Torchlight 2 Embermage Prismatic Bolts Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Embermage Prismatic Bolts Build Guide by Mercarcher ? BNUJR4lbEH

This is the build for my Embermage that I felt like sharing.

The build is focused around 2 skills, using a staff, taking mostly passives.

Your main skills will be Prismatic Bolts and Magma Spear.

Magma spear stacks your Staff Mastery to remove ALL elemental resistances (3 attacks is -105% reduction to all resistances) then you spam prismatic bolts for massive unmitigated damage.

The rest of your points go into boosting up these skills.

You will be using a staff for this build, not wands.

15/15 in Prismatic Bolt and Magma Spear ? Your main attacks.

15/15 in Fire, Ice, and Lightning Brand ? All of these increase your elemental damage output with prismatic bolts.
15/15 in Wand Chaos ? You don?t use a wand, but you are using Magma Spear as one of your primary attacks. Wand Chaos procs off Magma Spear.
15/15 in Staff Mastery ? A stackable (additive) 35% reduction in enemies resistances. In just 3 attacks with Magma Spear they have 0 elemental defenses.
15/15 in Elemental Boon ? Further increases your elemental damage while also giving you more survivability.
1/15 Frost Phase ? One point wonder used as an escape, or just for general travel. Teleporting is faster than running.
15/15 Elemental Attunement ? Increases duration of all your elemental debuffs, and has AoE for anything that does get close to you.
14/15 Charge Mastery ? Basically infinite mana.

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