Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU and welcome to this Titanfall 2 video. In this video I am going to show you how you can customize your Pilot’s weapon in Titanfall 2. There are lots of ways to kit out each weapon in Titanfall 2 from camos to kill counters. Head to pilot customisation to get started. When you select a loadout you’ll be able to add and change your weapon how you want. We will start with new additions to weapons in Titanfall 2 which are camos. You unlock them similar to Titan and Pilot camos except you have level up your gun up instead. There are also ones gained through regeneration, by completing challenges and opening up advocate’s gifts.

You can also regenerate your weapon now once it reaches a high enough level. You earn a gold camo and a kill counter called the Pro Screen. This means all of the kills in the gun’s lifetime will be displayed on your gun. Attachments for each weapon can be unlocked for free by levelling the gun up or you can purchase them early using credits just like almost everything else for your loadout.

However you can’t just purchase attachments and equip them, you have to level your gun up to unlock attachment slots as well. The attachments and the amount you can equip vary per weapon too. There are a variety of sights for different ranges and personal preference. Additional items change variables like reload and aiming down sight times. If you want to find out about Titan weapon customisation check out my Titan customisation video which will be linked.

Thank you for watching this video. I shall see you in my next Titanfall 2 video, goodbye..

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