Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU and welcome to another Titanfall 2 video. In this video I am going to be talking about and showing you a familiar game mode Pilots vs Pilots and a new map called Homestead. Both of these will be playable in the upcoming tech test. Before I do, I just wanted to let you know even more Multiplayer gameplay of other modes and maps will be on my channel so if you’re yet to subscribe to my channel, make sure you do so you’ll never miss the Titanfall 2 videos! Let’s get started with the map that is Homestead. It has open fields specifically for Titan combat but also close quarters indoor areas so it has a mix for you as a pilot and when you are in a Titan. Moving on to the game mode that is a classic! Coming back from the original Titanfall, 8 pilots per team will fight to 100 kills without the use of Titans.

This mode will bring out your pilot combat skills and movement techniques as everyone will be on an almost level playing field as Titans cannot interfere with anything. I will now leave you with the rest of the gameplay, the ending is very very close! I won’t spoil it for you but there is a 2-point difference. I hope you enjoy it and have enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching and I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video..

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