Titanfall Burn Cards List

Titanfall Burn Cards List?by WhoIsDo Once you reach level 7 in Titanfall, you?ll earn the ability to collect and use Burn Cards. Burn Cards last...

Titanfall Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Titanfall Beginner?s Guide and Tips?by Uncle Le Introduction Hey guys , Titan Fall is only hours ?away from release ,and I know you guys are eagerly...

Titanfall Advanced Tips

Titanfall Advanced Tips?by Achzay Looking to create a simple and advanced list of tips and tactics. Here?s some things Ive found and can think of...

Titanfall Gooser Challenge Tips

Titanfall Gooser Challenge Tips?by Mintykanesh Note?For those of you who don?t know the Gooser Challenge is required to advance onto prestige level 6. You need...

Titanfall Longbow DMR Sniper’s Guide

Titanfall Longbow DMR Sniper?s Guide?by W1NTERBORN W1NTERBORN here. A few players have been asking about tips for sniping. I?m using the Longbow as my primary...

Titanfall Burn Card Strategy Guide

Titanfall Burn Card Strategy Guide?by BlissBatch Many Pilots burn their Cards without a second thought. To do so is to never see their true potential....

Titanfall Generations Prestige System Info

Titanfall Generations Prestige System Info?by RazorUK We?ve all been wanting to know how the ranking system works in Titanfall, and we?ve yet to come across...

Titanfall Life of a Grunt

Titanfall Life of a Grunt?by TopFighter IMC Infantry 11456 :: Log :: April 29th 2134Well it?s my first day out of IMC Infantry training. 3...

Titanfall Pilot Weapons Analysis and Ranking

Titanfall Pilot Weapons Analysis and Ranking?by ProxyDamage So it?s been a week now, and after messing around with the different weapons and adding up some...

Titanfall Strategy and Teamwork Guide

Titanfall Strategy and Teamwork Guide?by KGBCommissar THIS IS THE TL;DRClasses: Don?t run Quad Rockets. 40mm w/ Burst for LTS and Fracture, Chaingun for everything else....

Titanfall Regeneration Challenges Tips

Titanfall Regeneration Challenges Tips?by Yawra Hi, everybody! I thought I?d share some tips I learned or discovered on my journey to Gen 10. I have...

Titanfall Gen 10 Tips and Tricks

Titanfall Gen 10 Tips and Tricks?by EatMoreCupcakesNow Gen 2: Stim with the Shotgun for easy kills. Bounce around like a crazy person until you get...

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