Hello, Nocht here from ( 197). This is a compilation of collections that expand team storage. Some information used are already available on the forums, but are scattered. This guide puts them all together. Feedback and more information to better the guide are always welcome. Leave a comment if you find this guide useful or if you have beneficial information to share.

Click “Location:” to open the location of the collection box.


  • Never Seen Before Collection Box location
  • Red Veris Tunic Recipe drop location


  • You need a token to use Team Storage.
  • There are 5 confirmed obtainable collections for a total of +11 Team Storage Space. There is one unconfirmed (Collection: Never Seen Before) (July 27, 2016)
  • Slots do not disappear if token expires.

Bug Hater +2

 Box Location: (Click To View)

Veris Gloves Recipe : Wendigo (Overlong Bridge Valley)
Veris Boots Recipe : Ticen (Akmens Ridge)
Veris Pants Recipe : Lepusbunny Assassin (Gytis Settlement Area)
Veris Tunic Recipe : Lepusbunny Assassin (Gytis Settlement Area)

What is Falchion? +2

 Box Location: (Click To View)

Silver Falchion Recipe : Cronewt Poison Needler (Guards Graveyard)
Golden Falchion Recipe : Tontulia (Zachariel Crossroads)
Aras Falchion Recipe : Hanaming (West Siauliai Woods)

Love for Foreign Land +2

 Box Location: (Click To View) 25

Grima Gloves Recipe : Lichenclops (Ramstis Ridge)
Grima Boots Recipe : Lichenclops (Ramstis Ridge)
Grima Pants Recipe : Earth Wood Goblin (Royal Mausoleums Workers Lodge)
Grima Robe Recipe : Earth Apparition (Royal Mausoleums Constructors Chapel)

Beginner Weapon +3

 Box Location: (Click To View)

All items listed are dropped by world bosses obtained through regular questing. [Bearkaras, Clymen, Rajatoad, Werewolf, Yoazolem] 10% drop rate for each item.

EXCEPTION: Partisan Recipe, drops from [Achat, Cursed Devilglove, Magburk, Moa, Necroventer, Reaverpede, Unicorn]

Kris Recipe: Cronewt Hogman Warrior (Rukas Plateau), Meduja (Bladelight Basin)
Caliburn Recipe : Hogma Fighter (Rukas Plateau)
Rune Rod Recipe : Temple Slave Mage (Tiltas Valley), Terra Imp (Bladelight Basin)
Geometry Staff Recipe: Earth Bushspider (Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge)
Gulail Recipe : Hogma Archer (Tiltas Valley)
Catapult Recipe : Pink Chupaluka (Gytis Settlement Area)
Maul Recipe: Orange Sakmoli(Gytis Settlement Area)
Spontoon Recipe : Sawpent (Absenta Reservoir), Lauzinute (Tiltas Valley)
Partisan Recipe : White Pino (Tenant’s Farm)

Beginner Armor +2

 Box Location: (Click To View)

Kabra Boots Recipe : Crystal Spider (Crystal Mines 3F)
Crimson Leather Armor Recipe : Big Red Kepa (Miners’ Village)
Carpenter Gloves Recipe : Jukopus (Miners’ Village)

Never Seen Before +2

Location:[quote=“Excrulon, post:51, topic:316333”]
I can tell you guys that the “Never Seen Before” collection chest doesn’t spawn anywhere in game yet. The other collections return data for where the chest spawns. That one doesn’t. It’s not in KR either.
Insect Gauntlets Recipe : Catacombs Leaf Bug (Guards Graveyard)
Insect Greaves Recipe : Operor (Gate Route)
Insect Skirts Recipe : Yekubite (Crystal Mine 2F)
Red Veris Gloves Recipe : Blue Vubbe Miner (Ashaq Underground Prison 1F)
Red Veris Tunic Recipe : INFORMATION NEEDED



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