Torchlight 2 Console Commands List


I did not test them out so experiment with caution preferably on a char you dont care about.

dont know if it was already posted somewhere but I thought it could be cool to share results of our experiments with the commands

for example :
?setdifficulty 2? will put you in veteran difficulty. 0 to 3. dont know if NG is 4.
?resetskills? will reset all your skill tree plus reset your skills points available to 0

CLS = Clears console history.

SETTIME time = Sets the time of day to time

SETTIMESCALE scale = Sets the timescale for time of day

ROOM = returns the room the player currently is in.

FPS = shows the frame rate and other information.

GOD = toggles god mode.

SPEED = Toggles additional speed for the character.

GODSPEED = Toggles both god and speed mode.

DAMAGE SHAPES = toggles damage shapes on and off.

AIFREEZE = toggles monsters AI to turn on and off.

PLAYERNOTARGET = makes monsters not target the player.

DISABLEPET = disables/enables the player?s pet.

LEVELUP = increase XP to next level.

RELOAD = reloads textures.

PATHING = toggles pathing debug display.

COMBATLOG = toggles combat log.

SOUNDDEBUG = toggles sound debug.

KILLALL = kills all monsters.

ASCEND = Goes down a floor.

DESCEND = Goes up a floor.

CLEARHISTORY = Clears level history.

MISSILETRAILS = Shows missile trails.

ALWAYSCRIT = Player always hits critically

DEBUGLOGIC = Toggles if the logic events are fired to the ogre log

NOXP = Player doesn?t gain XP

MONEY count = Gives you gold.

STATPOINTS count = Gives you stat points

STRENGTH count = Gives you melee points

DEXTERITY count = Gives you ranged points

MAGIC count = Gives you magic points

DEFENSE count = Gives you defense points

ALLSTATS count = Gives you the count to all stats

FAME count = Gives you fame points

ANIMATIONSPEED fps = changes the animation of everything to match the FPS

HURTME pct = reduces the player and the player?s pet HP by the given percent

RESETSTATS = resets the player?s stat points

RESETSKILLS = resets the player?s skills

RESETPLAYERLEVEL = resets the player?s level to 1

RESETPETLEVEL = resets pet?s level to 1

RESETPLAYER = resets player?s stats, skills, and level

SKILLPOINTS count = Gives you skill points

SETPETLEVEL level = Sets the pet?s level

CAMERADISTANCE mult = the mult the camera will be from the player

SKILL name/index = type just skill to see a list of skills. Type the number or the name of the skill to make active on the player.

SKILLTEST = different in the command skill, this will allow you to execute any skill even if it wasn?t intended for your character.

ITEM index,count = the params are option. Type items to see indexes of all monsters in the game.

ITEM itemName,count = creates count of itemName.

ALLITEMS = spawns all items.

ALLITEMS unittype = spawns all items of a given unittype (use ?_? for spaces)

IDENTIFYALL identify all items in the player?s inventory.

ANY index,count = the params are option. Type any to see indexes of all units in the game.

EDITOROBJECT objectName,count = Creates an object from the editor for testing memory use.

UNIT unitName,count = creates a unit by name and count.

SPAWNCLASS spawnclassName,count,level = just type spawnclass to see all the spawn classes listed. Pass in Zero or a negative number for level will use the dungeon depth as the level.

MONSTER index,count = the params are option. Type monster to see indices of all monsters in the game.

MONSTER monsterName,count = creates count of monsterName

MONSTERMEM monsterName,count = the params are option. Creates and deletes a monster for memory testing.

MODEL modelpath,count = the params are optional. Creates and deletes a model for memory testing.

DUNGEON dungeonName = sets the current dungeon

CLEANUP = releases unused resources

CHARGEBARMULT = makes the charge by X percent easier to fill

UNITTYPES = displays all unittypes

RESTARTLEVEL = restarts the current level

QUESTS = lists all quests

QUESTACTIVE questName = sets a quest to active

QUESTSHOWACTIVE = Shows all the players active quests

QUESTCOMPLETE questName = sets a quest to complete

QUESTRESET questName = resets a quest to not be active or complete

QUESTSCOMPLETE = Lists all the quests complete

SHOWBLOOD = toggles blood particles

DIFFICULTY = displays the current game difficulty

SETDIFFICULTY index = sets the current difficulty

ACHIEVEMENTS = Lists the achievements and if they are complete

MEMORY = Dumps the memory allocation to the console.

TAGS = Dumps all tags used in the level and what got created.

ITEMBYMESH = Pass in part of a mesh name to spawn all items with that contain the string you passed.

UIREFRESH = forces a refresh on the UI.

MODIFYSIGHT = changes the sight distance of monsters activation. Pass 0 to reset.

MODIFYMOTION = changes the motion distance of monsters activation. Pass 0 to reset.

CHARACTER COUNT = returns the number of characters updating in the level

PLAYERANIMATION = Dumps to the console which animation the player is playing and stopping.

DOLLYMIN mindis = The min dolly distance for interaction.

BLOOM = Toggle fullscreen bloom.

LOGCONSOLE = Show the logging console.

CONNECTIONDATA = Dump a connection data file.

ADDFRIENDBYUSER = Add a friend by username or email.

DROPCONN = Drop the given connection id.

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