Travian Offensive Gauls Guide


Travian Offensive Gauls Guide by c69

About this guide:
Gauls are meant to be a defensive race. Their double cranny, trapper and phalanxes are the things that come up when most of the players think about them.
But that?s only if you don?t know how to play because with just a small touch Gauls are turning to be the easiest race to play with.
After playing many servers with gauls, and loving them over all other races I decided to put my experience to general public.

* ? this guide is mostly referencing speeds servers of travian 3. Keep it mind.

? Creating account:
So you decided to start your new server? Let?s go.
Better of all if you start in a fresh server, but old one is ok, too ? just don?t have too many hopes for anything serious
First we need to delay our start a bit. No need top rush and register in the first minutes after it?s possible. Wait a day or two.
Why? ? Because you need to farm, and NOT waste your time fighting with bored veterans, who are just making fun of noobies and don?t want to continue playing. Plus you will get slightly longer beginner protection.

? Name and profile
Don?t take a name of famous players or too promising names like The_Killer, Mr. Death or I_OWN_YOU.

1. You will need to survive over 5 day without troops ? so keep it low profile, don?t stand out of the crowd. Yet
2. If you will get killed in process it will be much more humiliating ? and so you will attract people who will try to do exactly this to you.

Don?t forget to rename village and to add some small (!) neutral text to your profile ? that will show people that you are not a complete noob and at least you know how to change your profile.

? First buildings
Spend your starting money on Resource_fields. Only resources. No crop.
Don?t forget that you need to build them gradually ? like, all to level 1, then all to 2 and so on.
Activate free plus-gold bonuses for 3 main resources. (Repeat that until you have your free gold, just later don?t get bonus on iron and crop.)
Don?t close browser window. Your 120 hour long marathon has just started.

Getting to 666
Now our main objective is to get all resource fields to level 6.

Don?t look at your pop or ranking numbers.
Just upgrade your resources.
You should build as soon as resources are available.
Try to balance them so you won?t be overflowing one and lack other.
Ratio 10:12:7:4 (wood/clay/iron/crop) is quite good for that.
Why so little crop? ? Don?t worry ? you will be able to trade crop 2:1 as it is the most useless resource in the beginning. (While wood is the most precious, because Teutonian clubswingers require it.)

After the building costs will be lower than your 30 minute production or less (if you can wait), upgrade next buildings:
Main building-3
Market (2-3, max 5)
Cranny (1-2)
Rally point

Warehouse should be upgraded only if you need less than 5* hours to overflow it.
Granary is needed to store traded 2:1 crop
Market is needed to buy that free crop.
* ? warning: Yes, this does require you to wake up in the night and spend resources, or get a good sitter/co-player.

Cranny is only needed to hide your remaining resources from raiders, that?s why it is so small. If you got pressed ? upgrade it until it will be enough, up to 2x 10th level (but that?s absolute maximum!)
Rally point is needed to see who is attacking you and possibly talk with him before his attack lands and get 0 0 0 0 resources. This is helping with most of attackers?.
btw, we are moving to the next section ?

Not becoming a farm:
So, don?t send attacker things like ?Why are you attacking me?? or ?Please stop!!!? or the just plain cursing.
That will piss him off and you don?t need that.
Instead, send him a cold, sane and simple message which should state that you are:
experienced-offensive player / revengeful / friendly / from the same country / or a girl,
and that you, respectively, will farm him soon / send catas / don?t want to fight / want to cooperate/ want to be friend with such cool guy like him,
because you will not give him any resources, anyway, and will get troops very soon.
Your words must be true. You must know they are true. So choose the ones that suit you most, and use your imagination

Your words will be probably accompanied by the fact that you would already be one of the fastest growing players in your area.
Remember all people, who attacked you ? they must be either befriended or killed/farmed as soon as possible.

And don?t forget that you are Gaul ? and many people will avoid you just because they fear the trapper

Teching to TT*
Around 110-120 hour of play (end of Day 4), if things went good, you should be finishing all your level 6 fields (you can left 1-2 level 5 irons).

Hero mansion ? even if you play on server with halved hero damage, still your TT hero will be very god addition to your army. He can be the sole reason for the nearby Teuton to delete account when you kill his clubs (now 5 def vs. cavalry! /was 15).

The most nervous part is to get 2100 of all resources for the TT research at one time (and to not get them raided in process).
But once the ?research? button is pressed ? prepare for the real war.
Your resource production will be enough to get 3 TTs as soon as research will complete.
Start your raids!
Start from small (sub-20pop) accounts, raid all 2 pop villages if you have them in your 7?7. ? Raid only to train more TTs, forget buildings or researches.
Around 8-10 TT ? get hero.
Move on bigger accounts. Avoid Gauls. Avoid accounts bigger than 40 pop.
Research Pathfinders.
Build 2-3 of them.
Raid everything less than 100 pop if it doesn?t have troops.
Raid as long as you can.
Build your TT army up to 20-30 and scouts to 3-5.
Don?t fight now ? just feed.
When you will be falling asleep ? send tt?s away to some distant 2 pop village, so they wont got killed at night.

Special note: if you are under attack ? dodge, but don?t stop raiding. If attacker?s army is small ? build trapper with +20 traps over his army. Get all traps at once and 5 phalanxes. Next time attacker will loose all his troops but don?t try to counter a 100 clubs horde with trapper ? that?s just futile.

Getting the second city
As you understand, we can?t stop on that.
Our next objective is getting
warehouse/granary ? 7800/6300
3 settlers
500 culture points

Your TT army should provide you with enough resources to achieve that in 2 days or less.
Just don?t be shy or lazy and raid all raidable villages in 21?21 square area. Especially all those noobs closer to center of the map (those, who have started earlier than you, but are growing slower).
If you SOMEHOW have trouble with culture points ? raid more and get a small townhall party. 15 hours ? and you will have m ore than enough cp to get your second city.
Build you new city near a 9/15 cropper and let it be the 5 clay one.

Moving on.
After you get your second city ? start partying non stop and aim getting 3 settlers to the same time point, when you will have 2600 culture points (~3 days).
Build your resource fileds to 4-5, get residence/townhall/settlers.
Expand to 9/15 cropper.
You can finally build palace there (and that city will be your capital, so choose wise)
Start partying in second city.
Expand to nearby 5 iron.

Upgrade resources, build troops (up to 100 TTs, 20-30 scouts, 10 phalanxes).
Reinforce all your cities with scouts ? so you will know if somebody touched them
Kill all Teuton armies around you.
Kill small groups of praetorians, single heroes, settlers.
Still avoid phalanxes and watch for Gauls, but more free than earlier

Memorize all big players in 21?21 square. Befriend with them, get NAP or farm, if possible.
Check for all expansions around you.

Party non-stop.
Get 2-3 more cities.
Don?t build anything in all your non-crop cities except for Townhall techtree, residence-10, resources and some marketplace. And some phalanxes, also.

Upgrade your cropper to military center. (Swords/Haeduans/Catas)
Starting from 6-7 village start conquering.
From now, start getting chieftains everywhere, probably you won?t need to use settlers anymore

That?s it. The end of tutorial.

?want more? Ok:

Starting from the 10th village ? start 1 or more big party.
When you can ? start 24/7 building of troops in you capital (swords/haeduans), barracks and stable 20, lots of catas.
Possibly, build scouts in other dedicated village to not interfere with main army training.
Get required upgrades. Don?t do un-necessary upgrades, like tt defense.

Capital: 20_offence ? swords, haeduans, rams, catas.
Scout city: 20_both ? scouts
Resource cities: no upgrades. Kill blacksmith and armory // on speed servers defense upgrades are useless

Starting from 20 city ? make second offensive city with 24/7 building AND great barracks.
Big parties in all cities non-stop.
Conquer, conquer, and conquer.

Thanks for reading.

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