Travian Frequently Asked Questions


Travian Frequently Asked Questions by Aruen

Table of Contents:
vFor who is this FAQ meant?
vIntroducing the game

?What is Travian?
?Goal of Travian?
?Anything I should know about Travian?

v Starting the game

?What should I do?
?Can I be attacked?
?Meaning of the resource fields?


?General information
?Refund on buildings
?Catapults start


?What are heroes?
?How do I make a hero?
?How strong can a hero become?

vEnd game content

?World Wonder

vExtra information

?Link to the rules
?Link to the forum rules
?Remaining questions

Introducing to the game:

I?m new, what is this for a game?
In short, it?s a Web Browser Based game. That means it is a game that you can play directly from out your browser, and you don?t need to download anything! All that is needed is a simple registration on the Travian Site. Just follow the link towards register, and it will guide you from there.

What is the goal of Travian?
I?m glad you asked, as in most other games, the goal is completely dependant on yourself. You can form your own alliance to have fun, try to survive all by yourself, meet new people and share interests, or crush villages of other players. It?s just what you like best.

What should I know before I register and start playing?
You should know that Travian is a very and by that I mean VERY time consuming game. Every minute inside the game, is an actual minute in your own life. It will happen that you have to wait several hours before you can make a building, or before you can attack someone else!
If you have time to kill, then this is a game for you!

All right all right, what else should I know besides that it is VERY time consuming?
You need to know what tribe to play silly! Follow the link below to find out what tribe is meant for you, and suits your play style the most.

Anything else?
Yes, do know that most players within Travian are so called Aggressive Players. Especially if you play the game for a while and grow stronger, you?ll meet more of them. They can just be there to steal your resources, or even to destroy your buildings and troops! Your hard work can be brought back to the ground in a matter of days, so just remember: It?s only a game!

Starting the game:

All right I registered, what should I do now I logged in?
The first place you will see once you logged in, are your resource fields. You need to expand those in order to gain more resources. It?s recommended to take this advice not to lightly, before starting up any buildings.

What resources are there?

Within Travian you have four resources, these are: Wood, Iron, Clay, and Crop.

stands for Wood
stands for Clay
stands for Iron
stands for Crop

The fifth icon stands for usage of crop, and is not a resource.

Usage of crop? What is that?
Usage of crop basically means how many crop you use, against how many crop you have available. This is indicated with 2 numbers and a / between them.
For example: 100/200. This means you use 100 crop, but have 200 crop available.

Can be crop usage be over the ?limit??
It can, but then you would lose crop per hour instead of gaining it. If you run out of crop, any soldier in your village will begin to starve until the crop usage is equal towards the crop gaining.

Example: You have 20 soldiers, but 10 crop per hour.
This would mean you would see 20/10 Your troops will begin to starve until the crop shows as 10/10 . Meaning 10 soldiers would starve due to the lack of crop. Until it shows as 10/10 they stop starving, meaning you would lose 10 troops. At this point you don?t gain nor lose any more crop.

I?ve heard things about unlimited resource fields, is this true?
Yes, but only in your capital village. At each resource field you make, the costs will increase. This means that after a while it costs more then you can store, basically meaning that you reached the far limit of it.

What is my capital village?
Your capital village is the village where your palace is constructed; you can only have one palace so you should think where you want to build it.

Can I switch my capital village?
Yes, but this would mean that you need to destroy the palace in your Capital village. After that you would need to build a palace in one of your other villages. Then you click on your palace, and press the link saying

How do I destroy a building?
You need a main building level 10 for that, but be aware that you don?t get any resources back when you destroy a building. And the building has to destroyed per level, meaning that if you have a palace level 20, you need to order it to be destroyed from out your main building 20 times.

Can I be attacked?
From the moment you activated your account you can?t be attacked for X days. (This information is in the first message you received upon registering, and variates from server starting date) This is a so-called Newbie protection, and prevents you from being attacked. It doesn?t prevent you from attack others, so it?s a shield aslong as it lasts.

What is Population?
Population are the so-called inhabitants of your village, they are counted up with each building and resource field you make. Troops do not count towards population, that goes for all troops. (Reinforcement, trapped soldiers, etc)

Buildings and related:

How do I train troops?
To train troops you will need a barracks, to make a barracks you will need a Main Building level 3 and a Rally Point.

Where do I build a rally point?
Look here for a video on ?Where to build a Rally Point?:

Rally Point

What does a Cranny do?
A Cranny hides resources so they can?t be stolen during a raid. If your cranny says that it can store 1000 resources, that means it?s 1000 of each resource.

What does an embassy do?
An embassy let?s you join or make an alliance, at level 1 you can only join an alliance. To make your own alliance you will need an embassy level 3. At this point your alliance can hold 9 members, but for each level the alliance owner upgrades it?s embassy you will gain 3 extra slots.

E.g.: You have a level 4 embassy, you can hold 9 at level 3 so with a extra 3 slots you can now hold 12 members.


Researching in the Academy is more expensive then training the troops

E.g. You picked Teuton as tribe, and want to research a Spearfighter. You will notice that it costs are higher then to train the actual Spearfighter.

? Training?costs:?????????????????????????Building?costs:

I?ve researched the *unitname* now where can I find it?
That depends on the unit type, if it is a footsoldier you can find it in the barracks. If it is a horseman you can find it in the Stables. A Senator can be found in the palace. Each troop still has to be trained after you researched it.How much % does the armoury/blacksmith add towards my soldiers? offence/defence?
That is 1.5 % bonus for each upgraded level. This is for both the armoury and the blacksmith.How much does the grain mill add?
A grain mill raises the production of every crop field in that village, so it affects the whole crop income of that village. A gain mill adds 5% at the first level, and goes up by 5% each level.


What is a hero?
Normal troops can be appointed heroes. The heroes have 5 attributes and gain experience in combat. If a hero has enough experience, it levels up. Meaning it gains a level and you would have 5 attribute points to spend again. Meaning your hero gets stronger and stronger.

How do I make a hero?
You can turn any normal unit into a hero (so no settlers, senators or catapults), a hero it?s requirement is a Hero?s Mansion. When you build a Rally point, and your Main Building reaches level 3, you can build the Hero?s Mansion. Once it?s built, you can select it and assign any of your troops into a hero.

How many heroes can I have?
You can keep a maximum of three heroes in the hero?s mansion at any time. Only one of the heroes can be active at the same time. If the hero is killed, you can revive him, or another of your inactive heroes, in the mansion. If you already have three heroes but want to create a new hero from a different troop type, you can delete one of your existing three heroes by clicking on the red cross next to the hero you wish to delete.

Is there any information about hero stats?
For a special made Hero FAQ go to the following link:
Hero Explanation

End game Content:

Natars, what are they?:
Stories have been told of blood and war, of death and glory and now there will be a new chapter. Many dreaded them, many envied them but no one could help admiring them for their knowledge and power. The Natars of ancient times, once the most advanced tribe of our known world, ruled for centuries and then suddenly and unforeseen vanished and with them the source of their glory.

Wonder of the world ? What is it?
Below is a picture of the World Wonder, the World Wonder is a concept what closes the Server and thus ends the game. A Alliance needs to gain the Building plans from a Natar tribe (Which is also implemented later in the game) so they can start building their World Wonder.

The first alliance to build a level 100 Wonder of the World will win.
One needs one construction plan to start with the building process
To continue it after level 50 another player in your alliance has to own a construction plan, too. You can get a construction plan by attacking the Natars (empty treasury!).
The wonder of the world needs a main building level 10 and an academy level 20. The wonder of the world can be placed in any of the player?s villages fullfulling the building requirements.

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