1: Get to minimum lv 317
2: Go to Mishekan Forest (Top Left Corner of Map)
3: Complete all the regular quests, they involve gathering items, building stockades, killing monsters etc, nothing extreme like the zima suecourt boss fight

  • near the end the quest “kill the monsters at the farm” is a very tough solo, bring barrier scrolls, there will be 3 mages, 2 of which spam agony pole, along with a ton of melee flowers, the barrier will allow you breathing room to burn the mages down *
    4: After you complete all the quests in the area talk to ALL 18 npcs in the area
    5: Each npc has 2 programmed responses, make sure you to talk to each npc until they give you BOTH replies
    6: After you have received both replies from all 18 talk to CURTIS again for the hidden quest
    7: Go to Klaipeda to talk to master uska, go back to the forest and obtain your reward, the mystical cube
    8: Open the cube and pray for Practonium, it will prolly be potions, if so scroll down in inventory and find the mangled cube and click it again to reassemble it and put it on a 24 hour rl cooldown
    9: Keep opening it once per 24 hours until you get the practonium, several people on Klaipeda got it the first day


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