Titanfall 1 if you were trying to return the flag, it was pretty easy to return the flag even if it’s being guarded by the enemy team.

Even if a titan dropped electric smoke over it, you could run straight in kamikaze style and return the flag just before you die, and if you were using stim, you had even more chance at returning the flag without dying. Now that’s all going to change, and it’s going to make flag returning a tactical decision, instead of just a race.

So the a-wall ability or hard cover boost is going to be key in returning the flag if it’s dropped in an open area, providing just enough cover to give you time to return the flag. Which brings me on to pilot abilities. So for the most part in CTF, stim was the ability of choice. It gave you the speed boost needed to cover open areas quicker with the flag and a health boost for surviving incoming fire. But do any of the new abilities have a place in Capture the Flag? The new Phase Shift is looking to be very helpful in Capture the Flag, giving you the ability to phase out and disappear for a few seconds. And yes, you can phase whilst holding the flag, as you can see here. What about holo pilot? Surely it’s obvious if you’re holding the flag and suddenly your holo pilot isn’t right? Well if you’re holding the flag and activate your decoy, he will run with the flag on his back.

This is a decoy flag, and you will still keep the original flag on your back. Whilst you miss out on the speed boost or stim or the grapple, distractions are key in capture the flag, either by sending pursuers in the wrong direction, or giving them something else to fire at as you make your run. It’ll also give you that extra second needed if you’re returning the flag, giving enemies another target to shoot before getting to you. And a-wall. As I mentioned before, this will be great at providing cover if you’re on flag returning duty, especially in open areas. Because it also amps anti-titan weapons, if your defending your base and you have an enemy titan watching your flag, you’ll be a real threat as a pilot, especially against those lighter titans.

And what about Ronin? Well if you’re into titan riding the flag, because you CAN still titan ride the flag in Titanfall 2, if you’re on top of a Ronin, you will also phase dash with him, and whilst I haven’t seen any footage yet of this happening with the flag, we can most likely say that you will be able to share Ronin’s phase dash whilst carrying the flag. Now we also noticed there was a short respawn delay timer in the CTF footage we’ve seen, and I can’t confirm if this was the standard CTF setup or a custom setup for these matches, but I’d suggest getting used to a short delay after being killed when the game launches on October 28th. Also it’s worth mentioning for you new players that you cannot enter your titan with the flag in Titanfall 1, and we can assume this will still be the case in Titanfall 2. So what do you guys think of the new flag return timer, and will you be trading in your stim for another ability now we have more options? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll catch you next time.

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