Travian Heroes Guide


Travian Heroes Guide by BlackPaladin

Conditions to get a hero: Main Building level 3, Rally Point level 1, Hero?s Mansion level 1

Once you?ve built the Hero?s mansion (level 1), you can turn a normal unit into a hero. To make a hero you must first produce the troop to be upgraded to hero status.

In the game, the hero is controlled in the same manner as regular troops. If you have multiple villages, you need a Hero?s mansion in the new village to change his home village (one cannot have the mighty roughing it with the common man).

After you have trained the standard unit up to hero status you are given 5 initial skill points to raise your hero above the regular troops and five different attributes to assign them to. Every time your hero levels up you receive another 5 skill points to assign. Each attribute can be raised to a maximum level of 100. While at level 0 you are able to reallocate the skill-points distribution, but once you get to level 1 your selections are permanent.

Selecting this increases the hero?s individual direct Attack value (the starting point is dependent upon the unit the hero was formed from).

Selecting this increases the hero?s individual direct Defense value (the starting point and relative infantry/cavalry values are dependent upon the unit the hero was formed from).
Off Bonus: Each point invested in this increases the Attack value of each unit in the same attack as the hero by 0.2%, to a maximum of 20%. This only counts if the units are attacking with the Hero.

Each point invested in this increases the Defense value of each unit defending with the hero by 0.2%, to a maximum of 20%. This only counts if the units are defending with the Hero.

Selecting this increases your regeneration by 5 per day. This means the hero regains 5% extra of his total health per day.
Once you upgrade the Hero?s mansion to level 10, you can start annexing oases. You may annex up to 3 oases per mansion: your first at level 10, another at level 15, and one more at level 20. To annex an oasis it must be within 3 squares of the respective village (on that village?s mini-map).

One can also steal the oases of other players. To steal an oasis from other players you will have to destroy the defense that is stationed there and attack it multiple times with the hero. If the current owner has already 3 oases then 1 attack will be enough. If s/he has 2, you will need 2 attacks. If the other player has just one oasis, then you will have to attack the oasis 3 times before it will be yours.

A player can have a maximum of three heroes; only one hero can be active at the same time.

You can rename the hero by clicking on it?s name in the attributes box.

Experience Points
Advancing each level requires 100 times as many experience points as that level number, in addition to however many were required for all previous levels. For example, if your hero is at level 21, he will have to earn an additional 2,100 experience points to advance to level 22, raising the total from 23,100 to 25,300. The total amount of experience points required to advance to a particular level can be directly calculated with the formula 50*(L? + L), where L is the level number you want to advance to; for example, level 40 requires 50*(1600+40) = 82,000 total experience points.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
? How do you gain experience points?

The hero gains experience points during battles. For every opponent killed, your hero gains one point of experience per unit of upkeep of the opponent. Each time the experience reaches 100%, the hero gains 5 skill points.

? How many heroes can I make?

You can make up to three heroes, but only one can be active at any given time.

? Can I change a defensive hero into an offensive hero or vice versa?

No, but you can kill your hero and retrain him by choosing another unit type to train as a new hero. You can in this way keep both a defensive and offensive hero in your mansion, and only activate the one that you need.

? Can a hero move to other villages?

Yes, but only if the destination village has a Hero?s Mansion. Then the hero can change village by sending him alone as reinforcement (this does not act like reinforcement, but moves the hero).

? If my hero dies, can I retrain him in another village?


? When a hero takes over an oasis, does the hero die?

No, not usually, but he might die in the battle.

? Can the hero be captured by a Gaul trap?

Yes, if traps have any spaces and the whole troops attackers were captured by the trap (10 troops per level).

? What level can I still change the skill points of a hero?

Only at level 0. Upon reaching level 1, the skill points are set and cannot be changed.

? What?s the difference between Offense and Offense Bonus, or Defense and Defense Bonus?

Offense gives extra boost to the Hero?s Attack Power.
Offense Bonus gives entire Army that accompanies the hero a percentage boost to the Attack Power.
Defense gives extra boost to the Hero?s Defense Rating.
Defense Bonus gives entire Army that accompanies the hero a percentage boost to the Defense Rating.
You should distribute points into Offense when you don?t have many troops, and Offense Bonus when you have a large army.

? Can I use the Hero in defense?

The Hero can attack and defend like all the other troops. The only difference is that the Hero gains experience. It also has skill points which can be distributed and increase the power of your army. Also, a Hero is necessary when conquering an oasis.

? If my hero dies, can I revive him with a unit different from that which it created before its death?

Yes. In fact, reviving does not need any unit at all.

? When my hero is revived, will he still have the skill points which it had acquired before his death?

Yes. Plus the points he may have received while dying

? When my hero is revived, can I redistribute his skill points?

Only if the hero had not reached Level 1 before his death. If the Hero had already reached 100% experience, then no. The distribution remains the same if the reincarnated unit is the same one as before death.

? Part of my troops were imprisoned in the traps of my enemy. What occurs if I click on ?dissolve?? Will it die?

?Dissolve? means that you kill them, either because you know that you will not be able to release them, or because you want to restore your production of crops.

? Can riders be imprisoned?

Yes, of course, and each rider is held in one trap. Scouts are not captured by traps if they are on a scouting mission.

? I sent my hero in assistance. If he attacks and kills opponents, does he gain experience points?


? I sent my hero in defense. If it is attacked, does he gain experience points?

Yes. But if there are more heroes present than just yours, the points are equally divided between all heroes participating on the side of your hero.

? What are the costs for the training and for reviving your dead hero?

Training costs twice as much as the unit you?re upgrading. Examples for reviving: for an Axefighter hero at level 0, reviving costs 300 lumber, 300 clay, 400 iron, and 200 crop, and takes 0:50:00. That same unit at level 2 costs 1300, 1200, 1700, and 700 to revive, which takes 2:30:00 to accomplish.

? Can the same hero annex multiple oases?

Yes, a hero can annex an oases at Hero?s Mansion levels 10, 15 and 20 for the town the is currently living in.

? You can send a hero to another of your villages as reinforcement and if that village has a Hero?s Mansion, the Hero can now annex 3 more Oases for that village at mansion levels 10, 15 and 20.

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