What’s up pilots, welcome to TitanTime, and finally we have some new information on how the smart pistol will be utilised in Titanfall 2. If you’re not aware already, the smart pistol was a weapon in Titanfall 1 that didn’t require aiming, the gun would automatically lock on to nearby grunts and spectres, and would require 3 lockons to kill a pilot. Now this gun quickly started to irritate a lot of players and quickly became the troll weapon of choice. So to combat this, here are the new changes Respawn have made to the weapon for Titanfall 2. Now this information comes from a post on Reddit by Scriptacus, who is a developer at Respawn entertainment, and was posted late last night, so let’s get right into the changes. first of all, the smart pistol is no longer a load out choice, you cannot select the smart pistol as your primary weapon and start using it at the beginning of a game, it’s a boost.

So what is a boost? Well in Titanfall 2 you now have a boost slot where you can pick which boost you want to activate. In the upcoming tech test there will be an ‘amped weapon’ boost and the ‘tick’ boost, which deploys a moving spider turret that seeks our enemies and shoots them, as well as exploding near enemy pilots. So the smart pistol will be unlocked in the full game to go into your boost slot. So to get access to the smart pistol you will have to build up your percentage meter to around the 60-70% mark, effectively making the smart pistol a kill streak. Once you do this your secondary weapon will be replaced by the smart pistol, meaning you still have the option to switch back to your primary weapon if the situation calls for it.

Now the smart pistol will also have limited ammo, the amount of which hasn’t been confirmed, but most likely you’ll only be able to use it for 1 or 2 encounters. Now we all knew this was going to happen, as the community have been calling out for this for a long time, but it’s now official that you will receive a directional locking indictor when an enemy smart pistol user is nearby.

This is a great addition as smart pistol users will no longer be able to pick you off by simply being behind you, giving you chance to react accordingly. So the question is, will this be the go to boost card for players in Titanfall 2. and in my opinion the answer is no. Respawn have effectively nerfed this weapon into oblivion for Titanfall 2, and the ‘amped weapon’ boost will most likely be the go to boost for pilots for most game modes. By making the smart pistol a secondary weapon when activated, I think players will still naturally be drawn to their primary weapon in combat.

The fact that you have to stay alive to keep the smart pistol boost active means players will have to be much more cautious when using it, sticking to hiding places instead of running wildly and jumping around like we saw in Titanfall 1. The limited ammo adds another nerf, having to pick when exactly to use the weapon before it runs out of ammo, meaning your either going to use it for one pilot encounter, or to quickly clear an area of minions. Then the lock indicator for pilots means the gun can’t be used to simply locate enemy pilots with ease, it’d be easier to get the drop on an enemy by using your primary weapon, not highlighting your presence to the other team or giving them chance to react. By the looks of it the smart pistol is simply there as a bit of nostalgia for Titanfall veterans, a gentle reminder of all those ‘shout at the screen’ moments you had playing attrition against 6 smart pistol users on the other team.

And you know what? I think I’m happy with that..

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