Torchlight 2 Secret Rare Areas List

Torchlight 2 Secret Rare Areas List by Katrin

Just a list of all of the secret / rare tiles I?ve encountered so far ~ I?d love to know of ones I?ve missed. (Also, the proper names if known).

To expand the explanation: TL2 uses tiles to create random maps. Some of these, either over-land set pieces or mini-dungeons, are rare and you might not find them on a play-through (unlike the set dungeons / tiles which will always be present).

This is a list of the currently known rares.

Temple Steppes

  • Temple of the Face: a nearby champion holds the teleport gem, use it in front of the face for a portal to three chests
  • Tardis: not sure how to open this, although given the amount of items mentioning Doctor Who, I suspect something?

Frosted Hills

  • The Thing / Nordsk Leiren: small cavern with a tale of a horrible alien creature? watch out, it?s hiding somewhere.

The Ossean Wastes

  • Oasis: large pool of water with trees and flowers, and two secret fishing spots
  • Ruined Temple Ambush: ? mbush.webm (discovered by gfldex)
  • Statue Offering: fill the bowl with gold, pray for a reward (discovered by Maligal)
  • Dungeon with no NPC quest: possibly a rare trigger?

The Salt Barrens

  • Tundre? er, furry animal creatures caravan: small area built of broken caravans / boxes with fire in the middle filled with mobs. Separate from their main village
  • Dungeon with no NPC quest: possibly a rare trigger?

The Blight Bogs

  • Reeking Cellar ? smells like wet dog down there?

Sundered Battlefield

  • Notches? Mine: Hssssss something is waiting for you in the dark
  • Claptrap: Borderlands style (rude to boot)
  • FUS DO RAH: Skyrim power stone

Please add more if you?ve spotted them.

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