Here’s a list of the quests that give stat points, extra stats directly and title quests. I won’t go into detail on how to trigger and complete “hidden” quests, I’ll only list them, their rewards and map. If I put any incorrect/outdated info, feel free to correct me and I’ll edit the list.

Revelation Quests: 3 stat points each
[lvl21][Crystal Mines 3F] ~ Mysterious Slate(1) ~ Questline starts at Klaipeda
[lvl48][Tenet Church 2F] ~ The Hidden Sanctum’s Revelation(1) ~ Requires Crystal Mines revelation to start
[lvl64][Kvailas Forest] ~ To Goddess Saule ~ Requires Crystal Mines and Tenet Church revelations to start
[lvl100][Seir Rainforest] ~ The Goddess’ Hidden Message ~ Questline starts at Bellai Rainforest
[lvl126][Mage Tower 5F] ~ Goddess Gabija ~ Questline starts at Fedimian
[lvl145][Grand Corridor] ~ The Bishop’s Last Mission(2) ~ Questline Starts at Main Building
[lvl272][Investigation Room] ~ The Revelation of Kalejimas ~ Questline starts at Kalejimas
[lvl347][Valandis Room 91] ~ The Clown from the Closing Show ~ Questline starts at Nobreer Forest
[lvl386][Astral Tower 21F] ~ The Final Battle(7) ~ Questline starts at Barynwell 84 Waters

Grand Corridor and Mage Tower questlines also give a Stat Point Potion, that gives +1 stat point when used.

Extra Stat Points Quests:
[lvl96][Stele Road][1 stat] ~ Protect the Heritage(2)
[lvl96][Stele Road][1 stat] ~ Ruklys’ Inheritance
[lvl99][Goddess’ Ancient Garden][1 stat] ~ Astral Tracing(6)
[lvl103][Escanciu Village][1 stat] ~ Flurry’s Epitaphs(6)
[lvl107][Fedimian Suburbs][1 stat] ~ Old Story(7) ~ This quest doesn’t give you the stat point directly, it gives an item called “Zubeck’s Secret Moves”, that when used, gives +1 stat point
[lvl335][Epherotao Coast][2 stats] ~ The Goddess’ Reply ~ Questline Starts at Zeteor Coast, but has pre-requisites quests at Igti Coast
[lvl357][Narvas Temple Annex][1 stat] ~ Long Dreams are Dreamt at Narvas Temple(2) ~ Questline starts at Tekel Shelter

Quests that give +1 STR:
[lvl113][Mage Tower 4F] ~ Crafting and Materials
[lvl235][Igti Coast] ~ Ceremony for the Goddess
[lvl278][Khonot Forest] ~ To Restore the Honor of the Hero
[lvl381][Starry Town] ~ Remnants of the Past

Quests that give +1 CON:
[lvl52][Seven Valley Mission] ~ Not Able to Meet Again
[lvl176][Istora Ruins] ~ Collecting Research
[lvl384][Feline Post Town] ~ The Closing Dragnet(5)

Quests that give +1 INT:
[lvl1][King’s Plateau] ~ Historian Colin’s Favor
[lvl169][Spring Light Woods] ~ Destroyed Seal Tower(2)
[lvl325][Yudejan Forest] ~ A Story of Demons and Goddessed(3)
[lvl387][Spell Tome Town] ~ The City Under Threat(3)

Quests that give +1 SPR:
[lvl123][Sunset Flag Forest] ~ A Soldier’s Mission
[lvl163][Demon Prison District 5] ~ The Dimensional Crack(7)
[lvl308][Zima Suecourt] ~ Back in Time(7) ~ Completing this questline also gives access to the lvl330 Former Fantasy Library Raid

Quests that give +1 DEX:
[lvl111][Crystal Mine Lot 2 – 1F] ~ Open Sesame(2)
[lvl301][Tevhrin Cave 5F] ~ The Goddess’ Sacrifice(2)
[lvl313][Ghibulinas Forest] ~ Marks of a Legend(12)

Quests that give other stats:
[lvl81][Royal Mausoleum 4F][+50 HP] ~ Opportunity and Preparration
[lvl27][Nefritas Cliff][+20 SP] ~ Proving Skills
[lvl109][Owl Burial Ground][+20 SP, pink hair color] ~ Owl Burial Ground Test
[lvl121][Fedimian][+20 SP] ~ Failure and Success

[lvl1][Ramstis Ridge][Inv Weight +100] ~ Messenger’s Suspicious favor
[lvl1][Highlander’s Training Room][Inv Weight +100] ~ Repair the Practice Wooden Seal(2)
[lvl99][Goddess’ Ancient Garden][Inv Weight +50] ~ Astral Tracing(5)
[lvl107][Fedimian Suburbs][Inv Weight +100] ~ Brother, Then
[lvl115][Akmens Ridge][Inv Weight +100] ~ Hidden and Hidden Again
[lvl119][Mage Tower 3F][Inv Weight +50] ~ Immobile Security Device
[lvl130][Klaipeda][Inv Weight +100] ~ Each Step United
[lvl191][Underground Grave of Ritinis][Inv Weight +100] ~ Object Left by the Master

[lvl1][Overlong Bridge Valley][STA +5] ~ Mercenary Lindt’s Favor
[lvl98][Nefritas Cliff][STA +5] ~ The One Who Experinced Death
[lvl103][West Siaulai Woods][STA +5] ~ Military Support
[lvl119][Mage Tower 5F][STA +5] ~ The Wizard and the Mage Tower(2)

Quests that give Practonium:
[lvl327][Mishekan Forest][Mystical Cube gives 1x Pract] ~ Forgotten Refugees
[lvl378][Frienel Memorial][2x Practs] ~ The Fugutive’s Dream(8)

Maps with Zemyna Statue(+1 Stat point):
-West Siaulai Woods
-Lemprasa Pond
-Miner’s Village
-Royal Mausoleum Constructors’ Chapel ~
-Zachariel Crossroads
-Saknis Plains
-Inner Enceint District
-Lanko 22
-Tekel Shelter
-Nazarene Tower(340HG)
-Baltinel Memorial
-Barynwell 86 Waters

Quests that give Titles: Format of this title list is [Map][Title] ~ Quest
[Tiltas Valley][The Greatest Heir] ~ Ardor for Study(2)
[Tenants’ Farm][Tenant’s Friend] ~ Completed Preparations
[Escanciu Village][Epigraphist] ~ Flurry’s Epitaphs(6)
[Saknis Plains][Philipas’ Honorable Soldier] ~ Where are the Supply Troops(3)
[Sunset Flag Forest][Sunset Flag Bearer] ~ The End of Gaigalas
[Shaton Reservoir][Purifying Mediator] ~ Just the Beginning
[Fortress Battlegrounds][Maker of History] ~ Notable Grave Robbers and Adventurers(?)
[Owl Burial Ground][Burial Ground Itinerant] ~ Owl Burial Ground Test(The same quest that unlocks pink hair color and gives +20 SP)
[Orsha][True Companion] ~ My Precious Friend(2)(Requires a pet to start)
[Klaipeda][Disciple of the Great Problem Solver] ~ The Great Problem Solver(5)
[Novaha Assembly Hall][Novaha Mourner] ~ Remembering the Victims(2)
[Mesafalsa][Shinobi Seeker] ~ A Request from the Shinobi Master (Requires Shinobi to be unlocked)
[Goddess’ Ancient Garden][Rune Interpreter] ~ Rune Tombstone (Requires Runecaster to be unlocked)
[Passage of the Recluse][Trumpet Playing Traveller] ~ Appease the Divine Spirit (Requires Miko to be unlocked)
[Dvasia Peak][Divine Materials Supplier] ~ The Chaplain Master’s Errand (Requires you to do the Chaplain hidden quest so that the master appears at Dvasia Peak)
[Coastal Fortress][Fellow Aching Traveler] ~ It’s Alright
[Elgos Abbey Main Building][Savior of Elgos Abbot] ~ For Total Freedom(2)
[Investigation Room][Sacred Calling] ~ Will Not Forget
[Tevhrin Cave 5F][Witness of Sacrifice] ~ Her Last Words


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