Welcome savior! Today you will learn all HG Equipments drops,Levels and location!

Tavorh Cave (Recommended Level 100)

There you will find these monsers
[Stone Orca]
And to equip the itens you need LV 120

Narcon Prison (Recommended Level 150)

The monsters you will find here:
[Black Colifly]
[Wendigo Escapee]
[Old Hook]
[Red Infrorocktor]
[Black Desmodus]
[Socket Archer]
[Stoulet Archer]
[Stoulet Mage]

The equips are LV 170

Natarh Watchtower (Recommended Level 170)

The Monsters

[Vubbe Ice Wizard]
[Blue Guardian Spider]
[Blue Flask]
[Hogma Warrior
[Blue Slime]

The equis are LV 170

Tatenye Prison (Recommended Level 190)

The monsters are
[Charcoal Walker]
[Red Vubbe Fighter]
[Night Maiden]
[Darkness Maiden]
[Dawn Maiden]
[Black Shaman Doll]
[Wizard Shaman Doll]

The equips are LV 170

Neighport Church East Building (Recommended Level 210)

The monsters are:

[Candle Spider]
[Black Drake]

The equips LV are 170

Sjarejo Chamber (Level 230)

Monsters are
[Desert Chupacabra]
[Red Dawn Maiden]

The equips level are 220

Netanmalek Mausoleum (Level 240)

The monsters are

[Brown Colimen]
[Echad Magician]
[Blue Tini]
[Brown Tini Magician]
[Vikaras Mage]

The equips are LV 220

Rancid Labyrinth (Level 280)

Monsters are

[Red Fisherman](
[Goblin Charger]
[Blue Vubbe Fighter]
[Orange Kowak]
[Red Panto Spearman]
[Red Loxodon]
[Pink Root Mole]

The equips LV are 270

Balaam Camp Site (Level 300)

The monsters are:
[Yellow Egnome]
[Yellow Gazing Golem]
[Green Infro Holder Shaman]
[Kepari Shaman]
[Green Griba]
[Big Green Griba]
[Red Darkness Maiden]
[Blue Wendigo Searcher]
[Blue Wendigo Shaman]
[Yellow Yognome]

Equips LV are 270

Michmas Temple (Level 320)

[Blue Cronewt]
[Blue Cronewt Poisoned Needler]
[Blue Cronewt Magician]
[Hohen Gulak]
[Red Infro Holder]
[Blue Siaulav]
[Blue Siaulav Archer]
[Blue Siaulav Mage]
[Green Socket]
[Green Socket Mage]

Equips LV are 315

Nazarene Tower (Level 340)

The monsters are
[Red Cockat]
[Green Hohen Orben]
[Red Hohen Orben]
[Old Hook]
[Blue Nuo]
[Crystal Spider]
[Green Rafflesia]
[Terra Imp]
Equips are LV 350

Baubas cave (370)

Equips LV380


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